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Word: neck
German: Hals
English: neck
Dutch: hals
Icelandic: háls
Nynorsk: hals
Riksmal: hals
Swedish: hals
Danish: hals
Gothic: hals
Old Icelandic: hals
Old English: heals
Old High German: hals
Word: neck
Dutch: nek
Old English: swēora
Word: new
German: neu
English: new
Dutch: nieuw
Icelandic: nýr
Nynorsk: nye
Riksmal: ny
Swedish: ny
Danish: ny
Gothic: niujis
Old Icelandic: nýr
Old English: neowe, niowe
Old High German: niuwi
Word: night
German: Nacht
English: night
Dutch: nacht
Icelandic: nótt
Nynorsk: nɔtt
Riksmal: natt
Swedish: natt
Danish: nat
Gothic: nahts
Old Icelandic: nótt
Old English: niht
Old High German: naht
Word: nose
German: Nase
English: nose
Dutch: neus
Icelandic: nef
Nynorsk: nase
Riksmal: nese
Swedish: näsa, nos
Danish: næse
Old Icelandic: nasar
Old English: nasu, nosu
Old High German: nasa
Word: not
German: nicht
English: not
Dutch: niet
Icelandic: ekki
Nynorsk: ikke
Riksmal: ikke
Swedish: icke
Danish: ikke
Gothic: ni, niu, nih
Old Icelandic: eigi, ekki
Old English: ne
Old High German: ni, ne
Word: one
German: ein
English: one
Dutch: één
Icelandic: einn
Nynorsk: enn
Riksmal: en
Swedish: en
Danish: en
Gothic: ains
Old Icelandic: einn
Old English: ān
Old High German: ein
Word: person
German: Mensch
English: man
Dutch: mens, man
Icelandic: maður
Nynorsk: mennesje
Riksmal: menneske
Swedish: menniska
Danish: menneske
Gothic: manna
Old Icelandic: maðr
Old English: man(n)
Old High German: mennisco
Word: person
Gothic: guma
Old Icelandic: gumi
Old English: ɣuma
Old High German: gomo
Word: rain
German: regen
English: rain
Dutch: regen
Icelandic: regn
Nynorsk: regna
Riksmal: regne
Swedish: regn
Danish: regn
Gothic: rign
Old Icelandic: regn
Old English: reɣn
Old High German: regan
Word: red
German: rot
English: red
Dutch: rood
Icelandic: rauður
Nynorsk: raue
Riksmal: rød
Swedish: röd
Danish: rød
Gothic: rauds
Old Icelandic: rauðr
Old English: rēad
Old High German: rōt
Word: road
German: Weg
English: road
Dutch: weg
Icelandic: vegur
Nynorsk: veg
Riksmal: vei
Swedish: väg
Danish: vei
Gothic: wigs
Old Icelandic: vegr
Old English: weɣ
Old High German: weg
Word: road
English: way
Gothic: staiga
Old Icelandic: stigr
Old English: stīɣ
Word: root
German: wurzel
English: root
Dutch: wortel
Icelandic: rót
Nynorsk: rod
Riksmal: rot
Swedish: rot
Danish: rod
Gothic: waurts
Old Icelandic: rót
Old English: wyrt
Old High German: wurz
Word: round
German: rund
English: round
Dutch: rond
Icelandic: kringlóttur
Nynorsk: ronne
Riksmal: rund
Swedish: rund
Danish: rund
Old Icelandic: kringlóttr
Old English: sine-wealt
Old High German: sinwēl
Word: round
Old Icelandic: sī-val-r
Word: salt
German: Salz
English: salt
Dutch: zout
Icelandic: salt
Nynorsk: salt
Riksmal: salt
Swedish: salt
Danish: salt
Gothic: salt
Old Icelandic: salt
Old English: sealt
Old High German: salz
Word: sand
German: Sand
English: sand
Dutch: zand
Icelandic: sandur
Nynorsk: sand
Riksmal: sand
Swedish: sand
Danish: sand
Gothic: malma
Old Icelandic: sandr
Old English: sand
Old High German: sant
Word: say
German: sagen
English: say
Dutch: zeggen
Icelandic: segja
Nynorsk: seia
Riksmal: si
Swedish: säga
Danish: sige
Gothic: qiþan
Old Icelandic: segja
Old English: secɣan
Old High German: sagēn
Word: say
Old Icelandic: kveða
Old English: cweða
Total of 154 records 8 pages

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