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Germanic 100 wordlists :

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Word: all
German: all
English: all
Dutch: al(le)
Icelandic: allir
Nynorsk: adle
Riksmal: alle
Swedish: all
Danish: al
Gothic: alls
Old Icelandic: allir
Old English: eall
Old High German: al
Word: ashes
German: Asche
English: ashes
Dutch: as
Icelandic: aska
Nynorsk: åska
Riksmal: aske
Swedish: aska
Danish: aske
Gothic: azgo
Old Icelandic: aska
Old English: æsce
Old High German: asca, asga
Word: bark
German: Rinde
English: bark
Dutch: bast
Icelandic: börkur
Nynorsk: bårk
Riksmal: bark
Swedish: bark
Danish: bark
Old Icelandic: bårkr
Old English: rinde
Old High German: rinta
Word: belly
German: Bauch
English: belly
Dutch: buik
Icelandic: magi
Nynorsk: maie
Riksmal: mage
Swedish: buk
Danish: underliv
Gothic: wamba
Old Icelandic: magi
Old English: wamb, womb
Old High German: wamba
Word: belly
Icelandic: kviđur
Riksmal: buk
Swedish: mage
Danish: mave
Old Icelandic: vɔmb
Old High German: href
Word: big
German: groß
English: big
Dutch: groot
Icelandic: stór
Nynorsk: store
Riksmal: stor
Swedish: stor
Danish: stor
Gothic: mikils
Old Icelandic: stórr
Old English: ɣrēat
Old High German: mihhil
Word: big
English: great
Icelandic: mikill
Old Icelandic: mikill
Old English: micel, mycel
Word: bird
German: Vogel
English: bird
Dutch: vogel
Icelandic: fugl
Nynorsk: fogg(e)l
Riksmal: fugl
Swedish: fågel
Danish: fugl
Gothic: fugls
Old Icelandic: fugl
Old English: fuɣol
Old High German: fogal
Word: bite
German: beißen
English: bite
Dutch: bijten
Icelandic: bíta
Nynorsk: bida
Riksmal: bite
Swedish: bita
Danish: bíde
Gothic: beitan
Old Icelandic: bíta
Old English: bītan
Old High German: bīzzan
Word: black
German: schwarz
English: black
Dutch: zwart
Icelandic: svartur
Nynorsk: svarte
Riksmal: sort
Swedish: svart
Danish: sort
Gothic: svarts
Old Icelandic: svartr
Old English: blæc
Old High German: swarz
Word: black
Old Icelandic: blár
Old English: sweart
Word: blood
German: blut
English: blood
Dutch: bloed
Icelandic: blóð
Nynorsk: blo
Riksmal: blod
Swedish: blod
Danish: blod
Gothic: bloþ
Old Icelandic: blóð
Old English: blōd
Old High German: bluot
Word: bone
German: Knochen
English: bone
Dutch: been
Icelandic: bein
Nynorsk: bäin
Riksmal: ben
Swedish: ben
Danish: ben
Old Icelandic: bein
Old English: bān
Old High German: bein
Word: breast
German: Brust
English: breast
Dutch: borst
Icelandic: brjóst
Nynorsk: bröst
Riksmal: bryst
Swedish: brōst
Danish: bryst
Gothic: brusts
Old Icelandic: brjóst
Old English: brēost
Old High German: brust
Word: burn tr.
German: brennen
English: burn
Dutch: (ver)branden
Icelandic: brenna
Nynorsk: brenna
Riksmal: brenne
Swedish: bränna
Danish: brænde
Gothic: brinnan
Old Icelandic: brenna
Old English: bærnan, byrnan
Old High German: brennen
Word: claw, nail
German: Nagel
English: nail
Dutch: nagel
Icelandic: nagl
Nynorsk: negl
Riksmal: negl
Swedish: nagel
Danish: negl
Old Icelandic: nagl
Old English: næɣel
Old High German: nagal
Word: cloud
German: Wolke
English: cloud
Dutch: wolk
Icelandic: ský
Nynorsk: sjya
Riksmal: sky
Swedish: moln
Danish: sky
Gothic: milhma
Old Icelandic: ský
Old English: wolcen
Old High German: wolcan
Word: cloud
Swedish: sky
Word: cold
German: kalt
English: cold
Dutch: koud
Icelandic: kaldur
Nynorsk: kalle
Riksmal: kald
Swedish: kall
Danish: kold
Gothic: kalds
Old Icelandic: kaldr
Old English: ceald
Old High German: kalt
Word: come
German: kommen
English: come
Dutch: (aan)komen
Icelandic: koma
Nynorsk: kåma
Riksmal: komme
Swedish: komma
Danish: komme
Gothic: qiman
Old Icelandic: koma
Old English: cuman
Old High German: queman
Total of 154 records 8 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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