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Eurasiatic: *ńowda
Meaning: to move quickly, pursue
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *ieudh- 'move quickly, fight' (Pok. 511-512) [or *nant- 'осмеливаться' (WP II 317) ] [or *newǝdh- 'seek, need' 2238]
Uralic: *ńoŋδa (*ńowδa)
Kartvelian: *naṭ-
Dravidian: *nōnḍ- [or *nāḍ 3054]
Comments: 2 (or more) roots?
References: МССНЯ 338-339, ОСНЯ 2, 90-91. ND 1571 *n̄aṭV 'seek, seek aid' (Kartv.: Drav. *nāḍ- + IE *nēth-?); 1608 *ńoŋuda 'to follow in the traces, hunt, pursue'.
Eurasiatic: *ńȫĺe
Meaning: to sprout; green
Altaic: *ńi̯ṓĺe ( ~ -i)
Uralic: *ńulkV 'fir tree'?
Dravidian: SDR *mUḷ- 'to spring, sprout' (SDR 4185; DEDR 4997)
Eurasiatic: *ńukV
Meaning: to push, pull
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *i̯eug'-
Uralic: *ńikV (*ńükV) [2]; + ObU *ńŏɣ- / *ńŭɣ- 'beben, schaukeln'
Dravidian: *nūk-
References: МССНЯ 369, ОСНЯ 2, 91. ND has two roots: 1584 *ńuke 'to shake, swing, tremble' (ObU + NDr + Sem.), 1590 *ńüḲʕV (~ *ńüKʕV) 'tear, tear out' (rest of Ur. + other Semitic). Hard to make a distinction.
Eurasiatic: *ńUkV
Meaning: spot on animal's back
Indo-European: *yug-; *yeug-
Altaic: *ńĕka ( ~ -o, -u)
Dravidian: *nÙg-
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *nUlV-
Meaning: to crush
Altaic: *niLV- 'to crush' (Мо *nil-ǯa-, ТМ *nilka- ССТМЯ 1, 592)
Dravidian: *nuḷ-
Eurasiatic: *nurV
Meaning: to press, pile, stack
Altaic: *núra
Uralic: *nure
Eurasiatic: *nUŕV
Meaning: grain, corn
Altaic: *núŕi ( ~ -e) (cf. also *ńi̯uŕge )
Uralic: *norV
Eurasiatic: *nUrV
Meaning: slow, weak
Altaic: *nure ( ~ -ŕ-)
Uralic: *norja ~ *ńorja
Eurasiatic: *nutV
Meaning: to pound, grind
Altaic: *ni̯utu
Dravidian: *nūd_-
Eurasiatic: *nüdu-
Meaning: fist
Altaic: *ni̯údurgi
Uralic: *niδe (*nüδe) 'handle'; ? *ńurka 'fist' (FB)
Dravidian: *muṭ-
References: ND 1627 *ńut/duRV[q̇]V 'fist, knuckles' (+ very dub. Sem.).
Eurasiatic: *nü(j)di
Meaning: to burn, ashes
Altaic: *ni̯udi
Dravidian: *niɣd_-
Eurasiatic: *nV
Meaning: a deictic element (?)
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *e-no-
Altaic: ? Mong. *e-ne
Uralic: *na (also *nä, *no)
Dravidian: Tam. ēn_ai 'other'
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *ŋu-t, *ŋu(-n) (?)
References: ND 775 *hEnV 'iste'. Cf. also: PIE *An- 'other' (if not = *eno-), *oin- 'other'; PA *aŋV 'separate, different' ( cf. ND 807 *Han̄V 'other', 808 *HinV 'other')
Eurasiatic: *nV
Meaning: 2nd person pronoun, thou
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *ná
Uralic: *nV (ObUg)
Dravidian: *njīn
Comments: Cf. Aleut *-n.
Eurasiatic: *nVbV
Meaning: smoke, cloud
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *nĕbhV
Altaic: *ni̯òbi
Eskimo-Aleut: *Nuvǝja
Comments: Cf. also PE *ńǝpǝ-Ju-'rain, drizzle' - which, however, can also be compared with PA *ni̯abo 'storm, natural disaster' or *ŋi̯ŏbu 'to pour'.
References: ND 1556 *nop[E] 'breathe, blow', 1557 *n̄[o]pi 'fog, cloud' - with unclear reasons for distinction.
Eurasiatic: *ńVcV ( ~ -č-)
Meaning: to pinch, pluck
Altaic: *ńeč`V
Uralic: *ńećV ~ *ńečV
Eurasiatic: *nVdV
Meaning: to tie
Indo-European: *nedh-
Uralic: *ńiδa ( ~ *ńiδä, *ńiδ́a, *ńiδ́ä)
Dravidian: *nāṬ-
References: МССНЯ 364, ОСНЯ 2, 324, ND 1533 *n̄i(ʔu)da ~ *ńi(ʔu)da 'to tie' (+ Chad.).
Eurasiatic: *nVgurV
Meaning: kidney
Indo-European: *negʷhr-
Altaic: *ńV́jVrV ( ~ -g-, -ŕ-)
Uralic: *ńarma ?
Dravidian: SDr *ner_- 'vital organ, bosom, anus' (DEDR 3681) + KoGa *nernǯal 'spleen' (DEDR 3751)
Eskimo-Aleut: *Nara-ɣ ?
References: ND 1583 *ńägorV ~ *n̄ägoRV 'groin, small abdominal organs'.
Eurasiatic: *ńVɣrV
Meaning: young
Indo-European: *i̯ōr-
Altaic: *ni̯ā́ŕ[à]
Uralic: n'8"r3 (n'8r3, n'8rk3)
Kartvelian: *noɣr-
References: МССНЯ 349, ОСНЯ 2, 83-84. ND divides into two roots (1620 *ńa[G]VrV ~ *ńe[G]VrV 'sprout' and 1626 *`ńaʡŕE 'young, new-born') - hardly convincingly (in Ur. almost all reflexes are in complementary distribution).
Eurasiatic: *nVHV
Meaning: nephew
Indo-European: *ne-pot-
Altaic: *ńi̯ṑgè
References: ND 1544 *n̄EḲU 'relative(s) of a younger generation(s)' (with some confusion and Sem. parallels).
Eurasiatic: *ńVjlV
Meaning: part of face
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *ńằjla ( ~ -o)
Uralic: *ńälmä
Dravidian: *nav[-lVk-]
Eskimo-Aleut: *Nǝʁilǝk- ?
References: ND 1591 *ńälV 'tongue' (Ur.-Drav. + one WChad. and Hitt. lala-?).
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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