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Word: leaf
German: blatt
English: leaf
Dutch: blad
Icelandic: blað
Nynorsk: bla
Riksmal: blad
Swedish: blad
Danish: blad
Gothic: laufs
Old Icelandic: lauf
Old English: lēaf
Old High German: blat
Word: leaf
Icelandic: lauf
Riksmal: løv
Swedish: löf
Old High German: loub
Word: lie
German: liegen
English: lie
Dutch: liggen
Icelandic: liggja
Nynorsk: liddja
Riksmal: ligge
Swedish: ligga
Danish: ligge
Gothic: ligan
Old Icelandic: liggja
Old English: licɣan
Old High German: liggen
Word: liver
German: Leber
English: liver
Dutch: lever
Icelandic: lifur
Nynorsk: livr
Riksmal: lever
Swedish: lever
Danish: lever
Old Icelandic: lifr
Old English: lifer
Old High German: lebara
Word: long
German: lang
English: long
Dutch: lang
Icelandic: langur
Nynorsk: lange
Riksmal: lang
Swedish: lång
Danish: lang
Gothic: laggs
Old Icelandic: langr
Old English: lanɣ
Old High German: lang
Word: louse
German: Laus
English: louse
Dutch: luis
Icelandic: lús
Nynorsk: lus
Riksmal: lus
Swedish: lus
Danish: lus
Old Icelandic: lús
Old English: lūs
Old High German: lus
Word: man
German: Mann
English: man
Dutch: man
Icelandic: maður
Nynorsk: mann
Riksmal: mann
Swedish: man
Danish: mand
Gothic: manna
Old Icelandic: verr
Old English: wer
Old High German: man
Word: man
Gothic: wair
Old Icelandic: maðr
Old English: man(n)
Old High German: wer
Word: many
German: viel
English: many
Dutch: veel
Icelandic: margur
Nynorsk: mange
Riksmal: mange
Swedish: mycket
Danish: meget
Gothic: filu
Old Icelandic: margr
Old English: fe(a)la
Old High German: filu
Word: many
English: much
Icelandic: mikið
Nynorsk: mye
Riksmal: meget
Swedish: många
Danish: mange
Gothic: manags
Old English: mæniɣ
Old High German: manag
Word: meat
German: Fleisch
English: meat
Dutch: vlees
Icelandic: kjöt
Nynorsk: kjöd
Riksmal: kjøtt
Swedish: kött
Danish: kød
Gothic: leik
Old Icelandic: kjɔt
Old English: flǣsc
Old High German: fleisk
Word: meat
Gothic: mimz
Word: moon
German: mond
English: moon
Dutch: maan
Icelandic: tungl
Nynorsk: mɔne
Riksmal: mane
Swedish: måne
Danish: måne
Gothic: mena
Old Icelandic: máni
Old English: mōna
Old High German: māno
Word: moon
Icelandic: máni
Old Icelandic: tungl
Word: mountain
German: Berg
English: mountain
Dutch: berg
Icelandic: fjall
Nynorsk: fjedd(e)
Riksmal: fjell
Swedish: berg
Danish: bjerg
Gothic: fairguni
Old Icelandic: fjall
Old English: beorɣ
Old High German: berg
Word: mountain
Danish: fjeld
Word: mouth
German: Mund
English: mouth
Dutch: mond
Icelandic: munnur
Nynorsk: monn
Riksmal: munn
Swedish: mun
Danish: mund
Gothic: munþs
Old Icelandic: munnr
Old English: mūð
Old High German: mund
Word: name
German: Name
English: name
Dutch: naam
Icelandic: nafn
Nynorsk: nabbn
Riksmal: navn
Swedish: namn
Danish: navn
Gothic: namo
Old Icelandic: nafn
Old English: nama
Old High German: namo
Word: near
German: nahe
English: near
Dutch: dichtbij
Icelandic: ná(lægt)
Nynorsk: näre
Riksmal: nær
Swedish: nära
Danish: nær
Gothic: neƕ
Old Icelandic: nær
Old English: nē(a)h
Old High German: nāh
Word: near
English: close (to)
Dutch: nabij, naburig
Total of 154 records 8 pages

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