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Baltic 100 wordlists :

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Lithuanian: vìsa-
Lettish: viss
Yatvingian: wisa
Word: ashes
Lithuanian: pelenaĩ
Lettish: pę̀lni
Word: bark
Lithuanian: žievē̃
Lettish: miza
Word: belly
Lithuanian: pil̃vas
Lettish: vę̂dęrs
Yatvingian: wendori
Word: big
Lithuanian: dìdelis
Lettish: liels
Yatvingian: lels
Word: bird
Lithuanian: paũkšti-s
Lettish: putns
Yatvingian: paud
Word: bite
Lithuanian: ką́sti (kánd-
Lettish: kuôst (kuôd-;
Word: black
Lithuanian: júodas
Lettish: męl̃ns
Yatvingian: melno
Word: blood
Lithuanian: kraũja-s
Lettish: asins
Yatvingian: si(r)ga
Word: bone
Lithuanian: káula-s
Lettish: kaũls
Word: breast
Lithuanian: krūtìbē
Lettish: krùts
Yatvingian: pikra
Word: burn tr.
Lithuanian: dègti
Lettish: dedzināt
Yatvingian: degt
Word: claw (nail)
Lithuanian: nãgas
Lettish: nags
Word: cloud
Lithuanian: debesì-s
Lettish: mãkuônis
Word: cold
Lithuanian: šálta-
Lettish: aũksts
Yatvingian: kaldi
Word: come
Lithuanian: ateĩti
Lettish: (at)nãkt
Word: die
Lithuanian: mir̃ti
Lettish: (nuo)mir̃t
Yatvingian: mort
Word: dog
Lithuanian: šuõ
Lettish: suns
Yatvingian: kuo
Word: drink
Lithuanian: gérti
Lettish: dzer̂t
Yatvingian: terd
Word: dry
Lithuanian: saũsas
Lettish: sàus-s
Total of 118 records 6 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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