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Word: stone
German: Stein
English: stone
Dutch: steen
Icelandic: steinn
Nynorsk: steid(e)n
Riksmal: sten
Swedish: sten
Danish: sten
Gothic: stains
Old Icelandic: steinn
Old English: stān
Old High German: stein
Word: sun
German: Sonne
English: sun
Dutch: zon
Icelandic: sól
Nynorsk: sol
Riksmal: sol
Swedish: sol
Danish: sol
Gothic: sunna, sauil
Old Icelandic: sól, sunna
Old English: sunne
Old High German: sunna
Word: swim
German: schwimmen
English: swim
Dutch: zwemmen
Icelandic: synda
Nynorsk: sömja
Riksmal: svømme
Swedish: simma
Danish: svømme
Old Icelandic: svimma
Old English: swimman
Old High German: swimman
Word: tail
German: Schwanz
English: tail
Dutch: staart
Icelandic: hali
Nynorsk: hale
Riksmal: hale
Swedish: stjert
Danish: hale
Old Icelandic: hali
Old English: tæɣ(e)l
Old High German: zagal
Word: tail
Icelandic: skott
Word: that
German: jener
English: that
Dutch: die
Icelandic: þessi, þetta
Nynorsk: denn, dä
Riksmal: den, det
Swedish: den, det
Danish: den, det
Gothic: jains
Old Icelandic: sa
Old English: se, sē
Old High German: (j)enēr
Word: that
Icelandic: sá
Danish: hin, hint
Old Icelandic: þat
Word: thin
German: dünn
English: thin
Dutch: dun
Icelandic: þunnur
Nynorsk: tynne
Riksmal: tynn
Swedish: tunn
Danish: tynd
Old Icelandic: þunnr
Old English: þynne
Old High German: dunni
Word: thin
Dutch: fijn
Riksmal: smal
Swedish: smal
Danish: smal
Old High German: smal
Word: this
German: dieser
English: this
Dutch: deze
Icelandic: þessi, þetta
Nynorsk: dette
Riksmal: dette
Swedish: detta, denne
Danish: dette, denne
Gothic: sa
Old Icelandic: þessi, þetta
Old English: þes
Old High German: dese
Word: this
Gothic: þiz-; þata
Word: thou
German: du
English: you
Dutch: jij, je
Icelandic: þú
Nynorsk: du
Riksmal: du
Swedish: du
Danish: du
Gothic: þu
Old Icelandic: þú
Old English: þū
Old High German:
Word: tongue
German: Zunge
English: tongue
Dutch: tong
Icelandic: tunga
Nynorsk: tonga
Riksmal: tunge
Swedish: tunga
Danish: tunge
Gothic: tuggo
Old Icelandic: tunga
Old English: tunɣe
Old High German: zunga
Word: tooth
German: Zahn
English: tooth
Dutch: tand
Icelandic: tönn
Nynorsk: tɔnn
Riksmal: tann
Swedish: tand
Danish: tand
Gothic: tunþus
Old Icelandic: tɔnn
Old English: tōð
Old High German: zan(d)
Word: tree
German: baum
English: tree
Dutch: boom
Icelandic: tré
Nynorsk: tre
Riksmal: tre
Swedish: träd
Danish: trä
Gothic: triu
Old Icelandic: tré
Old English: trēo(w)
Old High German: boum
Word: tree
Icelandic: viður
Gothic: bagms
Old Icelandic: viðr
Word: two
German: zwei
English: two
Dutch: twee
Icelandic: tveir
Nynorsk: to
Riksmal: to
Swedish: två
Danish: to
Gothic: twai
Old Icelandic: tveir
Old English: twēɣen
Old High German: zwēne
Word: walk (go)
German: gehen
English: go
Dutch: gaan
Icelandic: fara
Riksmal: gå
Swedish: gå
Danish: gå
Gothic: gaggan
Old Icelandic: ganga
Old English: ɣān
Old High German: gangan, giang
Word: walk (go)
Old English: gangan
Old High German: gēn, gān
Word: warm
German: warm
English: warm
Dutch: warm
Icelandic: hlýr
Nynorsk: varme
Riksmal: varm
Swedish: varm
Danish: varm
Gothic: (varmjan)
Old Icelandic: varmr
Old English: wearm
Old High German: (wermen)
Total of 154 records 8 pages

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