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Abbink 1993Abbink, J.
Suri-English Basic Vocabulary.In: Frankfurter Afrikanistische Blätter, 5, pp. 39-64.Chaisrm-caiA small vocabulary of Chai (contrary to the title, not at all restricted to "basic" vocabulary in the Swadesh understanding), somewhat inferior to the data in Last & Lucassen 1998, since the author pays little attention to the morphological constituency of Chai items (particularly verbs).
Agoyi 1997Agoyi, T. O.
The category of number and the genetic classification of Èkiròmì.Paper presented in the departmental seminar series, Department of linguistics and Nigerian languages, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.Akpes, Ekiromiakp-ekiA synchronic and diachronic discussion of the nominal morphology (plural formation, class system) of the Ekiromi dialect of Akpes. Contains some lexical material, including a brief 66-item comparative wordlist on the different varieties of Akpes.
Ahland 2012Ahland, Colleen Anne
A Grammar of Northern and Southern Gumuz.Ph. D. dissertation, University of Oregon.Gumuz, Sai; Gumuz, Metemmagum-sai; gum-kokGrammatical description of two different Gumuz dialects. Contains plenty of illustrative material, although not enough to convert to full-fledged lexicostatistical wordlists.
Aklilu et al. 2002Aklilu Yilma; Siebert, Ralph; Siebert, Kati
Sociolinguistic Survey of the Omotic Languages Sheko and Yem.SIL International.Yemggm-yemAn SIL survey with extensive sociolinguistic information on Sheko and Yem. Includes a 320-item wordlist for Yem (but not for Sheko).
Aklilu Yilma 2001Aklilu Yilma2001Sociolinguistic Survey Report of the Nayi Language of Ethiopia.SIL International.Nayidiz-nayNot so much a true "sociolinguistic survey report" as a small sketch of Nayi phonology and grammar, containing the most reliable, but also, unfortunately, fairly scarce data on Nayi in print so far.
Aklilu Yilma 2002Aklilu Yilma
Sociolinguistic Survey Report on the Chara Language of Ethiopia.SIL International.Charaggm-chrA brief sketch of the phonology and some grammatical aspects of Chara, accompanied with the S.L.L.E. 320-item word list for Chara.
Alekseev 1994Alekseev, M. E.
Budukh.In: R. Smeets. The Indigenous Languages of the Caucasus, vol. 4. Caravan Books, pp. 259-296.Budukhlez-bdkA grammar sketch of Budukh.
Alemayeh 2002Alemayeh Abebe
Ometo Dialect Pilot Survey Report.SIL International.Dorzeggm-drzA comparative wordlist for six languages of the Ometo cluster (Wolayta, Gofa, Gamo, Dorze, C'ancha, Dawro/Kullo), personally collected by the author. No additional information.
Alfira et al. 2013Alfira, David Abbi; Kafi, Timothy Kuku; Stirtz, Tim et al.
Caning-English Dictionary.Juba: Sudan Workshop Program.Caningdaj-canA brief educational vocabulary of the Caning language.
Allan 1976Allan, Edward J.1976Dizi.In: M. L. Bender (ed.). The Non-Semitic Languages of Ethiopia: 377-392. Michigan: African Studies Center.Dizidiz-dziA brief sketch of Dizi phonology and grammar, moderately illustrated by lexical material.
Allen 2007Allen, Bryan
Bai Dialect Survey.SIL International.Bai, Jianchuan; Bai, Dali; Bai, Bijiangbai-jch; bai-dli; bai-bijSociolinguistic information on different varieties of Bai. Includes 500-item survey lists for nine subdialects of Bai.
Almeida et al. 1983Almeida, Antônio; Irmãzinhas de Jesus; Luiz Gouvêa de Paula
A língua Tapirapé.Rio de Janeiro: Biblioteca Reprográfica Xerox.Tapirapétpg-tapA grammar of Tapirapé accompanied by a glossary.
ALP 1957Андреев, М. С.; Лившиц, В. А.; Писарчик, А. К.
Ягнобско-русский словарь [Yaghnobi-Russian Dictionary].Москва/Ленинград: Издательство Академии наук СССР.Yaghnobiirn-yaiThe largest available Yaghnobi-Russian dictionary with a Russian-Yaghnobi index. It was published in one volume with Yaghnobi texts.
Alvarez & Bravo 2008Álvares, José; Bravo, María.
Diccionario básico de la lengua añú. Liuruchaa añunnükümoyatü.Maracaibo, Sinamaica, El Moján: Universidad del Zulia.Añumar-anuA dictionary of Añú accompanied with a grammar sketch.
Anbessa & Unseth 1989Anbessa Teferra; Unseth, Peter1989Towards a classification of Shabo.In: M. Lionel Bender (ed.). Topics in Nilo-Saharan Linguistics: 405-429. Hamburg: Helmut Bus\-ke Verlag.Shaboshb-shbThe paper contains some brief notes on Shabo phonology and grammar, as well as a rough draft of the Swadesh wordlist for Shabo.
Anbessa 1991Anbessa Teferra1991A sketch of Shabo grammar.In: M. Lionel Bender (ed.). Procee\-dings of the Fourth Nilo-Saharan Con\-fe\-rence. Bayreuth, Aug. 30 – Sep. 2, 1989: 371-387. Ham\-burg: Helmut Buske Verlag, pp. 371-387.Shaboshb-shbBrief sketch of Shabo grammar, based upon the author's field data.
Anbessa 1995Anbessa Teferra1995Brief Phonology of Shabo (Mekeyir).In: Robert Nicolaï, Franz Rottland (eds.). Actes du Cin\-qu\-ieme Colloque de Linguistique Nilo-Saharienne. 24-29 août 1992: 29-37. Köln: Rüdiger Köp\-pe Verlag.Shaboshb-shbBrief sketch of Shabo phonology, based upon the author's field data.
Andrade 2014Andrade, Wallace Costa de
A nasalização na língua Dâw. Master's thesis.São Paulo: Universidade de São Paulo.Dâwndh-dawA work dedicated to the feature of nasalization in Dâw. Very little lexical material can be extracted.
Andriotis 1948Ανδριώτης, Ν. Π.
Το γλωσσικό ιδίГq̇Гƛ̣Гʁ των Φαράσων.ΑθήГɫГʁ: Γαλλικό ΙνστιτούГɔГŁ Αθηνών.Greek, Pharasagrk-phrGrammar sketch with several wordlists of the Pharasa dialect of Modern Greek.
Applegate 1972Applegate, Richard Brian
Ineseño Chumash Grammar. Ph.D. dissertation.University of California: Berkeley.Ineseñochm-insA detailed (542 pages) descriptive grammar of Ineseño, entirely based on J.P. Harrington's field notes, collected between 1911 and 1919.
Total of 496 records 25 pages

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