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Eurasiatic: *gwVrV
Meaning: bark, skin
Altaic: *k`i̯ùru
Uralic: *kore (*kōre)
Kartvelian: *gwar- 'skin'
Comments: Cf. *ḳerV.
References: ND 1137 *ḲorE.
Eurasiatic: *gwVrV
Meaning: old
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *ǵera-
Altaic: *kèru ( ~ *k`-)
Kartvelian: Georg. gvar- 'wachsen, gedeihen'
Dravidian: *kīṛ-
References: ОСНЯ 1, 297-298; МССНЯ 367; ND 664 *gar[ʡ]i 'old' (only Turk.+SH), 670 *garhU 'to be(come) big, grow' (Kartv. + SH + dub. IE); 948 *kiŕHa 'old' (IE + Drav.). Sic...
Eurasiatic: *gwVrV
Meaning: frog
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *gʷredh-
Altaic: *k`er[o]
References: ND 1930 *q̇oRV 'frog, toad' (+ Georg. mq̇var- which is also under *mVq̇V).
Eurasiatic: *gwVsV
Meaning: to wish, choose
Indo-European: *g'eus- (? + Lat. quaes-)
Altaic: *k`i̯ū́se
Uralic: *kEćV ? (cf. also *küśe 'to ask')
Dravidian: *kuSar-
References: (Differ. in ND 1207, 1208).
Eurasiatic: *gwVwV
Meaning: to be glad, joy
Indo-European: *gaw- / -e-
Altaic: *k`ubà ( ~ -p-)
Eskimo-Aleut: *quvja- ~ *qujva-
Eurasiatic: *gʷVlV
Meaning: ashes, coals
Indo-European: *g'wol-, *g'oul- (also Germ. *kwalma-)
Altaic: *k`uli ( ~ -e)
Uralic: *kuδ́mV
Kartvelian: *q̇welp- ?
Dravidian: *koḷ-
References: ND 867 *kuḷV ~ *kawḷV (w/o Ur.; + Cush.); 977a = 1245 *kuẑmV 'smoke, ashes' (Ural. + Chad.?); 1917 *q̇ULpV 'hot ashes, ambers' (Kartv. + Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *gʷVĺV
Meaning: mouse, squirrel
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *gǝl-
Altaic: *k`i̯ū́ĺa
Uralic: *kaδ́wa (*kaδ́wV)
Eurasiatic: *gʷVnV
Meaning: to covet sexually
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *k`i̯unu
Kartvelian: *gen-
Dravidian: *keṇ-
References: ND 1081 *Ḳa[G]En̄a 'be hungry/thirsty, desire, long for' (compares part of Alt. with IE *kank- 'be dry, thirsty, hungry'?+ Cush. and occasional Berb.; on Ural. see under *keńV).
Eurasiatic: *gʷVńV
Meaning: thread
Indo-European: *gʷei̯-
Altaic: *k`i̯ùńí
Eurasiatic: *gʷVrV
Meaning: mountain, hill
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *gʷer(w)-
Altaic: *k`ori
Uralic: *kurV (cf. also *kurV, *korkV)
Kartvelian: *gora
Dravidian: *kùr_- (*-d_-) (?)
Eskimo-Aleut: *qarǝ-qa- (-qi-) (or ? *ujʁa 'stone')
References: ND 667 *gUrʕV 'mount, hill' (Kartv. + SH?), 929 *kur(Vh)V 'hill, mountain' (IE + Ur + Drav + SH); 1139 *Ḳo/urV 'rock, isolated mountain' (Alt. + same Ur. and Drav.; the reconstruction *ḳ- is actually done only on the basis of Arab. qārat- 'colline isolée' - which in fact has an alternative etymology!!). Thus we have three roots instead of a simple one... [Cf. PAA *gɔ:r 'mountain, forest'].
Eurasiatic: *gʷVrV
Meaning: heavy
Indo-European: *gʷer-
Altaic: *k`i̯ùru
References: ND 923 *k[o]ʡRV ~ *k[o]RʡV 'be heavy, stout' (+ Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *ɣontV
Meaning: heat
Indo-European: *HAnd- 'heat' (Hitt. hantais- 'heat', OIr. and- 'kindle')
Uralic: *onta (*Onta)
Kartvelian: *ɣwent-
References: ND 738 *GoNtV 'heat, to heat'.
Eurasiatic: *ɣoŋɣV
Meaning: peg, nail
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *(o)nogh-
Uralic: *oŋtV
Kartvelian: Georg. ɣvanɣval- 'hook, peg (for hanging baskets)'
Eskimo-Aleut: *ńǝɣci- ~ *lǝɣci- ?
References: ND 736 *Goǹ(V)Ga 'fingernail, claw' ( + Eg. and dubious Drav.).
Eurasiatic: *ɣUlV
Meaning: to curve, twist
Altaic: *i̯ṓle
Uralic: *ulke 'pole (for hanging)' ?
Kartvelian: *ɣul-
Dravidian: *iḷ-uk-
Comments: [For SDR *cuḷ-uk- cf. rather PA *č`i̯olu 314]
Eurasiatic: *ɣVcV ( ~ -c`-)
Meaning: to cut
Borean: Borean
Kartvelian: Megr. ɣeč̣- 'cut' (cf. also *ɣeč̣- 'chew'?)
Dravidian: *ac- 'to cut' (PGnd *ac-, Malt. asye 'chisel')
References: ND 732 *ɣAĉ̣V 'cut, cut into pieces'.
Eurasiatic: *ɣVrbV
Meaning: cloud, darkness
Indo-European: *erb(h)-
Kartvelian: *ɣrub-
References: ND 724 *GVrVbV 'dark, brown', 744 *ɣVRPV 'cloud' (with various Sem. parallels).
Eurasiatic: *ɣVrɣVtV
Meaning: waterfowl
Indo-European: *(e)rod- <PIH *e->
Kartvelian: *ɣrɣad-
References: ND 746 *GVRGVTV 'waterfowl' (+ dub. Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *ɣVwV
Meaning: to carry
Altaic: *ĕ̀bè
Kartvelian: *ɣ(w)-
Dravidian: *oj-
References: ND 750 *GoyV (Kartv., Drav. + Berb.).
Eurasiatic: *ɣwVĺV
Meaning: waves, shallow place
Indo-European: *welǝn-, *welǝm-
Altaic: *óĺa ( ~ u-, i̯-)
Kartvelian: OG ɣelva-j, G. ɣelva 'Wogen, Wellengang'
Dravidian: *elv-
Eskimo-Aleut: *ulǝ(v)
Comments: Cf. *(H)wiɫV
References: ND 711 *G[e]l̄V(-wV) 'to rise in waves' (Kartv.-Drav. + very dubious IE and Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *HacV ( ~ -c`-, -č-, -ǯ-)
Meaning: pond, mud, mire
Uralic: *aća
Dravidian: *asár_-
References: ND 11 *ʔaĉ̣V (comparing also Arab. ʔaδ̂ā(t-un); all quite dubious.
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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