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Proto-Altaic: *gi̯òjńu
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: dawn, daylight
Russian meaning: рассвет, дневной свет
Turkic: *gün(eĺ) / *guńaĺ
Mongolian: *gegeɣe < *geɣeɣe
Tungus-Manchu: *giańam
Korean: *kúi
Japanese: *ka(i)
Comments: Лексика 78, Doerfer MT 143. Cf. also Mong. geji- 'to dawn' (KW 137), proving that *geɣe- < *geje-. The Korean form points to a cluster with *-j-, therefore a reconstruction *gi̯òjnu (with subsequent assimilative palatalization -jn- > -jń-) is perhaps more plausible; cf. also the variation *n/*ń in PT. The Jpn. reflex is somewhat problematic: loss of final resonant here may be explained by a standard development before a velar suffix (*ka < *gi̯òjn(u)-gV, cf. Mong. *gege-ɣe, Man. geŋ-ǵe); but one would rather expect a PJ form like *ku(i). The irregular vowel may be due to contraction, cf. a similar case in PJ *ká 'mosquito' < PA *kúńe.

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