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Word: see
German: sehen
English: see
Dutch: zien
Icelandic: sjá
Nynorsk: sjɔ
Riksmal: se
Swedish: se
Danish: se
Gothic: saiƕan
Old Icelandic: sjá
Old English: sēon
Old High German: sehan
Word: seed
German: Same
English: seed
Dutch: zaa
Icelandic: fræ
Nynorsk: frä
Riksmal: frø
Swedish: frö
Danish: frø
Gothic: fraiw
Old Icelandic: frjó
Old English: sǣd
Old High German: sāmo
Word: short
German: kurz
English: short
Dutch: kort
Icelandic: stuttur
Nynorsk: kɔrte
Riksmal: kort
Swedish: kort
Danish: kort
Gothic: leitils
Old Icelandic: stuttr
Old English: sceort
Old High German: (s)kurt, churz
Word: short
Riksmal: stutt
Gothic: *maurg-
Old Icelandic: skammr
Old High German: murg(i)
Word: short
Old Icelandic: stɔkuttr
Old High German: skemmi
Word: short
Old High German: scurz
Word: sit
German: sitzen
English: sit
Dutch: zitten
Icelandic: sitja
Nynorsk: sidja
Riksmal: sitte
Swedish: sitta
Danish: sidde
Gothic: sitan
Old Icelandic: sitja
Old English: sittan
Old High German: sizzen
Word: skin
German: Haut
English: skin
Dutch: huid
Icelandic: húð
Nynorsk: sjinn
Riksmal: hud
Swedish: hud
Danish: hud
Old Icelandic: húð
Old English: hȳd
Old High German: hūt
Word: skin
Dutch: vel
Icelandic: skinn
Swedish: skinn
Old Icelandic: skinn
Word: sleep
German: schlafen
English: sleep
Dutch: slapen
Icelandic: sofa
Nynorsk: sɔva
Riksmal: sove
Swedish: sova
Danish: sove
Gothic: slēpan
Old Icelandic: sofa
Old English: slǣpan
Old High German: slāffan
Word: small
German: klein
English: small
Dutch: klein
Icelandic: lítill
Nynorsk: lid(e)n
Riksmal: liten
Swedish: liten
Danish: lílle, liden
Gothic: leitils
Old Icelandic: lítill
Old English: lȳtel
Old High German: luzzil
Word: small
English: little
Icelandic: smár
Swedish: små
Gothic: smals
Old Icelandic: smár
Old English: smæl
Word: smoke
German: Rauch
English: smoke
Dutch: rook
Icelandic: reykur
Nynorsk: röyg
Riksmal: røk
Swedish: rök
Danish: røg
Old Icelandic: reykr
Old English: rēc
Old High German: rouh
Word: smoke
Old English: smoca
Word: snake
German: Schlange
English: snake
Dutch: slang
Icelandic: slanga
Nynorsk: orm
Riksmal: orm
Swedish: orm
Danish: slange
Gothic: waurms
Old Icelandic: ormr
Old English: nædre
Old High German: nātara
Word: snake
Riksmal: slange
Gothic: *nadrs
Old Icelandic: naðr
Old English: wyrm
Old High German: wurm
Word: snake
Riksmal: snok
Old Icelandic: snákr
Old English: snaca
Old High German: unk(o)
Word: snake
Old Icelandic: slangi
Old High German: slango
Word: stand
German: stehen
English: stand
Dutch: staan
Icelandic: standa
Nynorsk: stɔ
Riksmal: stå
Swedish: stå, stånda
Danish: stå
Gothic: standan
Old Icelandic: standa
Old English: standan
Old High German: stantan, stān
Word: star
German: Stern
English: star
Dutch: ster
Icelandic: stjarna
Nynorsk: sjödna
Riksmal: stjerne
Swedish: stjern(a)
Danish: stjerne
Gothic: staírno
Old Icelandic: stjarna
Old English: steorra
Old High German: stern
Total of 154 records 8 pages

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