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Eurasiatic: *ńVjrV
Meaning: flow
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *najVrV
Uralic: Finn. nira 'Bach' (Dolg.: Ur. *ń[i]ra 'stream, liquid')
Dravidian: *ńīr-
Eskimo-Aleut: *ńar(ǝ)va
Comments: Cf. *ńorV.
References: ОСНЯ 2, 89 (should be probably kept different from the preceding root); МССНЯ 369; ND 1615 *ńaRu 'swamp' (Alt. + Ur. from *ńorV); 1622 *ńihr[a] 'to stream, a stream, liquid' (Ur. + Drav.).
Eurasiatic: *nVjTV
Meaning: to threaten, conjure
Indo-European: *nīt-
Altaic: *ni̯ā̀da ( ~ -i̯o-)
Uralic: *nojta
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *nVjV
Meaning: fire, burn
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: (see under *ʔVnjV ?)
Altaic: *ńūje (with a suffix - *ni̯ṑri)
Uralic: *naje (ObUg)
Dravidian: *nijur
Eurasiatic: *nVKV
Meaning: neck, vertebra
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *knek- ?
Altaic: *ni̯ăke
Uralic: *ńOkkV
Eskimo-Aleut: *ń[u]ɣilV, *l- ?
References: МССНЯ 355, ОСНЯ 2, 92; ND 1638 *ŋiḲa (or *ǹiḲa) 'jugular vertebra, neck'.
Eurasiatic: *nVkV
Meaning: to leave, put aside
Altaic: *nĕ̀ko
Dravidian: *nīg-
Eurasiatic: *nVKV
Meaning: younger (female) relative
Indo-European: Hitt. nega- 'sister'
Altaic: *nek`V
Dravidian: *nāg-
References: Blazh. DA 157; ND 1538a *NAkV 'woman' (some confusion with 1544 *n̄EḳU; + Cush.).
Eurasiatic: *nVkV
Meaning: to shine, be visible
Borean: Borean
Uralic: *näke
Dravidian: *nig-
References: ND 1549 *näḲ(V)hE 'to see, perceive' (+ Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *nVKV
Meaning: lowland
Altaic: *neku
Uralic: Perm. *ńuk 'ravine, depression'
Kartvelian: *noɣ- (?*noq̇-)
References: ND 1614 *ńoq̇a 'lowland, depression (Ur.-Kartv.; but Alt. is attributed to 1278, see *lVKV). Cf. SC *nĕ(x)q̇wɨ́ (or *HēnqwV́).
Eurasiatic: *nVḳV
Meaning: night
Indo-European: *nok(t)-
Uralic: FL *n/ǹukkV- 'sleep'
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *nǝki ночь
References: ND 1540 *n̄[ü]kU 'darkness, night' ( + extremely dub. Sem. and incorr. Evn.; also CK and EA).
Eurasiatic: *ńVḳV
Meaning: to bend
Uralic: *ńikV- (+ FP *ńokke 'krumm, schief' - one root?)
Kartvelian: *neḳw-
References: ND 1589 *ń[ow/Ha]Ḳi 'to bend, be crooked', 1588 *[ń]üḲ[ü] 'to lie down, sink, low', 1637 *ŋa[ʔ]igu 'to bow, bend' (with a great confusion; additional confusion created by roots in *l-, see *lukV, *lVwḳV).
Eurasiatic: *ńVḳV(rV)
Meaning: meat, roe, intestines
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *yekʷ- (?+ *jъkra)
Altaic: ? OT jaqrɨ 'fat, suet'; Mo nugulūr 'bloated part of stomach filled with meat', nuguči- 'to dress the corpse of an animal'
Uralic: ObU *ńōɣǝẑ 'meat' (cf. also Komi ńök 'Fischmilch')
Eskimo-Aleut: *nǝqǝ
References: ND 1586 *`ń[a]ḲU 'soft parts of the animal's body (liver, marrow, suet)' (+ Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *ńVlkV
Meaning: a k. of tree
Uralic: *ńolkV ~ *ńalkV
Dravidian: *[ń]elV[v]-[k-] (*-i-)
Comments: Cf. PNC *nŭlxV.
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *nVlV
Meaning: fire, flame
Altaic: *nóle
Dravidian: PGn *naCṇ- (992) (?) [or *mūḷ- 959; or *nel- 'moon'?]
Eurasiatic: *nVlV
Meaning: blade, arrow
Altaic: *ni̯ā̀lo
Uralic: *ńe̮le (*ńōle)
References: In ND 1592 the Ur. root is compared with Sem. *nVʕl- 'sandal, horse-shoe' (???).
Eurasiatic: *NVlV
Meaning: four
Borean: Borean
Uralic: *ńeljä (*neljä) '4' (cf. also Ug. *ńalV 'eight')
Dravidian: *nāl-
References: ND 1598 *[ń]älyV 'four'.
Eurasiatic: *NVLV-
Meaning: to swallow
Uralic: *ńele (*ńēle)
Dravidian: *noḷ-
Eurasiatic: *nVlV-
Meaning: to crawl
Uralic: *ńola
Dravidian: *neḷ-i-
Eurasiatic: *nVmbV
Meaning: thin
Altaic: *ni̯ombu
Dravidian: *nāmb-
Eurasiatic: *ńVmV
Meaning: weak, soft
Altaic: *ni̯ùmà
Uralic: *ńämV, *ńOmV
References: МССНЯ 350, ОСНЯ 2, 86-87. ND 1551 *n̄UʡmV 'pleasant, gentle, fine', 1603 *ńäʡm[o] 'soft' ( + same Sem. in both cases) tries to sort out the reflexes, but hardly convincingly.
Eurasiatic: *nVmV
Meaning: to add
Indo-European: *nem-
Altaic: *nema
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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