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Baltic 100 wordlists :

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Word: head
Lithuanian: galvà
Lettish: gal̂va
Yatvingian: kalfa
Word: hear
Lithuanian: girdḗti
Lettish: dzirdēt
Word: heart
Lithuanian: širdì-s
Lettish: sir̂ds
Word: heavy
Lithuanian: sunkù-s
Lettish: smags
Word: heavy
Lettish: grũts (gr̨ũts)
Word: horn
Lithuanian: rãgas
Lettish: rags
Word: I
Lithuanian: àš
Lettish: es
Yatvingian: as
Word: kill
Lithuanian: nu-žudī́ti
Lettish: nuo-galināt
Word: kill
Lithuanian: už-mùšti
Word: knee
Lithuanian: kẽlis
Lettish: celis, cel̨gals
Word: know
Lithuanian: žinṓti; pa-žìnti
Lettish: zinât; zĩt
Yatvingian: gindi
Word: 20
Lithuanian: 20
Lettish: 20
Yatvingian: 18
Word: leaf
Lithuanian: lãpas
Lettish: lapa
Yatvingian: plats
Word: lie
Lithuanian: gulḗti
Lettish: gulêt
Yatvingian: guld
Word: liver
Lithuanian: kẽpenys
Lettish: akna(s)
Word: long
Lithuanian: ìlga-
Lettish: garš
Word: louse
Lithuanian: utēlē̃; utē̃
Lettish: uts
Word: man
Lithuanian: vī́ras
Lettish: vîrs; vīrietis
Word: many
Lithuanian: daũg
Lettish: daũdz
Yatvingian: daug
Word: meat
Lithuanian: mēsà
Lettish: gal̨a
Yatvingian: fala
Total of 118 records 6 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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