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Word: die
German: sterben
English: die
Dutch: sterven
Icelandic: deyja
Nynorsk: döy
Gothic: swiltan
Old Icelandic: deyja
Old English: sweltan
Old High German: sterban
Word: die
Gothic: diwan
Old Icelandic: svelta
Old English: steorfan
Old High German: touen
Word: dog
German: Hund
English: dog
Dutch: hond
Icelandic: hundur
Nynorsk: honn
Riksmal: hund
Swedish: hund
Danish: hund
Gothic: hunds
Old Icelandic: hundr
Old English: hund
Old High German: hund
Word: drink
German: trinken
English: drink
Dutch: drinken
Icelandic: drekka
Nynorsk: drikka
Riksmal: drikke
Swedish: dricka
Danish: drikke
Gothic: trigkan
Old Icelandic: drekka
Old English: drincan
Old High German: trinkan
Word: dry
German: trocken
English: dry
Dutch: droog
Icelandic: þurr
Nynorsk: torre
Riksmal: törr
Swedish: torr
Danish: tör
Gothic: (gaþairsan)
Old Icelandic: þurr
Old English: dryɣe, driɣe
Old High German: trokkan
Word: ear
German: Ohr
English: ear
Dutch: oor
Icelandic: eyra
Nynorsk: öyra
Riksmal: öre
Swedish: öra
Danish: öre
Gothic: auso
Old Icelandic: eyra
Old English: ēare
Old High German: ōra
Word: earth
German: Erde
English: earth
Dutch: aarde
Icelandic: mold
Nynorsk: måll
Riksmal: jord
Swedish: jord
Danish: jord
Gothic: aírþa
Old Icelandic: mold
Old English: eorðe
Old High German: erda
Word: earth
Icelandic: jörð
Nynorsk: jor
Old Icelandic: jɔrð
Word: eat
German: essen
English: eat
Dutch: eten
Icelandic: borða
Nynorsk: eda
Riksmal: spise
Swedish: äta
Danish: spise
Gothic: itan
Old Icelandic: eta
Old English: etan
Old High German: ezzan
Word: eat
Gothic: matjan
Word: egg
German: Ei
English: egg
Dutch: ei
Icelandic: egg
Nynorsk: egg
Riksmal: egg
Swedish: ägg
Danish: æg
Old Icelandic: egg
Old English: æɣ
Old High German: ei
Word: eye
German: Auge
English: eye
Dutch: oog
Icelandic: auga
Nynorsk: aua
Riksmal: öye
Swedish: öga
Danish: øje
Gothic: augo
Old Icelandic: auga
Old English: ēaɣe
Old High German: ouga
Word: far
German: fern
English: far
Dutch: vervan
Icelandic: langt(i) burtu
Nynorsk: langt vekke
Riksmal: langt borte
Swedish: fjerran
Danish: fjern
Gothic: fairra
Old Icelandic: fjarri
Old English: feor(r)
Old High German: ferro
Word: far
Icelandic: fjarri
Swedish: lång(väga)
Danish: lang
Word: fat n.
German: Fett
English: fat
Dutch: vet
Icelandic: fita
Nynorsk: feitt
Riksmal: fett
Swedish: fett(ma)
Danish: fedt
Gothic: smaírþr
Old Icelandic: fita
Old English: fæt
Old High German: feizzit
Word: feather
German: Feder
English: feather
Dutch: veer
Icelandic: fjöður
Nynorsk: fjör
Riksmal: fjär
Swedish: fjäder
Danish: fjeder, fjer
Old Icelandic: fjåðr
Old English: feðer
Old High German: federa
Word: fire
German: Feuer
English: fire
Dutch: vuur
Icelandic: eldur
Nynorsk: ell
Riksmal: varme
Swedish: eld
Danish: ild
Gothic: fon, funa
Old Icelandic: eldr
Old English: fȳr
Old High German: fuir, fiur
Word: fire
Riksmal: ild, eld
Word: fish
German: Fisch
English: fish
Dutch: vis
Icelandic: fiskur
Nynorsk: fisk
Riksmal: fisk
Swedish: fisk
Danish: fisk
Gothic: fisks
Old Icelandic: fiskr
Old English: fisc
Old High German: fisc
Word: fly v.
German: fliegen
English: fly
Dutch: vliegen
Icelandic: fljúga
Nynorsk: fjoga
Riksmal: fly
Swedish: flyga
Danish: flýve
Old Icelandic: fljúga
Old English: flēoɣan
Old High German: fliogan
Total of 154 records 8 pages

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