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Baltic 100 wordlists :

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Word: ear
Lithuanian: ausìs
Lettish: àuss
Word: earth
Lithuanian: žẽmē
Lettish: zeme
Yatvingian: zem
Word: eat
Lithuanian: válgyti
Lettish: êst (prs. ę̄du/
Yatvingian: ezd
Word: egg
Lithuanian: kiaušìnis
Lettish: uõla
Word: eye
Lithuanian: akì-s
Lettish: acs
Yatvingian: augi
Word: far
Lithuanian: tṓlimas
Lettish: tāls
Word: fat n.
Lithuanian: riebalaĩ
Lettish: tauki
Word: fat n.
Lithuanian: taukaĩ
Word: feather
Lithuanian: plùnksna
Lettish: spal̃va
Yatvingian: spila
Word: fire
Lithuanian: ugnì-s
Lettish: uguns
Word: fish
Lithuanian: žuvìs
Lettish: zivs
Yatvingian: z.uwo
Word: fly v.
Lithuanian: skrìsti
Lettish: lidot, laisties
Word: fly v.
Lithuanian: lē̃kti
Word: foot
Lithuanian: kṓja
Lettish: kãja
Yatvingian: kaj
Word: full
Lithuanian: pìlna-
Lettish: pil̃ns
Word: give
Lithuanian: dúoti
Lettish: duôt
Yatvingian: dodi
Word: good
Lithuanian: gẽras
Lettish: labs
Yatvingian: pagis
Word: green
Lithuanian: žãlia-
Lettish: zal̨š
Word: hair
Lithuanian: pláuka-s
Lettish: mats
Yatvingian: laugi
Word: hand
Lithuanian: rankà
Lettish: ruoka
Yatvingian: hantus
Total of 118 records 6 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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