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Proto-Japanese: *sínuá-p-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: to be sad, think with sadness
Russian meaning: вспоминать с тоской
Old Japanese: sinwo-p-
Middle Japanese: sínób-
Tokyo: shinób-, shìnob-
Kyoto: shínób-
Kagoshima: shìnòb-
Comments: JLTT 751, 752. OJ has a distinction between sinwop- 'think with sadness' and sinob- 'endure' which have been hopelessly confused in modern dialects. We also have OJ sinwog- 'endure'. RJ has sìnòg- (regularly reflected as Tokyo shinóg-, Kyoto shínóg-, Kagoshima shìnòg-), but sínób- 'endure' (by Heian sinwop- and sinob- had already merged), the accent trace of which is the Tokyo variant shìnob-. One should probably reconstruct *sínuá-p- 'think with sadness' opposed to *sìnǝ̀-(m)p-, *sìnuà-(n)k- 'endure' with subsequent inevitable confusions.

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