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Source: Abbink 1993
Author: Abbink, J.
Full name: Suri-English Basic Vocabulary.
Publisher data: In: Frankfurter Afrikanistische Blätter, 5, pp. 39-64.
Language(s): Chai
Code(s): srm-cai
Description: A small vocabulary of Chai (contrary to the title, not at all restricted to "basic" vocabulary in the Swadesh understanding), somewhat inferior to the data in Last & Lucassen 1998, since the author pays little attention to the morphological constituency of Chai items (particularly verbs).
Source: Agoyi 1997
Author: Agoyi, T. O.
Full name: The category of number and the genetic classification of Èkiròmì.
Publisher data: Paper presented in the departmental seminar series, Department of linguistics and Nigerian languages, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.
Language(s): Akpes, Ekiromi
Code(s): akp-eki
Description: A synchronic and diachronic discussion of the nominal morphology (plural formation, class system) of the Ekiromi dialect of Akpes. Contains some lexical material, including a brief 66-item comparative wordlist on the different varieties of Akpes.
Source: Ahland 2012
Author: Ahland, Colleen Anne
Full name: A Grammar of Northern and Southern Gumuz.
Publisher data: Ph. D. dissertation, University of Oregon.
Language(s): Gumuz, Sai; Gumuz, Metemma
Code(s): gum-sai; gum-kok
Description: Grammatical description of two different Gumuz dialects. Contains plenty of illustrative material, although not enough to convert to full-fledged lexicostatistical wordlists.
Source: Aklilu et al. 2002
Author: Aklilu Yilma; Siebert, Ralph; Siebert, Kati
Full name: Sociolinguistic Survey of the Omotic Languages Sheko and Yem.
Publisher data: SIL International.
Language(s): Yem
Code(s): ggm-yem
Description: An SIL survey with extensive sociolinguistic information on Sheko and Yem. Includes a 320-item wordlist for Yem (but not for Sheko).
Source: Aklilu Yilma 2001
Author: Aklilu Yilma
Year: 2001
Full name: Sociolinguistic Survey Report of the Nayi Language of Ethiopia.
Publisher data: SIL International.
Language(s): Nayi
Code(s): diz-nay
Description: Not so much a true "sociolinguistic survey report" as a small sketch of Nayi phonology and grammar, containing the most reliable, but also, unfortunately, fairly scarce data on Nayi in print so far.
Source: Aklilu Yilma 2002
Author: Aklilu Yilma
Full name: Sociolinguistic Survey Report on the Chara Language of Ethiopia.
Publisher data: SIL International.
Language(s): Chara
Code(s): ggm-chr
Description: A brief sketch of the phonology and some grammatical aspects of Chara, accompanied with the S.L.L.E. 320-item word list for Chara.
Source: Alekseev 1994
Author: Alekseev, M. E.
Full name: Budukh.
Publisher data: In: R. Smeets. The Indigenous Languages of the Caucasus, vol. 4. Caravan Books, pp. 259-296.
Language(s): Budukh
Code(s): lez-bdk
Description: A grammar sketch of Budukh.
Source: Alemayeh 2002
Author: Alemayeh Abebe
Full name: Ometo Dialect Pilot Survey Report.
Publisher data: SIL International.
Language(s): Dorze
Code(s): ggm-drz
Description: A comparative wordlist for six languages of the Ometo cluster (Wolayta, Gofa, Gamo, Dorze, C'ancha, Dawro/Kullo), personally collected by the author. No additional information.
Source: Alfira et al. 2013
Author: Alfira, David Abbi; Kafi, Timothy Kuku; Stirtz, Tim et al.
Full name: Caning-English Dictionary.
Publisher data: Juba: Sudan Workshop Program.
Language(s): Caning
Code(s): daj-can
Description: A brief educational vocabulary of the Caning language.
Source: Allan 1976
Author: Allan, Edward J.
Year: 1976
Full name: Dizi.
Publisher data: In: M. L. Bender (ed.). The Non-Semitic Languages of Ethiopia: 377-392. Michigan: African Studies Center.
Language(s): Dizi
Code(s): diz-dzi
Description: A brief sketch of Dizi phonology and grammar, moderately illustrated by lexical material.
Source: Allen 2007
Author: Allen, Bryan
Full name: Bai Dialect Survey.
Publisher data: SIL International.
