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Eurasiatic: *HVwV
Meaning: mouth, hole
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *ăbu
Uralic: *owe
Kartvelian: *qew-
Dravidian: *āv-
References: МССНЯ 353, ОСНЯ 3, 130-131; ND 1898 *qow[i] 'orifice, hole; to make a hole'. [For Kartv. cf. alternatively PA *k`ébà 'river, bay'; for Uralic - Alt. *ìbè 'door'].
Eurasiatic: *HVwV
Meaning: multitude; be satiated
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *ebo
Kartvelian: *xwaw-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *'eɣʷjǝ-
Comments: Yuk. and CK may be rather < *jVgU 'drink'. Cf. also Ain. *ē- 'eat'.
Eurasiatic: *HVwV
Meaning: to be hungry, deficient
Indo-European: *ewan-, *wān-
Altaic: *i̯ùbú
Kartvelian: ? *qw-
References: ND 1899 *qäw[h]V 'lack, be empty/incomplete' (IE, Kartv + Sem.).
Eurasiatic: *ḥVwV (?)
Meaning: to speak
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *Heu- (Pok. 76-77)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *iv-; *š-jiv-
Comments: Or Sem. *hwy 'to speak'. Niv. ǝu 'голос'; ǝuz 'браниться'.
References: МССНЯ 337.
Eurasiatic: *HVzwVrV
Meaning: star, luminary
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *Haster-
Altaic: *zēra
Dravidian: *sār-i ?
References: [Dolg.'s etymology in 2441 *[ṭ]Uŕi 'moon, star' is a complete mess!]. ND 2679 *źahrV 'to shine, be bright, light', 2701 *ẑeh[a]Ra 'moon' - with a whole lot of confusion.
Eurasiatic: *HwelV
Meaning: fight, kill
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *Hu̯el- (+ *(o)wol- <PIH *-lH-> 1233)
Altaic: *ŏli ( ~ -e)
Kartvelian: *ɣur- (? *ɣul-)
Dravidian: *vel- 'to conquer, overcome' (4595) (Tamil-Malayalam)
Comments: [For Kartv. cf. also TM *ura- 'die', *urkan- 'faint'; PD *or_- 'to finish, die' 1009; and cf. PD *ol- / *val- 'to grow weak, pain, distress' (1004, 5281) ].
References: МССНЯ 367; ND 129 *ʕol̄V 'starve, die' (Alt.-IE, but not Hitt. hull-, but Luw. walliya- 'of the dead' - perhaps indeed two different roots, cf. also ND 2476 *wel[h]V, 712 *GuLV).
Eurasiatic: *(H)wiɫV
Meaning: wet
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *welk-, -g-
Altaic: *ulu
Uralic: *wiɫV '(birch) juice' (Steinitz UAJ 28, 237 + selk. ǖl(e)); pOs *wVḷKV 'flow, leak'; *waδ́kV 'small river'; *wala 'to pour'
Dravidian: *ol- (+ *veḷ- 1771)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *-hiɫĭ- drink (?)
Comments: Cf. *ɣwVĺV.
References: МССНЯ 333. ND 2479 *w[i]ḷ(i)qV 'liquid; moist, damp' (+ incorr. Alt., Arab.), 2484 *w[iḷ]Ḳa 'wet, moist'. Perhaps here also the words for 'meadow' (IE: Hitt. wellu-, Lat. vallis, Kartv. *wel-, ? Cush., see ND 2478 *w[i/e]ḷ/ĺ(h)V 'field, plain' - or cf. to SC *ʔwēƛ̣V'grass'?).
Eurasiatic: *HwinV
Meaning: to breathe
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *i̯ū̀ni (cf. also *i̯uńŋu 'breathe, smell')
Uralic: *ońV 'tame, quiet' (if 'quiet' is original); cf. also *wajŋe 'soul, breath'
Dravidian: *in- (Dolg. also lists SD *iŋku- 'abide')
Eskimo-Aleut: *uŋ-uma-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *'untǝ- to rest (cf. also *junĕs- to live)
References: (МССНЯ 340, ОСНЯ 1, 261); (ND 139a *ʡiN(V)qV - SD *iŋku, TM and Eg. ʕnχ 'live').
