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Word: moon
Lithuanian: mēnùlis; mḗnuo
Lettish: mẽness
Yatvingian: monda
Word: mountain
Lithuanian: kálna-s
Lettish: kal̂ns
Yatvingian: kauni
Word: mouth
Lithuanian: burnà
Lettish: mute
Word: name
Lithuanian: var̃da-s
Lettish: vā̀rds
Yatvingian: nom(in)s
Word: near
Lithuanian: ar̃timas
Lettish: tuvs
Word: neck
Lithuanian: kãklas
Lettish: kakls
Word: new
Lithuanian: naũjas
Lettish: jaûns
Yatvingian: nau
Word: night
Lithuanian: naktì-s
Lettish: nakts
Yatvingian: nakt
Word: nose
Lithuanian: nṓsis
Lettish: deguns
Yatvingian: nasis
Word: not
Lithuanian: nè
Lettish: ne
Word: one
Lithuanian: víena-
Lettish: viêns
Yatvingian: ans
Word: person
Lithuanian: žmōgù-s
Lettish: cilveks
Yatvingian: mard
Word: rain
Lithuanian: lietù-s
Lettish: liêtus
Yatvingian: lets
Word: red
Lithuanian: raudónas
Lettish: sarkans
Yatvingian: raude
Word: road
Lithuanian: kẽlias
Lettish: cel̨š
Word: root
Lithuanian: šaknì-s
Lettish: sakne
Yatvingian: wurc
Word: round
Lithuanian: (ãp)-skritas
Lettish: uôls2 , (ap-)al̨š
Word: round
Lithuanian: (ap-)valùs, -valìnis
Word: salt
Lithuanian: druskà
Lettish: sā̀ls
Word: sand
Lithuanian: smē̃lis; smil̃tīs (Pl.)
Lettish: smilts
Total of 118 records 6 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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