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Kartvelian etymology :

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Proto-Kartvelian: *xweṭ-
Russian meaning: скоблить
English meaning: to plane
Georgian: xveṭ-
Megrel: xvaṭ-
Megrel meaning (Rus.): чесать, грызть
Megrel meaning (Eng.): to comb, to gnaw
Svan: xweṭ-, xwṭ-, xuṭ-
Svan meaning (Rus.): истреблять(ся), погибать
Svan meaning (Eng.): to exterminate, to perish
Laz: xvaṭ-
Laz meaning (Rus.): грызть
Laz meaning (Eng.): to gnaw
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 259, EWK 550.
Proto-Kartvelian: *xwe(w)-
Russian meaning: обнимать(ся), обвивать(ся)
English meaning: to embrace, to entwine
Georgian: xvev-, Old Georg. xv-, xvev-
Georgian meaning (Rus.): обнимать(ся), обвивать(ся)
Georgian meaning (Engl.): to embrace, entwine
Megrel: x-
Megrel meaning (Rus.): заворачивать
Megrel meaning (Eng.): to wrap
Laz: xva-l-
Laz meaning (Rus.): обнимать, целовать
Laz meaning (Eng.): to embrace, kiss
Notes and references: Кл, EWK 548 (*xw-)
Proto-Kartvelian: *xwir-
Nostratic: Nostratic
Russian meaning: самец, кобель
English meaning: male, male dog
Svan: xwir-
Notes and references: В МССHЯ 362 сравнивается с ПИЕ *wīro-, алт. *orV, урал. *[wɨ]ra.
Proto-Kartvelian: *xwixw-in-
Russian meaning: хохотать
English meaning: to guffaw
Georgian: xwixwin-
Georgian meaning (Rus.): ржать (о лошади)
Georgian meaning (Engl.): to neigh (of horse)
Megrel: xwixwin-
Laz: xi(r)xin-
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 259.
Proto-Kartvelian: *xwleṗ- / *xwliṗ-
Russian meaning: хлебать, захлебываться
English meaning: to swallow, to choke
Georgian: xvleṗ-, xvliṗ-, xvreṗ-, xvriṗ-
Megrel: xuṗ-
Svan: xwliṗ-
Laz: xlaṗ-, xliṗ-
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 259, EWK 552.
Proto-Kartvelian: *z-
Russian meaning: мять, давить
English meaning: to press, squeeze
Georgian: z-el-, z-il-
Megrel: z-, zu-, zal-
Svan: zih-
Laz: z-, zal-
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 86, EWK 141 (*zel- / zil-).
Proto-Kartvelian: *za-
Nostratic: Nostratic
Russian meaning: время года
English meaning: season
Georgian: za-mtar- 'winter', za-pxul- 'summer'
Megrel: zo-tonǯ-
Megrel meaning (Rus.): зима
Megrel meaning (Eng.): winter
Svan: zä-j 'year', zä-w 'this year'
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 86, EWK 138.
Proto-Kartvelian: *zaḳ(w)-
Russian meaning: подстpекать
English meaning: to incite, instigate
Georgian: zaḳv-
Georgian meaning (Rus.): подстpекать, действовать коваpно
Georgian meaning (Engl.): to instigate, act calumniously
Megrel: zoḳul-
Megrel meaning (Rus.): подстpекать, пpоучать
Megrel meaning (Eng.): to instigate; to instruct
Notes and references: Кл
Proto-Kartvelian: *zalw-
Nostratic: Nostratic
Georgian: zalv-ana
Georgian meaning (Rus.): путы, капкан
Georgian meaning (Engl.): fetters, trap
Laz: zelve, zevle
Laz meaning (Rus.): ремень ярма
Laz meaning (Eng.): yoke strap
Notes and references: Фенрих 1980, 179.
Proto-Kartvelian: *zaṗ-
Georgian: zaṗ-
Georgian meaning (Rus.): звук падения
Georgian meaning (Engl.): sound of falling
Laz: zoṗ-
Laz meaning (Rus.): говорить
Laz meaning (Eng.): to speak
Notes and references: Фенрих 1980, 179 (экспресс.)
Proto-Kartvelian: *zar-
Nostratic: Nostratic
Russian meaning: забота, заботиться
English meaning: care, to care
Georgian: zr-
Svan: zar-
Notes and references: EWK 139.
Proto-Kartvelian: *zar-
Russian meaning: колокол
English meaning: bell
Georgian: zar-
Megrel: zor-
Notes and references: EWK 139.
Proto-Kartvelian: *źar-
Nostratic: Nostratic
Russian meaning: надоесть, испугать, быть неприятным
English meaning: to have enough; to be scared; to be unpleasant
Georgian: zar-
Svan: žar-
Notes and references: EWK 149.
Proto-Kartvelian: *zard- / zrd-
Nostratic: Nostratic
Russian meaning: расти
English meaning: to grow
Georgian: zard-, zrd-
Megrel: rd-
Svan: rd-
Laz: rd-
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 88, EWK 139-140.
Proto-Kartvelian: *zašw-
Russian meaning: дpозд
English meaning: blackbird
Georgian: šašv-
Georgian meaning (Rus.): дpозд
Georgian meaning (Engl.): blackbird
Megrel: zeskv-
Laz: mzesku, mzesḳu
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 162 (*sašw-), EWK 140.
Proto-Kartvelian: *źe-
Russian meaning: верх, наверху
English meaning: up, above
Georgian: ze
Megrel: ži
Svan: ži
Laz: ži(n), ža-, žo-
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 90, EWK 150.
Proto-Kartvelian: *zeṗ-
Russian meaning: колотить
English meaning: to pound
Georgian: z(w)eṗ-
Laz: zaṗ-
Notes and references: ЭСКЯ 87, EWK 141.
Proto-Kartvelian: *zer-/zir-
Russian meaning: смотреть
English meaning: to look
Georgian: m-zer-, m-zir-
Megrel: ʒir-
Laz: zir-, ʒir-
Notes and references: EWK 142.
Proto-Kartvelian: *źerź- / źrź-
Russian meaning: дpожать
English meaning: to tremble
Georgian: zrz-ol-
Georgian meaning (Rus.): дpожать
Georgian meaning (Engl.): to tremble
Megrel: žarž-al-
Megrel meaning (Rus.): начинать дpожать
Megrel meaning (Eng.): to begin to tremble
Notes and references: Кл, EWK 151.
Proto-Kartvelian: *źeź
Russian meaning: колотить, лупить
English meaning: to pound, thwack
Georgian: zez-
Georgian meaning (Rus.): дpать, лупить
Georgian meaning (Engl.): to thwack, whip
Megrel: žaž-
Megrel meaning (Rus.): колотить, мять
Megrel meaning (Eng.): to beat
Notes and references: Кл, EWK 151.
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