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Eurasiatic: *bVjV
Meaning: joy, desire
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *bắja
Dravidian: *va(j)-
Eurasiatic: *bVkV
Meaning: cone
Altaic: *bŭkrV
Uralic: *päkV
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *bVkV ?
Meaning: stick, pole
Indo-European: *bak(')- ?
Altaic: *báku ( ~ -a)
Kartvelian: *biga
References: ND 186 *baḲa (or *bagʔa?), with rather dubious SH parallels. Cf. also PSC *bVrḳwV̄́ or *bħǝ̄́nq̇V̆ ?
Eurasiatic: *bVḳV
Meaning: side (of body)
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhog- (? + Slav. *bokъ?)
Altaic: *bi̯ū̀k`a ( ~ -u)
Uralic: ? *puktV
Kartvelian: *baq̇w-
Comments: In Alt. cf. also *bŏ̀kà 'rib, breast bone'; in Ur. cf. *päkse 'Brustbein'?; in IE - *pAǵ-, *pAks-. At least two roots.
References: ND 218 *boq̇V (+ Cush. *bak- / *bok-); 1675 *P_oka 'side of body' (+ Chad., Sem. "cheek").
Eurasiatic: *bVḳV
Meaning: a k. of fish
Altaic: *bek`ú
Dravidian: *vagg-
Eurasiatic: *bVlHV
Meaning: to blow, blow up
Indo-European: *bhelǝ- / *bhlē- (Pok. 120-122)
Altaic: (Ewk. bolī- 'blow (of wind)')
Kartvelian: *ber-
Comments: Bomhard 1996, 143 compares IE with Georg. blom-ad 'in a multitude'.
References: МССНЯ 340, ОСНЯ 1, 193-194; ND 198 *bVlVʔa (with a very weak Chad. parallel); roots meaning 'swell' (partially confused with reflexes of *baHli) are attributed to another root, ND 209 *bVĺ/ḷV 'swell'.
Eurasiatic: *bVl(m)V
Meaning: knee
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *bi̯ắĺmi
Uralic: polwe
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *bVlV
Meaning: flow, gush
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhleu-
Altaic: *bi̯ŭ̀lò
Dravidian: ? Brah. pāl- 'get wet', pālun 'damp, moist' (ND 1702)
References: [Better than comparing Alt. to IE *pleu- in ND 1692 *pUḷu].
Eurasiatic: *bVĺV
Meaning: penis
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhaln-/*bheln-
Dravidian: *bul-
References: ND 211 *bu/uĺXV 'tail, penis' (but Ur. see rather under *ṗVĺV).
Eurasiatic: *bVlV
Meaning: wrist, thumb
Altaic: *bĭli
Kartvelian: *bliḳw-
Comments: Cf. also: Alt. *bi̯ắĺmi 133; Ur. polwe 802; Kartv. *pol- 788.
References: Дыбо 1989.
Eurasiatic: *bVlV
Meaning: a k. of plant
Indo-European: *bhel-
Altaic: *bi̯ŏla
Uralic: *pelna ?
Kartvelian: *blanc-
Comments: Cf. also Ur. *pola 'berry'?
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *bVlV
Meaning: time
Altaic: *bi̯ólò
Uralic: *pälä Zeit
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *bVLV
Meaning: to freeze, frost
Altaic: *bulV
Uralic: *paĺa
Eurasiatic: *bVlV
Meaning: to pierce, bore
Indo-European: *bhl- in *bhlaǵ-, *bhleiǵ- ?
Altaic: *bi̯ŭ́le
Uralic: *pelV
Dravidian: *viḷ- ?
Eskimo-Aleut: *uluɣ- ?
Eurasiatic: *bVlV
Meaning: stick, end of stick
Altaic: *bi̯ŏla
Dravidian: *puḷ-
Comments: Cf. PAfAs *ʕVbVl- 'arrow'.
Eurasiatic: *bVlV
Meaning: to work, assist
Indo-European: *bhalw-
Altaic: *bèli
Dravidian: *vēl-
Eurasiatic: *bVl(w)V
Meaning: cloud
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhŏlʌ- (+Pok. 162)
Altaic: *bŭlu ( ~ -a, -o)
Uralic: *pilwe (*pilŋe)
Kartvelian: Zan. ṗula; PK *bol-
Dravidian: ? SDR *pūṛ-i 'mist' (3674)
References: МССНЯ 351, ОСНЯ 1, 179-180; ND 202 *bilwE 'cloud'.
Eurasiatic: *bVndV
Meaning: to bind
Indo-European: *bhendh-
Kartvelian: *band-
References: ND 214 *bEnṭV ~ *bEndV (with dubious Ur. and SH parallels).
Eurasiatic: *bVnV
Meaning: a k. of predator
Altaic: *bi̯ònV
Dravidian: *vēŋ-
Eurasiatic: *bVnV ?
Meaning: wash
Borean: Borean
Altaic: Turk. *ban- 'dip'
Kartvelian: *ban-
Dravidian: SDr *vaṇ- 'washerman' (4365)
References: МССНЯ 349; ND 206 *ba[ln̄]V (with rather strange SH parallels).
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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