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Mongolian etymology :

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Proto-Mongolian: *mun-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 to become mad 2 ignorance 3 shame
Russian meaning: 1 сходить с ума 2 невежество 3 стыд
Written Mongolian: muna- 1, muŋgaq 2 (L 551: muŋɣani-, muŋkina- 'to become stupid, be confused', munaid 'outrageous')
Middle Mongolian: mǝnɣǝq (IM); moŋqax 'stupid' (HY 38), muŋqax 'silly' (SH)
Khalkha: muna- 1, munxag 2, mundur 3
Buriat: munga- 1
Kalmuck: munǝ- 1, muŋxǝg, moŋxū 2, mundr 3
Ordos: munu- 1, muŋχaG 2, munǟda- 'to behave stupidly'
Comments: KW 264, 268, 269. Cf. also WMong. muŋdani- 'lose one's mind' (L 551: 'be in a difficult position, in need or distress') (Kalm. mondń-, KW 264) (-ŋ- probably under influence of *muŋ q. v. sub *mi̯uŋo).

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