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Eurasiatic: *wVrcwV ( ~ -c`w-)
Meaning: top, cover
Indo-European: *wers-
Uralic: *werča
Eurasiatic: *wVrdV
Meaning: feed, grow
Indo-European: *u̯erdh- 'feed, grow' (Pok. 1167)
Altaic: ? *ŭ́ro ( ~ -u)
Uralic: *wortV (UEW); wirtä- 'to grow (tr.), feed' (Uotila FUF 26, 183-184)
References: МССНЯ 335; ND 2526 *woRdV 'to grow, bring up' (+ incorr. Alt. + Akk.).
Eurasiatic: *wVrkV ?
Meaning: noose, rope
Indo-European: *werg- ?
Altaic: *ŭk`urkV ( ~ -o-) (redupl.?)
Uralic: *wirka
Eurasiatic: *wVrmV
Meaning: worm, insect
Indo-European: *worm-
Altaic: ? *ebVrV
Uralic: *urma (ūrma)
Comments: Cf. Amer. (R 668) *oro 'snake, worm' ?
Eurasiatic: *wVr[t]V
Meaning: root, herb
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *wer[a]d-, *wrād-
Dravidian: *verl-
References: ND 2529 *weRaH(V)tV 'root, sinew' (+ Sem. which is recognized as < IE; + incorr. Alt.).
Eurasiatic: *wVrV
Meaning: mountain
Borean: Borean
Uralic: *we̮re (*wōre) (cf. also *wara , *wēre)
Dravidian: *var-ai
References: МССНЯ 337, Tyler 115; ND 2515 *waʡrE 'wooded hill, mountain'.
Eurasiatic: *wVrV
Meaning: burn
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *werǝ- <PIH *w->
Uralic: *warV 'to dawn' ?
Kartvelian: *warwar-
Dravidian: *ur-
References: МССНЯ 337, 341; ND 2508 *war[i] 'to burn, heat' (+ dub. Drav.). . [Cf. *owri].
Eurasiatic: *wVŕV
Meaning: long, wide
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *(e)w[e]r-
Altaic: *i̯uŕo
Comments: Cf. other Altaic (*ure etc.) and Ur. *erV 'big'
References: ND 2523 *w[i]rh[u] 'be wide/broad, expand, spread' (IE + dub. Drav. + incorr. Alt.).
Eurasiatic: *wVrV
Meaning: to cover
Indo-European: *werV-
Altaic: *ŏ́ri ( ~ -e)
Dravidian: *Ur_- (*-d_-)
Eurasiatic: *wVrV
Meaning: squirrel, gopher
Indo-European: *(o)wer-
Altaic: Turk. *örke, TM *urike (see under *k`uŕe)
Uralic: *ora
Dravidian: *ur_ut- 'squirrel'
References: Tyler 130 (U-D); ND 72 *ʔUrV(ba) (adding also Arab. arrabu 'jerboa'?).
Eurasiatic: *wVrV
Meaning: crow
Indo-European: *worn-
Uralic: *warV
References: ND 2510 *w[a]RV 'crow, raven'.
Eurasiatic: *wVrV
Meaning: to watch
Indo-European: *wer-
Uralic: *warV
Dravidian: *ūṛ-i-
References: ND 2512 *w[ä]rV 'to look, watch' (+ incorr. Drav., Alt.).
Eurasiatic: *wVrV
Meaning: to be mad, intoxicated
Indo-European: *wēr-
Dravidian: *ver_-
References: ND 2518 *(`)weXVrV 'mad, dizzy, intoxicated'.
Eurasiatic: *wVŕV
Meaning: exchange, debt
Altaic: *úŕi
Uralic: *werV
Eurasiatic: *wVŕV ( ~ *HuŕV)
Meaning: to spin, plait
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *wer[e]-, *wrē-
Altaic: *ṓre
Uralic: *workV
Dravidian: *oḍ-/*oṛ- (or SD *vār- 'rope, thong' 4477)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *ɣʷĭr- rope; hair
References: ND 2521 *warʔ[u] ~ *waʔr[u] 'rope, bonds, to bind' (+ Eg.); cf. also *wärV.
Eurasiatic: *wVrVkV
Meaning: anger, fright
Indo-European: *werǝg'-
Altaic: *ṑr(e)kV
Dravidian: *ved_- / *ver- (?)
Eurasiatic: *wVrχV
Meaning: a k. of tree
Indo-European: *werǝnā (Alb., Celt., Arm.) 'alder'
Altaic: *i̯ure
Kartvelian: *werxw-
Dravidian: *vir-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *vъrɣъ
References: Bomh. 614, ND 2524 *wirχU 'a k. of tree' (+ incorr. Alt.).
Eurasiatic: *wVrʒV
Meaning: male, male animal
Indo-European: *wers-
Kartvelian: *werʒ́-
References: ND 2530 *w[i]RʒV 'young herbivore' (+ Sem.; + incorr. Alt.).
Eurasiatic: *wVsV ( ~ -ʒ-, -z-)
Meaning: price
Indo-European: *wos-
Uralic: *wosa
References: ND 114 *ʕuĉ̣E 'exchange' (regards FU < IE, and adds Arab. ʕwδ̂- 'exchange'? and Alt. *ṓč`e 'anger, revenge'?).
Eurasiatic: *wVsV ( ~ -ʒ-) ?
Meaning: a k. of metal
Indo-European: *awǝs-
Uralic: *waśke
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

Pages: 101 102 103 104
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