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Proto-Turkic: *(i)abɨ-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 to enjoy oneself, be happy (refl.) 2 to comfort (caus.)
Russian meaning: 1 радоваться, быть счастливым 2 утешать, успокаивать
Old Turkic: abɨnɨq 'consolation' (USp. 43), avɨn-ču 'concubine' (YB 1)
Karakhanid: avɨn- 1 (MK), avɨt- 2 (KB)
Turkish: avun- 1, avut- 2, 'to deceive'
Middle Turkic: awut- 2, awun- 'to find comfort' (Sangl.)
Uzbek: ɔvun- 1, ɔvut- 2
Azerbaidzhan: ovun- 1, ovut- 2
Khakassian: abɨt- 'to lull'
Shor: abɨt- 'to lull'
Halaj: avun- 1, avut- 2
Yakut: ɨa-hax 'play'
Dolgan: ɨa-hak 'play'
Tuva: aat- 'to lull'
Tofalar: aat- 'to lull'
Gagauz: aut- 'to deceive'
Karaim: avun-, uvun- 'to be consoled', uvut- 2
Comments: EDT 7, 12; VEWT 2, ЭСТЯ 1, 66, Stachowski 257. The meaning 'to lull' may belong to the homonymic *(i)abu- 'to bend, swing', on which see under *i̯ằp[ò].

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