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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *(i)ăĺ-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 seed, cereals, crops; 2 graft, 3 vaccine, 4 pus (primarily - as a material for vaccinacion?) 5 tanning matter, 6 starch
Russian meaning: 1 семя, злаки, зерновые 2 привой 3 вакцина 4 гной (первоначально - как прививка?) 5 дубильное вещество 6 крахмал
Karakhanid: aš-lɨq 1 (ašlɨq tarɨɣ önar 'crops spring') (MK; IM)
Turkish: ašɨ 2, 3
Tatar: aš-lɨq 1, 1, 4 dial. (Sib., КСТТ 107), aš-la- 'to starch'
Middle Turkic: aši 2 (Pav. C.), 'pollen' (Zenker I 56)
Uzbek: ɔš 5, ɔš-liq 1
Uighur: aš-lɨq 1, aš-la- 'to tan'
Azerbaidzhan: aš, ašɨ 3, 5
Turkmen: aš-Gar 5
Khakassian: as 1, as-ta-n- 'to beware of a disease' ('to vaccinate oneself'?)
Shor: 1
Oyrat: 1
Yakut: as 4, as, ahɨlɨk 'fruit of some wild plants, berry'
Dolgan: ahɨlɨk 'berry'
Kirghiz: 'fruit of some wild plants, berry', aštɨq 1, aša- 'to tan'
Kazakh: astɨq 1
Noghai: as 'a grain, a seed', aslɨq 1
Bashkir: ašlɨq 1, ašla- 'to graft', dial. 'pus' (Бhh III 26)
Balkar: aš-lɨq 1, aš-ügü 'one of cereal cultures'
Gagauz: haš-la- 'to plant out seedlings; to graft; to vaccinate'
Karaim: aš-lɨq 1, aš-la- 'to graft'
Salar: aš-lɨq 1 (ССЯ 296)
Kumyk: 1 (Cатыб. 73), aš-la- 'to pollinate; to tan'
Comments: VEWT 30, ЭСТЯ 1, 211-212, 216, Stachowski 29. A lot of etymological confusion here. Forms meaning 'to tan, tanning matter; starch' may be either borrowed from Persian or, rather, derived from *(i)aĺ 'meal' (v. sub *i̯oĺe), see Лексика 378. The latter root, due to its phonetic similarity (or even identity) has in general influenced the present one: 'cereals' are influenced by 'porridge' and *(i)aĺ-la- 'to graft, to pollinate' by *(i)aĺ-la- 'to fertilize' ( = 'to feed'). It seems nevertheless impossible to unite them completely.

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