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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *nàjĺV ( ~ -e-)
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: age
Russian meaning: возраст
Turkic: *jāĺ
Mongolian: *na-su
Korean: *náh
Comments: EAS 75, SKE 157, KW 272, АПиПЯЯ 288, Лексика 84. Mong. nasun regularly < *nal-sun and the assumption of its being borrowed from Turk. (Щербак 1997, 123) is absolutely improbable (Doerfer in TMN 4, 97 refutes the comparison without further discussion). The cluster *-jĺ- has to be reconstructed to account for the loss of resonant in Korean (*-h is a trace of a velar suffix: *najĺV-gV). It could be also interesting to mention a verb attested in MJpn.: neba- ( < *nai-(m)pa-) 'to grow old; to become grown up' - perhaps with an irregular loss of -s- (that would be an expected reflex of *-ĺ-) in a cluster. The root should be distinguished from *ńā́ĺba 'young' q. v. (which, however, certainly influenced the Turkic reflex - whence an irregular long vowel).

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