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Eurasiatic: *mVrgV
Meaning: horn
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mreK-
Altaic: Mong. mörge- 'to butt', Evk. mormūkān 'рога молодого оленя'
Dravidian: *marg-
References: Cf. *mVrḳV
Eurasiatic: *mVrḳV ?
Meaning: edible root
Indo-European: *mork-
Kartvelian: Georg. murḳ- 'stump of cabbage'
Dravidian: *mulŋ- (?*murŋ-)
Comments: Cf. *mVrgV (and two roots in SC).
References: ND 1478 *m[u]rḳV(-ŋḳV) 'root, root-crops, edible roots'.
Eurasiatic: *mVrV
Meaning: spot, dirt
Indo-European: *mor-
Altaic: *méru (~-ŕ-)
Dravidian: *maṛ-
References: МССНЯ 358, ОСНЯ 2, 52; ND 1471 *märiqV 'spot, stain, dirt' ( + Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *mVrV
Meaning: berry
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mor-
Altaic: *méra
Uralic: *marja (cf. also *mura )
Kartvelian: *marc̣q̇w-
References: ОСНЯ 2, 43-44, МССНЯ 373; ND 1473 *mar(y)V '(mul-, black-) berries'.
Eurasiatic: *mVrV
Meaning: road, walk
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *mi̯óri
Dravidian: SDr *mar_-uk- 'street, lane'
References: ND 1459 *mär[ü] 'trace, path' ( + some Chad.).
Eurasiatic: *mVrV
Meaning: full, complete
Indo-European: *mūr-
Altaic: *maru ( ~ -ŕ-)
Dravidian: *muṛ-
Eurasiatic: *mVrV
Meaning: to like, to trust, believe
Indo-European: *(s)mer-
Altaic: *mi̯óre ( ~ -ŕ-)
Uralic: *märV
Eurasiatic: *mVrV ?
Meaning: side
Indo-European: *marg'-
Uralic: *mortV ??
Dravidian: *maruŋ-
Comments: Uralic - extremely dubious; if Ost. forms are borrowed, the Sam. forms should be rather linked with PA *mā́ro 'sand'.
References: ND 1477 *marʔokE 'side (of the body), side, edge' ( + Chad.); but for IE cf. PEC *mŏrq_wV̆'stripe, line'?.
Eurasiatic: *mVrVgV
Meaning: rain, drizzle
Indo-European: *m(e)regh-
Dravidian: *morgil
Comments: Cf. 59.
References: [Cf. different analysis in ND 1379 *müyga 'mist, fog, cloud'?]
Eurasiatic: *mVs(k)V ( ~ -ʒ-)
Meaning: wash
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mezg-
Uralic: *muśke (*mośke)
Dravidian: ?Bra. mashing "to wash the head" (DEDR 4634)
References: МССНЯ 349; ND 1361 *muć̣V(-kV) 'immerse, wash'.
Eurasiatic: *mVsV
Meaning: a k. of fruit
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: ? *(a)masl-
Altaic: *mésV
Kartvelian: *mc̣q̇aw- (or *msxal-)
Eurasiatic: *mVSV
Meaning: man
Indo-European: ? Lat. mās
Uralic: BF *mēs/śe 'man'
Dravidian: *māc-
Comments: Quite probably just the same as *mänV (*män-cV)
References: ND 1515 *meXaźV 'male' (+ WChad. and dub. Sem.).
Eurasiatic: *mVtV
Meaning: feel
Indo-European: *med-
Altaic: *m[i̯u]ti (cf. also *mèto)
Dravidian: *maṭ- [or *mūta- 'establish with evidence' (DED 4136)]
References: МССНЯ 353, ОСНЯ 2, 62; ND 1492 *metV 'to feel, realize' (IE + Alt.), 1498 *mAtVdV 'to stretch, measure' (same IE + Drav + Sem.).
Eurasiatic: *mVtV
Meaning: mountain, hill
Kartvelian: Georg., OGeorg. mta 'mountain'
Dravidian: *meṭ-
Eurasiatic: *mVtV
Meaning: moisture
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mad-
Altaic: ? Turk. *bat 'thick liquid'
Kartvelian: *mt- ( < 'rainy season'?)
Dravidian: SDr *maṭ- 'honey; toddy'
Comments: Cf. *matV 'intoxication'.
References: ND 1496 *matV(ʔ)V 'moisture', 1504 *muṭV 'drop, tear' (with considerable confusion).
Eurasiatic: *mVṭV
Meaning: worm
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mot-
Kartvelian: *maṭl- ?
References: МССНЯ 1, 372, ОСНЯ 2, 77; ND 1508 *m[ay]ṭV 'worm, larva, small insect' (IE, Kartv + incorr. Turk.).
Eurasiatic: *mVṭV
Meaning: most, enough
Altaic: *mét`ò
Kartvelian: *maṭ-
Eurasiatic: *mVṭV
Meaning: face, skin on head
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *mi̯at`i
Kartvelian: *maṭq̇l- ?
Dravidian: *maṭ-
Eurasiatic: *mVṭV
Meaning: bend
Altaic: *mi̯at`è
Dravidian: *maḍ-
References: ND 1500 *maṭV 'to bend' (+ Sem.).
Eurasiatic: *mVṭV
Meaning: female genitalia
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *mét`i(-rkV)
Kartvelian: Georg. muṭel- 'membrum muliebre'
Dravidian: Tamil-Kodagu *mūḍ- 'female' (SDR 4220)
References: ND 1502 *moṭE 'sprout, stem, penis' (hardly exists if we remove Drav. *modal-), 1506 *mu(ʕ)ṭV 'woman, female'.
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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