Eurasiatic: *HwVjV
Meaning: to see, guard
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *Hʷeye- (?)
Altaic: ? Mong. ojun 'thought, mind'
Uralic: *wOjV
Comments: Cf. *HVjV.
Eurasiatic: *HwVlV
Meaning: to be visible
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *wel-
Altaic: *ìla
Uralic: *wElE
Dravidian: *ēḷ-
Eskimo-Aleut: *alar(i)-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *ɫ(e)hu- 'to see, look', *ɫǝ̄ɫā 'eye'
References: NDR 28 *ʔil̄V 'eye', 2481 *wol(y)V 'to look, see' (with incorr. Alt.) (hardly distinguishable).
Eurasiatic: *HwVńṭV
Meaning: to hunt
Indo-European: *Hweit-
Uralic: *wäntV [why not = IE *weid-? SAS]
Dravidian: *vēnṭ-
Eurasiatic: *HwVpV
Meaning: error, sin
Indo-European: *wep- <PIH *Hʷ->
Altaic: *i̯upo
References: ND 778 *huP_U 'bad, error, sin'.
Eurasiatic: *HʷiḳV
Meaning: energy, anger
Indo-European: *u̯eik-
Altaic: *ī́k`e
Dravidian: *ūk-
Eurasiatic: *iŋV
Meaning: shallow, dry up
Altaic: *iŋV
Dravidian: *iṇi-
Eurasiatic: *ipV
Meaning: grain
Altaic: *ìbè ( ~ -p-)
Uralic: ? *äppV-rV-kV
Kartvelian: *ipkL-
Eurasiatic: *iŕV
Meaning: trace, to drag
Indo-European: *er- <PIH *erH->
Altaic: *ī́ŕu
Uralic: *jarV
Dravidian: *īṛi-
Comments: PIE "earth" may be included here if it goes back to *'furrow' (?).
References: МССНЯ 368, ОСНЯ 1, 251; ND 69 *ʔir[a] or *ʔiy/ʔr[a] 'drag, pull, push' - rejecting PA *ī́ŕu but listing PTM *ira- 'to drag' (which is probably the same root). Dolg. also includes not the Drav. *īṛi-, but PSD *īr-, as well as a rather dubious Eg. ꜣr- 'push aside'. Same root is probably ND 2647 *yaŕV 'to draw / scratch a sign' (Ural. + part of Drav. + incorr. Alt.).
Eurasiatic: *iṭu
Meaning: to beat
Altaic: *ìt`ù
Dravidian: *iḍ-
Eurasiatic: *jamV
Meaning: sea
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *ā̀mú
Uralic: Sam. jamV
Dravidian: *am-
Eskimo-Aleut: *ima
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *jemǝ-ɫqǝ-n 'болото, мокрая тундра'
References: МССНЯ 349, ОСНЯ 1, 279-280; ND 2632 *yamV 'body of water' (Ur., Drav. + Sem.; rest of SH may reflect also *mVwHV).
Eurasiatic: *jAMV
Meaning: gruel
Uralic: *jamV 'Brei, Suppe (aus Fischmehl, Blut, Fleisch)'
Dravidian: *ambel 'a kind of rice gruel'
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *'ejmǝq
References: Tyler 128 (U-D)
Eurasiatic: *jänTV
Meaning: stretch
Altaic: ? *èt`i ( ~ -t-)
Uralic: *jänte [cf. also *jutta-]
Dravidian: Tam.-Mal. *ēnd- 'spread, stretch' (SDR 784)
Comments: [IS compares Turk. *jēt- 'lead (on a string)']
References: МССНЯ 350, ОСНЯ 1, 281. [ND 1897 *qu[hi]ṭV 'intestines, sinew, thread, to tie' compares SH *χVwVṭ- 'thread, sinew' + Alt. *èt`i + SDr *ūṭ- 'woof, cross thread' + ?? IE *ētr- 'intestines' - all quite obscure]. ND 2636 *yäNTV 'to stretch, strain' (Ur. + Drav. + ? Turk. *jēt- 'lead'); the Ur. root is also included in 2637 *ya/oŋ[y]E 'sinew, tendon' - which also includes Ur. *yoŋ(k)se 'bow' (?? + Turk. *jāń + ?? Jap. *da + Eg.??).
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

Pages: 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
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