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Tungus etymology :

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Proto-Tungus-Manchu: *amŋa, *amta-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 mouth 2 to taste
Russian meaning: 1 рот 2 пробовать на вкус
Evenki: amŋa 1, amta- 2
Even: amŋъ 1, amtъ- 2
Negidal: amŋa 1, amta- 2
Spoken Manchu: aŋǝ 1 (27), aŋa 1
Literary Manchu: aŋga 1
Jurchen: am-ŋa (494) 1
Ulcha: aŋma 1
Orok: amŋa / aŋma 1
Nanai: amGa 1
Oroch: amma 1
Udighe: aŋma 1
Solon: amma, angai 1
Comments: See ТМС 1, 38-39. PTM *amta- 'to taste' is hardly borrowed from Mong., since Mong. amta(n) is used only as a noun; however, forms like Evk. amta etc. 'taste', as well as -la-derivatives (Evn. amtъ̣l-, Nan. amtala- etc.) are most probably < Mong., see Doerfer MT 19. For PTM *amŋa 'mouth' borrowing is excluded. The stem *amŋa within TM tends to contaminate with *aŋa 'hole' (v. sub *àŋa), which is obviously a secondary development.

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