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Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: to finish, age
Altaic: *mók`ì
Dravidian: *mug-
Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: male, male child
Borean: Borean
Altaic: *mūk`o ( ~ -u)
Dravidian: *maɣ1-
References: ND 1391 *maḲU 'baby, son' ( + dub. IE and Kartv.).
Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: neck
Altaic: *mi̯ák`ù
Uralic: *muka
Dravidian: *mak- (?) (cf. also *mok- 'face' 879)
Comments: Cf. NC *mVq̇_VɫV 'throat, larynx'
References: ND 1388 *mVk(V)ħa 'nape, back' ( + Cush., Eg.).
Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: a k. of rodent
Altaic: *mŭ̀k`V́ ( ~ -o-)
Uralic: maksa
References: ND 1390 *muks[a] 'rodent' (with further uncl. IE and Kartv, see *mV(n)ǯV). Cf. also ND 1453 *mVŋKV 'beaver, mole' (based on pOs *ma(ŋ)k, hardly different from *maksa).
Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: a k. of insect
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mAk'(s)-
Uralic: *mekše (cf. also Finn. mäkärä 'fliegendes Insekt, Kriebelmücke', Saam. N muoger 'midge', L moukēr 'große Kriebelmücke' - cited in Redei 771)
Kartvelian: *(m)sḳa-
Comments: FU is usually considered < IE, but in fact it may be a cognate.
Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: a k. of fish
Indo-European: *mek(ʷ)-
Altaic: *mū̀k`é
Uralic: *mEktV
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *mVɣʷV (cf. also *miki 'корюшка')
References: Suggested by V. Glumov. (IE - Alt. - CK).
Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: meat, liver
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mak-, *maks- ?
Altaic: *mék`ù
Uralic: *maksa
Comments: For IE cf. rather PA *mi̯ak`u 'fur' (suggested by V. Glumov). Cf. perhaps rather PIE *mozgh- and, further, PAfAs *muqq- 'brain' ??
References: Suggested by V. Glumov. (Alt-Ur.)
Eurasiatic: *mVḳV
Meaning: illness (of body or tree trunk) ?
Altaic: *mi̯ăk`ó
Uralic: *makša
Eurasiatic: *mVlV
Meaning: light, shine
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *malǝk- / -e- (-kh-)
Altaic: *mi̯al(k`)i
Uralic: *mälV
Dravidian: *mel-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *miɫɣǝ fire
References: ND 1520 *meʒ̂V 'sun, light, to shine' (with incorr. Kartv. and SH).
Eurasiatic: *mVlV
Meaning: pray
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *meldh- (cf. also *mleu-)
Altaic: *mi̯óle
Uralic: ? *mele
Kartvelian: *madl-
References: МССНЯ 348.
Eurasiatic: *mVĺV
Meaning: grind
Indo-European: *mol-
Altaic: *móĺe (also *mṓli 'cut into pieces')
Uralic: *molV
Dravidian: *mel-[k-]
References: ОСНЯ 2, 69-70, МССНЯ 359; ND 1404 *mol̄V 'to pound, gnaw, smash' ( + Sem.). Cf. PST *mjal 'cut'.
Eurasiatic: *mVĺV
Meaning: top
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *meladh-, *ml[ā]dh-
Altaic: *mĕ́ĺǯu ( ~ -a)
Uralic: *mOlV ?
Dravidian: ? *mē-[l-]
Comments: ? Cf. *malV.
References: ND 1417 *mAĺHo 'head, skull' (IE+Alt + Berb.).
Eurasiatic: *mVlV
Meaning: bad, sick, weak ( > sometimes 'small'?)
Indo-European: *mel- (also 'small' 778)
Altaic: *mòle
Uralic: ? FU *m[o]ḷV 'little'
Kartvelian: ? Georg., Megr. mal- 'to hide, hide oneself'
Dravidian: *māḷ-
Comments: Cf. also *mā̀li 'disease, wound'; PD *māl- 'confused, perturbed, intoxicated'
References: ND 1402 *m[ä]LV 'to hide' (Georg. + IE + part of TM); 1405 *m[a]HḷV 'little, young' (FU, part of IE + differ. Turk.).
Eurasiatic: *mVlV
Meaning: soft, mild
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *(a)mal[a]-
Altaic: *mèl[ú]; + ? Mong. milmere- 'grow weak, feeble'
Dravidian: *mel-
References: ND 1407 *miħLi 'be weak' (+ dub. Sem.), 1412 *me/il(.)V 'soft', 1413 *mVLdV 'young, tender' (+ Arab.).
Eurasiatic: *mVLV
Meaning: blood; marrow
Borean: Borean
Dravidian: *mūḷ-
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *mŭɫǝ'm blood
Comments: [Same root as *mVjLV 'honey, oil?'].
Eurasiatic: *mVlV
Meaning: to touch
Indo-European: *m[e]lk'-
Uralic: *mälV
Eurasiatic: *mVlV ?
Meaning: stupid
Indo-European: *mǝlǝk- (-kh-)
Altaic: *mi̯uĺi
Eurasiatic: *mVńcV ( ~ -c`-)
Meaning: animal hair
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *mAis-
Uralic: *mäńćV ~ *mäćV
Eurasiatic: *mV(n)cwV ( ~ -c`w-)
Meaning: a k. of bird (blackbird, grouse)
Indo-European: *Ames-
Uralic: *menčV ~ *mečV (cf. also *mečä)
Comments: Cf. PNC *ʔVms_wĕlʔē ( ~ -ɫʔ-) 'wild turkey'.
Eurasiatic: *mVnḳV
Meaning: heavy, labour
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *menk-
Altaic: *mi̯uŋo
Kartvelian: *maḳ-
Dravidian: *muk- (or with PA *mi̯ăk`o) (cf. also *mūŋ- 'dumb')
Comments: Perhaps two roots.
References: МССНЯ 369, ОСНЯ 2, 73; ND 1452 *muŋḲa/U 'make great efforts, be heavy'.
Total of 2077 records 104 pages

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