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Eurasiatic: *bVŋkV ?
Meaning: to hit, kick
Indo-European: *bhong-
Altaic: *baŋki
Eurasiatic: *bVrdV
Meaning: ford
Indo-European: *bhre[dh]- 'to ford, roam'
Altaic: *bét`a / *p`éda
Kartvelian: *bo(r)d-
Dravidian: *pàḍ-
References: МССНЯ 332, ND 241 *bAR(V)dV 'to pass; way, road' (IE, Kart, with dubious SH and Drav. parallels).
Eurasiatic: *bVrdV
Meaning: beard, down
Indo-European: *bhardhā
Altaic: *bŭrdV
Kartvelian: *burdɣa, *bRdɣwN-
Dravidian: *buṛC- [or to *burV "hair", or to both]
References: ND 242 *bur(u)dV[G]V 'facial hair, bosy hair' (+ Arab. burd-at- 'textile'?).
Eurasiatic: *bVrgV
Meaning: to hit, break
Indo-European: *bhrag'-
Kartvelian: *breg-
Eurasiatic: *bVrḳV
Meaning: shine, bright
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhrēk'-, -g'-
Kartvelian: OG, G brḳial- 'glitter, shine'
References: ND 247 *bVR(V)ḳE
Eurasiatic: *bVrmV
Meaning: stinging insect
Indo-European: *bhrem- (bhramara- etc.)
Uralic: *perma (cf. also *parma )
Dravidian: (perhaps here *puṛŋ-?)
References: ND 248 *baRmV 'stinging insect'.
Eurasiatic: *bVrq̇wV
Meaning: fruit
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhrūg-
Kartvelian: *berq̇en-
Dravidian: *piṛi-k-, -l-
References: ND 257 *b[i]ŕ(uw)q̇a 'edible fruit'.
Eurasiatic: *bVrṭV
Meaning: rope, fibre
Altaic: *bằ(r)tò
Dravidian: *part-
Eurasiatic: *bVrV
Meaning: a k. of predator
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bher-
Altaic: *bī́re
Dravidian: *verg-
Eurasiatic: *bVrV
Meaning: horned animal
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhreidh-
Altaic: *bi̯ŏ́ŕu
Dravidian: *paḍḍ-/*bar_-
Comments: Cf. *ṗVrV
References: ND 225a *b[A]ʡVrV 'bovine'.
Eurasiatic: *bVrV
Meaning: lose, diminish
Indo-European: ? *bher- 'throw' (WP 2, 165) (*bhreḱ-)
Altaic: *bi̯ura
Uralic: *pOra (cf. also *purka )
Kartvelian: *bar-/br
References: ND 246 *bUraḲE (*bUra-ḲE) (+ Sem. *burḳid/t- 'lie on back'?). Cf. SH *baraḥ- 'leave'?
Eurasiatic: *bVrV
Meaning: old
Altaic: *bŭri ( ~ -ŕ-, -o-, -e)
Uralic: *porV
Kartvelian: OG, G ber- 'old'
Dravidian: *paṛa-
References: ND 250 *b[a]ŕV 'old' (with Cush. parallels).
Eurasiatic: *bVŕV
Meaning: thick
Altaic: *bằŕ[i]
Dravidian: *pār- (cf. also *bar 'rough' 126)
References: ND 254 *baŕʔV 'big, much, thick' (Alt., Drav. + IE *bher- see *bVŕV 'good' + a number of Cush. and Chad. forms).
Eurasiatic: *bVŕV
Meaning: good, peaceful
Indo-European: *bher-
Altaic: *bĕŕa (cf. also *bāŕa)
Uralic: *para 'good'
Dravidian: *bāṛ-d- (cf. also *par[a]-)
References: (ND 1785, but with a great confusion: cf. *ṗVrV).
Eurasiatic: *bVrV
Meaning: shape
Indo-European: *merbh-, *bherm-
Altaic: *bi̯or[a]
Comments: Cf. PA *bi̯are 'build', PAfAs *buraʔ- 'build, create'.
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *bVrʒV
Meaning: thorn
Indo-European: *bhars-, *bharst-
Kartvelian: *barʒg- (+ *burʒg(a), *burčx-)
References: ND 249 *baRʒ́V 'be uneven, rough; bristle' (IE, Kartv + Mong. barǯaji- 'be uneven, rough').
Eurasiatic: *bVtV ?
Meaning: good, big
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhAd-
Altaic: ? TM *badi 'yet, more,better'
Dravidian: *pāṭ-
References: Blz.; ND 170a *bAdV 'many, multitude', 262 *b[a]tV 'luck, good'.
Eurasiatic: *bVṭV
Meaning: to bind
Altaic: *bŏ̀t`é
Uralic: *potV ?
Kartvelian: *bad-
Comments: Cf. *ṗVtV
References: ND 174 *bVd[h]E 'to plait' (with some dubious Sem. parallels).
Eurasiatic: *bVṭV
Meaning: to cover
Altaic: *bi̯ŏ́t`è
Dravidian: *pot-
Eurasiatic: *bVʒwV
Meaning: ripen
Altaic: Mong. baǯaɣa- 'prepare, get ready' (?Alt. *bằǯá 'early')
Uralic: *paše
Kartvelian: Georg. baz- 'ripen'
References: ND 280 *baže 'ripen, be cooked' (+ IE *bhō- 'warm'???, Sem. *bšl- 'ripen').
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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