Language(s): Bai, Jianchuan; Bai, Dali; Bai, Bijiang
Code(s): bai-jch; bai-dli; bai-bij
Description: Sociolinguistic information on different varieties of Bai. Includes 500-item survey lists for nine subdialects of Bai.
Source: Almeida et al. 1983
Author: Almeida, Antônio; Irmãzinhas de Jesus; Luiz Gouvêa de Paula
Full name: A língua Tapirapé.
Publisher data: Rio de Janeiro: Biblioteca Reprográfica Xerox.
Language(s): Tapirapé
Code(s): tpg-tap
Description: A grammar of Tapirapé accompanied by a glossary.
Source: ALP 1957
Author: Андреев, М. С.; Лившиц, В. А.; Писарчик, А. К.
Full name: Ягнобско-русский словарь [Yaghnobi-Russian Dictionary].
Publisher data: Москва/Ленинград: Издательство Академии наук СССР.
Language(s): Yaghnobi
Code(s): irn-yai
Description: The largest available Yaghnobi-Russian dictionary with a Russian-Yaghnobi index. It was published in one volume with Yaghnobi texts.
Source: Alvarez & Bravo 2008
Author: Álvares, José; Bravo, María.
Full name: Diccionario básico de la lengua añú. Liuruchaa añunnükümoyatü.
Publisher data: Maracaibo, Sinamaica, El Moján: Universidad del Zulia.
Language(s): Añu
Code(s): mar-anu
Description: A dictionary of Añú accompanied with a grammar sketch.
Source: Anbessa & Unseth 1989
Author: Anbessa Teferra; Unseth, Peter
Year: 1989
Full name: Towards a classification of Shabo.
Publisher data: In: M. Lionel Bender (ed.). Topics in Nilo-Saharan Linguistics: 405-429. Hamburg: Helmut Bus\-ke Verlag.
Language(s): Shabo
Code(s): shb-shb
Description: The paper contains some brief notes on Shabo phonology and grammar, as well as a rough draft of the Swadesh wordlist for Shabo.
Source: Anbessa 1991
Author: Anbessa Teferra
Year: 1991
Full name: A sketch of Shabo grammar.
Publisher data: In: M. Lionel Bender (ed.). Procee\-dings of the Fourth Nilo-Saharan Con\-fe\-rence. Bayreuth, Aug. 30 – Sep. 2, 1989: 371-387. Ham\-burg: Helmut Buske Verlag, pp. 371-387.
Language(s): Shabo
Code(s): shb-shb
Description: Brief sketch of Shabo grammar, based upon the author's field data.
Source: Anbessa 1995
Author: Anbessa Teferra
Year: 1995
Full name: Brief Phonology of Shabo (Mekeyir).
Publisher data: In: Robert Nicolaï, Franz Rottland (eds.). Actes du Cin\-qu\-ieme Colloque de Linguistique Nilo-Saharienne. 24-29 août 1992: 29-37. Köln: Rüdiger Köp\-pe Verlag.
Language(s): Shabo
Code(s): shb-shb
Description: Brief sketch of Shabo phonology, based upon the author's field data.
Source: Andrade 2014
Author: Andrade, Wallace Costa de
Full name: A nasalização na língua Dâw. Master's thesis.
Publisher data: São Paulo: Universidade de São Paulo.
Language(s): Dâw
Code(s): ndh-daw
Description: A work dedicated to the feature of nasalization in Dâw. Very little lexical material can be extracted.
Source: Andriotis 1948
Author: Ανδριώτης, Ν. Π.
Full name: Το γλωσσικό ιδίГq̇Гƛ̣Гʁ των Φαράσων.
Publisher data: ΑθήГɫГʁ: Γαλλικό ΙνστιτούГɔГŁ Αθηνών.
Language(s): Greek, Pharasa
Code(s): grk-phr
Description: Grammar sketch with several wordlists of the Pharasa dialect of Modern Greek.
Source: Applegate 1972
Author: Applegate, Richard Brian
Full name: Ineseño Chumash Grammar. Ph.D. dissertation.
Publisher data: University of California: Berkeley.
Language(s): Ineseño
Code(s): chm-ins
Description: A detailed (542 pages) descriptive grammar of Ineseño, entirely based on J.P. Harrington's field notes, collected between 1911 and 1919.
Total of 496 records 25 pages

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