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Word: water
German: Wasser
English: water
Dutch: water
Icelandic: vatn
Nynorsk: vatt(e)n
Riksmal: vann
Swedish: vatten
Danish: vand
Gothic: vato
Old Icelandic: vatn
Old English: wæter
Old High German: wazzar
Word: water
Gothic: aƕa
Word: we
German: wir
English: we
Dutch: wij
Icelandic: við
Nynorsk: me
Riksmal: vi
Swedish: vi
Danish: vi
Gothic: weis
Old Icelandic: vér
Old English:
Old High German: wir
Word: what
German: was
English: what
Dutch: wat
Icelandic: hvað
Nynorsk: ka
Riksmal: hvad
Swedish: hvad
Danish: hvad
Gothic: ƕa
Old Icelandic: hvat
Old English: hwæt
Old High German: hwaz
Word: white
German: weiß
English: white
Dutch: wit
Icelandic: hvítur
Nynorsk: kvide
Riksmal: hvit
Swedish: vit
Danish: hvid
Gothic: ƕeits
Old Icelandic: hvítr
Old English: hwīt
Old High German: hwīz
Word: who
German: wer
English: who
Dutch: wie
Icelandic: hver
Nynorsk: kenn
Riksmal: hvem
Swedish: hvem
Danish: hvem
Gothic: ƕas, ƕarjis
Old Icelandic: hverr
Old English: hwā
Old High German: hwer
Word: wind
German: Wind
English: wind
Dutch: wind
Icelandic: vindur
Nynorsk: vinn
Riksmal: vind
Swedish: väder
Danish: vind
Gothic: winds
Old Icelandic: vindr
Old English: wind
Old High German: wint
Word: woman
German: Weib
Old English: wīf, wifmon
Word: woman
German: Frau
English: woman
Dutch: vrouw
Icelandic: kona
Nynorsk: kvinn(fɔlk)
Riksmal: kvinne
Swedish: kvinna
Danish: kvinde
Gothic: qens
Old Icelandic: kona
Old English: cwēn
Old High German: wīb
Word: worm
German: Wurm
English: worm
Dutch: worm
Icelandic: ormur
Nynorsk: makk
Riksmal: mark
Swedish: mask
Danish: orm
Gothic: maþa
Old Icelandic: maðkr
Old English: wyrm
Old High German: wurm
Word: worm
Dutch: made
Icelandic: maðkur
Old English: maðu
Word: year
German: jahr
English: year
Dutch: jaar
Icelandic: ár
Nynorsk: ɔr
Riksmal: år
Swedish: år
Danish: ɔr
Gothic: jēr
Old Icelandic: ár
Old English: ɣēar
Old High German: jār
Word: year
Gothic: *aþn
Word: yellow
German: gelb
English: yellow
Dutch: geel
Icelandic: gulur
Nynorsk: gule
Riksmal: gul
Swedish: gul
Danish: gul
Old Icelandic: gulr
Old English: ɣeolo
Old High German: gelo
Total of 154 records 8 pages

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