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Mongolian etymology :

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Proto-Mongolian: *al-da-, -ǯi-, -ga-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 get tired 2 disturbed, absent-minded, lazy 3 to lose, miss
Russian meaning: 1 уставать 2 рассеянный, ленивый 3 лишаться, делать промах
Written Mongolian: alǯija- 1 (L 34), al-mai 2 (L 32)
Middle Mongolian: alǯa- 'behindert, in Not, Schwierigkeit sein', alǯi'as 'Abweichung, Fehler ', alda- 'verlieren, verfehlen, straffällig werden', aldal 'Strafe' (SH), aldara- 'to become loose', alɣūr 'slow' (MA 98), aldāng 'sin' (IM)
Khalkha: alda- 3, alǯā- 1, algū, almai 2
Buriat: alžā- 1, almaj 2
Kalmuck: aldǝ- 3, almǟ 2
Ordos: alda- 3
Baoan: andaGa- 'to let loose, to make free'
Dagur: alš́ē- 1 (Тод. Даг. 120), alede- 3 (MD 112)
Monguor: xarʒ́ā- (SM 161) 1, (a)rda- (SM 12, 309) 3
Comments: KW 7. Mong. > Tuva aldag 'misdoing, inadvertence', KBalk. alǯar-, Kirgh. alǯɨ- 'to err, become mad', Kum. alǯa- 'to suffer', Yak. alār- (< *ala-ɣa-r-), KKalp. alaɣa-da-la-n- 'to digress, be absentminded' etc.

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