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Word: say
Lithuanian: pasakī́ti
Lettish: sacī̂t
Yatvingian: taurit
Word: say
Lettish: teikt
Word: see
Lithuanian: matī́ti
Lettish: redzēt
Yatvingian: zurdit
Word: see
Lithuanian: regḗti
Word: seed
Lithuanian: sḗkla
Lettish: sę̃kla
Word: short
Lithuanian: trum̃pas
Lettish: īss
Word: sit
Lithuanian: sēdḗti
Lettish: sêdêt
Yatvingian: sid
Word: skin
Lithuanian: ṓda
Lettish: âda
Yatvingian: a(d)os
Word: sleep
Lithuanian: miegṓti
Lettish: gulêt
Yatvingian: slaubd
Word: small
Lithuanian: mãžas
Lettish: mazs
Yatvingian: maz
Word: smoke
Lithuanian: dū́mai
Lettish: dũmi
Yatvingian: ars
Word: snake
Lithuanian: gyvãtē
Lettish: čūska
Yatvingian: serpine
Word: stand
Lithuanian: stōvḗti
Lettish: stãvêt
Word: star
Lithuanian: žvaigždē̃
Lettish: zvàigzne
Word: stone
Lithuanian: akmuõ
Lettish: akmens
Yatvingian: akmi
Word: sun
Lithuanian: sáulē
Lettish: saũle
Yatvingian: sala
Word: swim
Lithuanian: plaũkti
Lettish: peldēt
Yatvingian: laudt
Word: tail
Lithuanian: uodegà
Lettish: aste
Word: that
Lithuanian: tà-s
Lettish: tas
Word: thin
Lithuanian: plṓna-s
Lettish: tiêvs
Total of 118 records 6 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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