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Word: foot
German: Fuß
English: foot
Dutch: voet
Icelandic: fótur
Nynorsk: fod
Riksmal: fot
Swedish: fot
Danish: fod
Gothic: fotus
Old Icelandic: fótr
Old English: fōt
Old High German: fuoz
Word: full
German: voll
English: full
Dutch: vol
Icelandic: fullur
Nynorsk: fodle
Riksmal: full
Swedish: full
Danish: fuld
Gothic: fulls
Old Icelandic: fullr
Old English: ful(l)
Old High German: fol
Word: give
German: geben
English: give
Dutch: geven
Icelandic: gefa
Nynorsk: je
Riksmal: gi
Swedish: giva
Danish: give
Gothic: giban
Old Icelandic: gefa
Old English: ɣiefan
Old High German: geban
Word: good
German: gut
English: good
Dutch: goed
Icelandic: góður
Nynorsk: goe
Riksmal: god
Swedish: god
Danish: god
Gothic: gods
Old Icelandic: góðr
Old English: ɣōd
Old High German: guot
Word: green
German: grün
English: green
Dutch: groen
Icelandic: grænn
Nynorsk: gröne
Riksmal: grønn
Swedish: grön
Danish: grøn
Old Icelandic: groen
Old English: ɣrēne
Old High German: gruoni
Word: hair
German: haar
English: hair
Dutch: haar
Icelandic: hár
Nynorsk: hår
Riksmal: hɔr
Swedish: hår
Danish: hɔr
Gothic: tagl
Old Icelandic: hár
Old English: hēr
Old High German: hār
Word: hand
German: hand
English: hand
Dutch: hand
Icelandic: hönd
Nynorsk: hɔnn
Riksmal: hånd
Swedish: hand
Danish: hånd
Gothic: handus
Old Icelandic: hɔnd
Old English: hand
Old High German: hand
Word: head
German: Kopf
English: head
Dutch: hoofd
Icelandic: höfuð
Nynorsk: hɔve
Riksmal: hode
Swedish: huvud
Danish: hoved
Gothic: haubiþ
Old Icelandic: hɔfuð
Old English: heafod
Old High German: houbit
Word: hear
German: hören
English: hear
Dutch: horen
Icelandic: heyra
Nynorsk: höyra
Riksmal: höre
Swedish: höra
Danish: höre
Gothic: hausjan
Old Icelandic: heyra
Old English: hīeran
Old High German: hōren
Word: heart
German: Herz
English: heart
Dutch: hart
Icelandic: hjarta
Nynorsk: jerta
Riksmal: hjerte
Swedish: hjerta
Danish: hjerte
Gothic: hairto
Old Icelandic: hjarta
Old English: heorte
Old High German: herza
Word: heavy
German: schwer
English: heavy
Dutch: zwaar
Icelandic: þungur
Nynorsk: tonge
Riksmal: tung
Swedish: tung
Danish: tung
Gothic: kaurus
Old Icelandic: þungr
Old English: swǣr, swār
Old High German: swār(i)
Word: heavy
Swedish: svår
Danish: svær
Gothic: aglus
Old English: hefiɣ
Word: horn
German: horn
English: horn
Dutch: hoorn
Icelandic: horn
Nynorsk: hɔdd(e)n
Riksmal: horn
Swedish: horn
Danish: horn
Gothic: haurn
Old Icelandic: horn
Old English: horn
Old High German: horn
Word: I
German: ich
English: I
Dutch: ik
Icelandic: ég
Nynorsk: äg
Riksmal: jeg
Swedish: jag
Danish: jeg
Gothic: ik
Old Icelandic: ek
Old English: ic
Old High German: ih
Word: kill
German: töten
English: kill
Dutch: doden
Icelandic: drepa
Nynorsk: dreba
Riksmal: drepe
Swedish: dräpa
Danish: dræbe
Gothic: dauþjan
Old Icelandic: drepa
Old English: cwellan
Old High German: tōden
Word: kill
Swedish: döda
Word: knee
German: Knie
English: knee
Dutch: knie
Icelandic: hné
Nynorsk: kne
Riksmal: kne
Swedish: knä
Danish: knæ
Gothic: kniu
Old Icelandic: kné
Old English: cnēo(w)
Old High German: knio
Word: know
German: kennen
English: know
Dutch: kennen
Icelandic: vita
Nynorsk: veda
Riksmal: vite
Swedish: känna
Danish: vide
Gothic: kunnan
Old Icelandic: vita
Old English: cnāwan
Old High German: kennen
Word: know
German: wissen
Dutch: weten
Riksmal: kjenne
Swedish: veta
Danish: kende
Gothic: witan
Old Icelandic: kenna, kunna
Old English: witan
Old High German: wizzan
Word: 20
German: 20
English: 20
Dutch: 20
Icelandic: 20
Nynorsk: 20
Riksmal: 20
Swedish: 20
Danish: 20
Gothic: 4
Old Icelandic: 10
Old English: 8
Old High German: 9
Total of 154 records 8 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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