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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *nep`V(ĺV)
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: a k. of insect, butterfly
Russian meaning: вид насекомого, бабочка
Turkic: *japɨĺgak
Mongolian: *naɣalinkaj
Tungus-Manchu: *nelbige (?)
Korean: *nàpắi
Comments: A common derivative *nep`V-ĺV is reflected in PT *japɨĺ-(gak), PM *naɣali-(nkaj) and probably Evk. nelbiɣe < *nepli-ge. The root must have denoted a small flying insect, with a further development > 'small biting insect' in Turkic. It may well be that the initial consonant was *l- (since the only TM reflex is the isolated Evk. dialectal form nelbiɣe); cf. perhaps also a wider spread Evk. name of the caterpillar - lepurēgdi, lepčerēgdi (ТМС 518), although it is usually derived from PTM *lepu- 'fluffy'.

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