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Eurasiatic: *mVntV
Meaning: defect, mistake
Indo-European: *ment- (separate from *men-, see ОСНЯ)
Altaic: *mùne(tV)
Uralic: *mentä
References: МССНЯ 357, ОСНЯ 3, 52-55; ND 1447 *meN/ŋ[ṭ]V 'to miss one's aim' (+ Chad.). Cf. *mVnV, with a lot of confusion.
Eurasiatic: *mVnTV
Meaning: to stir, dig
Indo-European: *ment- (-th-)
Uralic: *matV (*mantV)
Eurasiatic: *mVńV ( / *mVń-rV?)
Meaning: hand
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mar/n-
Altaic: *mā́ńa
Uralic: *mOrV 'handful'
Dravidian: *maṇ- (?); *mār- [823] (?)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: Chuk. *mъn- hand
References: Дыбо 1989. ND 1438 *maǹy[u] 'paw, foot/leg of animals' ( + Eg. and Asa?); 1466 *mVRV 'hollow hand; to grasp'. [SH *mVr- 'to grasp; acquire' can be compared with SC *xmVrV́ 'change, exchange'].
Eurasiatic: *mVnV
Meaning: knead, press
Indo-European: *men-
Altaic: *mónŋo
Uralic: *minV ?; *mäńV (Paasonen OW 126). (cf. also Ug. *menV 'tear'?)
References: МССНЯ 350 (different and worse in ОСНЯ 2, 61). ND 1435 *m[ä]ǹ(ʔ)V 'rumple, bend' (+Berb. and Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *mVnV
Meaning: deficient
Indo-European: *mend-
Altaic: *mā́n[u]
Dravidian: *mān(d)-
References: МССНЯ 357, ОСНЯ 2, 41, 3, 55-56 (perhaps more than 1 root, but difficult to distinguish); ND 1431 *mun̄V 'defect, damage, deformity'; 1436 *man̄ʡa 'cease, delay' (+ Sem.). Cf. *mVntV.
Eurasiatic: *mVnV
Meaning: fish
Indo-European: *man-, *men-
Altaic: *mańu(k`V)
Uralic: Saam. māńńi (Coll.)
Dravidian: *mīn-
References: ND 1424 *mEn̄i 'fish' ( + Berb.). Cf. ST *mān.
Eurasiatic: *mVńV
Meaning: front, breast
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mon-
Altaic: *mi̯óńù
Uralic: Sam. *m[u]ńV 'belly'
Dravidian: *mun- (? + SDr *monc- 'breast' (Lallwort)')
References: ND 1425 *mEn̄V 'front' (Drav. + IE *men- 'protrude' + some Cush., Chad.). It seems that IE *men- is a single root after all, uniting *men- 'protrude' (Lat. -mineō etc., *mon(t)- 'mountain' and *ment- 'chin'; here also Hitt. meni-, mena- 'face, cheek', menahhanda 'before, in front'). The reconstruction ND 1448 *mowE[ń]V 'intestines, belly' is based on a non-existing Alt. root. (Sam. + TM *mōmańa + Cush.), and arbitrarily separated from ND 1449 *mEʔawuńV 'breast, chest, heart' (based on an incorrect TM reconstruction)...
Eurasiatic: *mVnV
Meaning: a k. of ungulate ?
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *mūńa(kV) (cf. also *măndo )
Uralic: *mänV
Eurasiatic: *mVnV
Meaning: a k. of grass
Indo-European: *men-i-
Altaic: *mińa ( ~ -o, -u)
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *mVńV
Meaning: to graze
Altaic: *mùńa
Dravidian: *mēj- (? *-ń-)
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *mVnV
Meaning: rain, cloud
Altaic: *múnŋa
Dravidian: *majnd-
Eskimo-Aleut: *minǝ-
Comments: ? Cf. PST *mōŋ 'dark; cloud'.
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *mVnV ~ *mVŋV
Meaning: genitalia, testicles
Altaic: *nā̀mo
Uralic: *muna
Dravidian: *māṇ-
Eskimo-Aleut: *manŋi- (~ *mańi-)
References: ND 1440 *mANVyV ~ *mAńV 'genitalia; copulate' (Drav. + Cush., Arab.). Some confusion with *mu(n)tV.
Eurasiatic: *mVnzV
Meaning: luminary
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mēns-
Uralic: *mińV ?
Kartvelian: *mźe-
Dravidian: ?*min_-
Eskimo-Aleut: *maca
References: (ОСНЯ 2, 77-78; ND 1520 for Kartv.-Sem.)
Eurasiatic: *mV(n)ǯV
Meaning: a k. of small animal?
Indo-European: *mūs-
Altaic: *mi̯ū̀nǯù
Kartvelian: ? Svan. mužulid- 'bat'
Eurasiatic: *mVŋV
Meaning: brain
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *majŋi
Dravidian: *manḍ- 'skull, head'
References: ND 1446 reconstructs *mAnṭV 'jaw, skull, chin' based on Drav. and IE *ment-, but Drav. is closer semantically to PA (for IE *ment- see *mVńV-). The position of Sam. *munt/coy- 'beard' is unclear (perhaps unrelated to any of the roots).
Eurasiatic: *mVŋV
Meaning: face, nose, mouth
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mnt- (-th-)
Altaic: *méŋa
Dravidian: *mūŋ-
Eurasiatic: *mVŋV ?
Meaning: magic, joy
Indo-European: *mang-
Altaic: *maŋi ( ~ *meŋa)
References: Suggested by V. Glumov.
Eurasiatic: *mVqrV
Meaning: shoulder
Indo-European: *mrg'h- 'upper arm' (IE + Iran *mrz1u- - DYbo 1996, 58-59)
Altaic: *mi̯ū̀jre
Uralic: *mOrV; Sam. *mъrki/ъ 'shoulder'; cf. also *mErV
Kartvelian: *mqar-
Dravidian: *muṛv-
References: Дыбо 1989, 1996; ND 1483 *muq(E)ŕi 'shoulder'.
Eurasiatic: *mVqwV
Meaning: to move, push
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *(a)mewǝ-
Kartvelian: *mqw- (*nqw-)
References: ND 1455 *miqU(ʔV) 'to push, fell, overturn' (+ Sem. and dub. Eg., Irq.).
Eurasiatic: *mVq̇V
Meaning: frog
Altaic: *mi̯ā́k`o
Kartvelian: Georg. mq̇vari 'frog, toad'
Dravidian: *mūK-
References: ND 1397 *mU(Ha)Ḳa 'frog', 1457 *mäq̇URV 'frog, toad' (+ Eg.). (why separated?)
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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