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Entry: a-
Grammar: pf.
Meaning: my.
Entry: aʔho:ʔ
Grammar: part.
Meaning: emotive particle conveying a sense of powerlessness on the part of the speaker to do anything about the situation, i.e. 'well, that's just the way things are', 'that's the way it is', 'there's nothing I can do about it' or 'oh no!'.
Entry: aʔiʔ
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: n.
Meaning: porcupine.
Entry: aʔnɛmma
Grammar: adv.
Meaning: next year
Comments: cf. atche:ma, ɛnniN, miʔlliN, sumliN.
Entry: aʔphe:maʔ
Grammar: aʔ-phe:s-/-aʔ-phe:- vt.
Meaning: vide laʔphe:maʔ.
Entry: abhya:k
Grammar: adv.
Meaning: extremely.
Entry: adhaNba
Grammar: n.
Meaning: respected personage, sir, gentleman.
Entry: aha:l
Grammar: n.
Meaning: watering hole; small body of water in which buffaloes wallow.
Derivation: [< Nep. ahāl]
Entry: ahɛkhɛkpa
Grammar: adj.
Meaning: sharp, pointy.
Entry: aho:
Grammar: interj.
Meaning: conveying amazement.
Entry: akmaʔ, -akt-/-ak-
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: put in; add to.
Entry: ali
Grammar: n.
Meaning: furrow in a field.
Derivation: [< Nep. ālī furrow in a field]
Entry: allo:
Grammar: adv.
Meaning: now (emphatic).
Derivation: [<allɔ now]
Entry: allo:ba
Grammar: adj.
Meaning: contemporary, modern, of today, today's.
Derivation: [< allɔ now + -pa nom.sf.]
Entry: allɔ
Grammar: adv.
Meaning: now.
Entry: allɔ-thalik
Grammar: adv.
Meaning: until now, till now.
Entry: amba
Comments: vide pa.
Entry: amma
Comments: vide ma.
Entry: amma pakma
Comments: vide ma pakma.
Entry: amma tumma
Comments: vide ma tumma.
Total of 2354 records 118 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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