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Eurasiatic: *[a]rbV
Meaning: magic
Altaic: *arV
Uralic: arpa
References: МССНЯ 344, ОСНЯ 1, 261-262; ND 78 *ʔarba - comparing also PSem *ʔrb 'lie in ambush, scheme evil'.
Eurasiatic: *ba
Meaning: to bind
Altaic: *bā́
Kartvelian: *b-
References: МССНЯ 364, ND 180 *ba.V.
Eurasiatic: *baHli
Meaning: wound, pain
Indo-European: *bhol-
Altaic: *bi̯ā́ĺ(č)a
Dravidian: ?SDR *Poḷ- 'to swell; blister' (3816)
Comments: Cf. also *bVlHV.
References: МССНЯ 331, ОСНЯ 1, 172; ND 194 *beLu (? part of IE and Alt. forms + Arab. bly / blw??); 210 *baHĺV.
Eurasiatic: *baja
Meaning: place
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *baja ( ~ -i̯a-)
Dravidian: *baj-al
Comments: (*bajal ~ *ba[ɣ]al - perhaps to PA *bi̯oga/-o; for *baja cf. PD *vāj 'edge'?)
References: ND 272 *bayV 'place, to be somewhere' (partially confused with 270 *bAχa 'be visible'); derives from this root IE loc. *-bh(e)i, Sem. loc. *bi-.
Eurasiatic: *bakV
Meaning: to divide
Indo-European: *bhag-
Altaic: *bằká ( ~ -o)
Dravidian: *paɣ-
Eurasiatic: *balʕ[u]
Meaning: to swallow, throat
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *bi̯alge
Uralic: *pala
Dravidian: *vēḷ-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *pǝlɣǝ-
References: МССНЯ 336, ОСНЯ 1, 173; ND 200 *baḷ(i)ɣ[U] 'swallow, throat'.
Eurasiatic: *balV
Meaning: sable, squirrel
Indo-European: *bhēl-
Altaic: *balu
Dravidian: *bil- 'cat'
References: ND 281 *bUyẑV 'fur-bearing animal' (Alt.-IE; hardly here Ur. *poyẑV 'ermine' and Drav. pul- 'tiger').
Eurasiatic: *balV
Meaning: mountain
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhal- height
Dravidian: *val-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: Chuk. pal mountain ridge
Eurasiatic: *bari
Meaning: to take
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bher-
Altaic: *bā́ra
Dravidian: *vār- 'to scoop' (or SDr *por_- 'bear, carry'?)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: Chuk. *piri- (1089)
Comments: Still another root is *be[rH]u q.v.
References: МССНЯ 332, ОСНЯ 1, 175-177, ND 224 *ba(ʔ)ri 'hold, take' (but Drav. *per_- - rather to *be[rH]u).
Eurasiatic: *bedV
Meaning: stick into, pierce
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhodh- / *bhedh-
Uralic: peδe- 'pierce' (Coll. 74)
Kartvelian: Georg. bedeḳi 'cleft, rift', bedena 'difference'
Dravidian: *Peṭ-
References: МССНЯ 357, ND 171 *bed[e].
Eurasiatic: *bEḲV
Meaning: a k. of arrow, sharp instrument
Altaic: *bā̀k`ù
Uralic: *pekše
Dravidian: *bak- (*v-) (?) (or *pagaṛ-i SDr3191)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *pequl (~ -k-) Chuk 1052 'женский нож'
References: Tyler 7 (U-D)
Eurasiatic: *belHi
Meaning: to fear, be scared
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *bele ( ~ -o)
Uralic: *pele
Dravidian: *veḷ-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: Chuk. *pɔlmär (1031).
References: МССНЯ 331-332, ОСНЯ 2, 98-99, ND 1704 *pelqE 'to tremble, fear' (+ Sem.) (but PIE *pelǝ- 'shake', PD *pir_V- 'tremble, fear' and AA forms with *p- should be kept apart).
Eurasiatic: *belV
Meaning: shine, glitter
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhel- 129; *bhelg- / *bhleg- / *bhleig-sk- ( = Kartv. *berc̣q̇-?) 2115
Altaic: *bĕ̀ló
Uralic: *peĺkkä (ND 204: Os. paɣǝl 'lightning')
Kartvelian: *ber-c̣q̇-
Dravidian: *veḷ- [or to *ŋwVlV]
Comments: Cf. also forms under *ṗaĺV 'burn' and Mong. *büli-ɣen 'warm' (see ND 195 *bil̄V 'warm') - a great deal of confusion. In ND 199 *bal̄[ʕ]V 'blind' the Mong. form is separated and compared with East Cush. and Eg. *balʕ- 'blind' (?), as well as some IE forms (contaminated within *bhlendh-?).
References: МССНЯ 363, ОСНЯ 1, 174-175; ND 199 *bal̄[ʕ]V, 204 *bal̄(i)ka.
Eurasiatic: *berg[i]
Meaning: high
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bherǵh-
Altaic: *bi̯óro ( ~ -ŕ-) [ ? *-rg-]
Uralic: Sam. *pīr 'high' (Dolg.: *pirkä) [but Redei: *piδe ( ~ -kä) q.v.]
Kartvelian: *bRge
Dravidian: *per- (or: SDR *pēr_ 'cliff' (PN) [3730]; or PKK *pṛī- 'big, tall')
References: МССНЯ 335, ОСНЯ 1, 177, ND 243 *berVgE 'high, tall'.
Eurasiatic: *be[rH]u
Meaning: to give
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: (*bher-)
Altaic: *bi̯ṓr[e]
Kartvelian: *bar-
Dravidian: *por- ?
Comments: Cf. *bari, *ṗVrV.
References: МССНЯ 338, ОСНЯ 1, 177-178; ND 229 *bärʔV 'give'.
Eurasiatic: *berV
Meaning: child, to bear
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhrā-ter-; (+ *bher- 'to give birth'?)
Altaic: *bère
Kartvelian: ? Georg. bɣar- 'child'
Dravidian: *pārp-
References: ND 230 *berEʔa 'give birth to, child' (but Drav. *ped_- and Kartv. *ber- should be removed - the latter being < Nakh).
Eurasiatic: *bēǯu ( ~ -ʒ-)
Meaning: many, great
Altaic: *bēǯu
Dravidian: PPM *bäǯ-ek 'much' (PPM 34, DEDR 3830)
Eurasiatic: *biɣ(w)V
Meaning: a k. of insect
Indo-European: *bhī-
Altaic: *bi̯ūgi
Eskimo-Aleut: *paʁu
References: (ND 276 *bVyV compares IE with Eg. by.t 'bee').
Eurasiatic: *bilV
Meaning: to cry, sing
Indo-European: *bhel-
Kartvelian: *bir-
Dravidian: *piḷ-
Comments: Different in Bomhard 1996, 145.
References: МССНЯ 345, ОСНЯ 1, 180-181; ND 208 *bihĺ/ḷV 'shout, call, speak' (compares also Sem. *bhl-).
Eurasiatic: *bira (*bujra)
Meaning: spring, flow
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *bhrew-
Altaic: *bi̯ujri
Uralic: BF *pur- 'brook'
Dravidian: *vaṛ- (or *pīr- (DED 281) or *poṛ- (DEDR 4556) ) or SD *pUṛ-ai 'river' 3622
References: (МССНЯ 369. ); ND 225 *boʔr[E] 'dig, pit, well', 253 *b[ü]Xŕa 'watercourse, river' (undistinguishable outside SH).
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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