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Eurasiatic: *dVʕV (*d[i]ɣV)
Meaning: to put
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhē-
Altaic: *dḕ
Uralic: *teke 'do, make, put, place', FV *tewe 'work'
Kartvelian: *dew-/dw-
References: ОСНЯ 1, 224, МССНЯ 344; ND 497 *dEʕ[i] 'to put, to place', 508 *deHä/o 'make, do' (hardly to be distinguished, desp. Dybo and Dolg.). [In ND 2336 *ṭEkE 'build, shape, make, do' Ur. *teke- is compared with IE *teḱs- and PA *t`ằkù 'repair' + Chad.; in ND 2340 *ṭEʔakʔa 'to put, set' - with Alt. *t`ĭ́[k`]ù 'stuff into', *t`egV 'sit' and *tīk`i 'plant' simultaneously + IE *tāg- which is elsewhere + Eg., Sem.; a complete mess].
Eurasiatic: *dVbV
Meaning: appropriate
Indo-European: *dhAbh-
Altaic: *dubi ( ~ t-)
References: ND 2316 *ṭabV (IE + differ. Alt. + Sem.).
Eurasiatic: *DVG-
Meaning: earth
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhǵhem-
Altaic: *t`ā̀go [+ TM *tuka(la)?]
Kartvelian: *diq-
Dravidian: *TūK-
Eskimo-Aleut: *taɣŋǝ- (~ -ŋɣ-) ?
References: МССНЯ 342, ОСНЯ 1, 220. ND 551 *dEqV 'earth' compares Georg. with quite dubious SH forms; ND 2331 *ṭogE 'dust, earth (substance)' (IE + somewhat differ. Alt. + quite dubious SH); 2347 *ṭuḲ[a] 'earth, mud, dust' (TM + Drav + SH).
Eurasiatic: *dVgV
Meaning: fish
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhg'hū-
Altaic: *di̯ági ( ~ -i̯o-)
Uralic: *totke
Eskimo-Aleut: *ǝqaɫuɣ, *i- ?
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *tujke 'щука'
References: МССНЯ 362, ОСНЯ 1, 219; ND 575 *doTgiʔu 'fish' (+ Sem.).
Eurasiatic: *dVgV
Meaning: back
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *dagV 'back', *dắgá 'follow' - must be one root in view of ext. evidence
Uralic: *taka
Dravidian: *ḍog- 'back' (Kol., Gnd., ?Kui - DED 2979)
Eskimo-Aleut: *taʁtu
References: МССНЯ 331, ОСНЯ 215-216; ND 505 *dagurV 'shoulder-blade as part of back', 510 *daka 'back of the body, behind' (+ dubious SH).
Eurasiatic: *dVHbV
Meaning: wet, dirty
Altaic: *depo ( ~ -b-)
Kartvelian: *dɣab-
Eskimo-Aleut: *iv=ju(ɣ)-, *ivǝʁa-
Eurasiatic: *dVHlzV
Meaning: to tear, crush
Indo-European: *dhlas- (Pok. 271)
Kartvelian: *dɣlez- / dɣliz-
Eurasiatic: *dVngV
Meaning: cover
Indo-European: *dhengh- (Pok. 250)
Uralic: *taŋe (Coll. 9)
References: МССНЯ 355, ОСНЯ 1, 217.
Eurasiatic: *dVnV
Meaning: to melt, flow
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhen-
Kartvelian: *dn-
Dravidian: *tund- '?'
Comments: Cf. Aleut *tāŋa- 'drink'?
References: Bomhard 1994, 151; ND 543 *d[u]nV 'stream, flow'.
Eurasiatic: *dVnwV
Meaning: big tree
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhAnw-
Uralic: *toma
Dravidian: *tum- ?
References: ND 538a *dUŋwV or *dUm[ʔ]u 'big tree' (+SH).
Eurasiatic: *dVpV
Meaning: to harm, err
Indo-European: *dhebh-
Uralic: *tepV
Eurasiatic: *dVrḳV
Meaning: to twist, bend
Indo-European: *dherg'h-
Altaic: PT *jȫrge- 'wrap, twist'
Kartvelian: *derḳ- / driḳ- / dreḳ-
References: ND 569 *dORḳe 'to bend, turn, wrap'.
Eurasiatic: *dVrV
Meaning: to tremble
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhreugh- (BS)
Altaic: *déru ( ~ -ŕ-)
Uralic: *tarV-, *tarkV 'tremble, shake'
Dravidian: *tir-i-
References: ND 566 *daRugV 'to tremble, shake' (with a very dubious Arab. parallel).
Eurasiatic: *dVrV
Meaning: firm, strong, hold firmly
Indo-European: *dher(ǝ)-, *dhrē-
Uralic: *tärmä
Dravidian: *daṛ- (?)
Eurasiatic: *dVrV
Meaning: back
Altaic: *dărV(mV)
Uralic: *turja
Eurasiatic: *dVsV
Meaning: roof cover
Altaic: *dắsi
Uralic: *tisV
Eurasiatic: *dV[š]tV ?
Meaning: star, moon
Borean: Borean
Uralic: *täštä
Kartvelian: ? *du(ś)te- ( < *uśte?)
References: ND 574 *dVštE 'moon'.
Eurasiatic: *dVwɣV
Meaning: to blow, shake
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dheu̯H-
Kartvelian: *dɣw-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *t`i(qi) smoke?
References: ND 552 *duq/GV compares IE with a Somali form ḍaʕ- 'blow'.
Eurasiatic: *dVwnV
Meaning: shore, land
Indo-European: *dhenu̯- / *dheu̯n-
Altaic: *di̯ṓna
Uralic: ? *tan-tVrV 'field, lowland'
Kartvelian: Georg. done, don- 'level' ('Niveau, Stand, Stufe')
References: ND 541 *d[o]nV 'flat, low' (TM + Ur. + Kartv. + IE; + Sem.?).
Eurasiatic: *dVwV
Meaning: to suffer
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhew-
Altaic: *debí ( ~ ǯ-)
Uralic: FP *tVyV illness
Dravidian: ? *tav-
References: ND 578 *dVw(V)yV 'to be ill/weak, die' (IE-Ur).
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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