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Proto-South Dravidian : *iN-
Meaning : to sink, evaporate
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : iñcu (iñci-)
Tamil meaning : to be absorbed (as water in the ground), evaporate, be curdled (as milk), get thick (as ghee)
Tamil derivates : ? imai (-pp-, -tt-) to diminish, shrink
Kannada : iŋgu
Kannada meaning : to be imbibed (as water by the earth or other porous matter), sink into, dry up, boil away (intr.)
Kannada derivates : iŋgisu to evaporate by boiling, etc. (tr.); iŋke the state of soaking into, etc.; igaru to be evaporated or dried up; imaru, imiru, imuru to evaporate in boiling, dry up, disappear (as a boil), wane, waste away; īcu, īñcu the state of being dry, withered, faded, or sapless
Tulu : iŋguni
Tulu meaning : to absorb (as water), dry; to sink in (as eyes from disease)
Proto-Nilgiri : *īj-
Number in DED : 0430
Proto-South Dravidian : *in-
Meaning : sweet, pleasant
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Stems: *inn-; *in-b-; *in-i-
Tamil : in_-
Tamil meaning : sweet, pleasant, agreeable; sweetness, pleasantness
Tamil derivates : in_pam delight, happiness, sweetness, pleasantness, sexual love, marriage; in_pan_ husband; in_pu, in_imai, in_ippu sweetness, pleasure, delight; in_i (-pp-, -tt-) to be sweet to the taste, be pleasant; in_itu that which is sweet, agreeable, good; in_iyar agreeable persons; in_n_āmai pain, distress, misfortune; in_n_āŋku evil, pain; in_n_al unpleasantness, trouble; in_n_ār enemies
Malayalam : inpam, inippam, inuppam, inima
Malayalam meaning : pleasure, delight
Malayalam derivates : iniya sweet; innāŋkam vexation, trouble; inikkuka to be sweet; initu, inutu a sweet or agreeable thing; inivu sweetness, love, affection; (Tiyya) inippu sweetness
Kannada : in (iṃ, iñ), ini, ine, impu, imbu, immu, irpu
Kannada meaning : sweetness, pleasantness, charm, loveliness
Kannada derivates : inidu that which is sweet; imbane, immane in a sweet manner; irme loveliness, desire, charm, beauty
Tulu : impu
Tulu meaning : agreeableness, pleasantness
Irula : ini
Irula meaning : be sweet
Irula derivates : inippe, inippu sweet; imba happy
Notes : Irula 113.
Number in DED : 0530
Proto-South Dravidian : *In-
Meaning : class, group
Tamil : in_am
Tamil meaning : class, group, kind, species, race, tribe, herd, associates
Malayalam : inam
Malayalam meaning : class of animals, swarm
Number in DED : 0531
Proto-South Dravidian : *Iṇ-ai-
Meaning : to join, unite
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : iṇai (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to join, unite (intr.), agree, be suited, be like, resemble
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to join (tr.), tie (as a garland); n. union, likeness, pair, couple; iṇaippu union, equality; iṇaŋku (iṇaŋki-) to consent, comply with; n. union, friendship, fit mate; iṇaŋki girl's companion; iṇaŋkan_ friend; iṇaŋkal consent; iṇaŋkar match, comparison; iṇakku (iṇakki-) to cause to agree, unite, connect, fit; n. union, comparison, match; iṇakkam fitting well together, fitness, friendship, agreement; ? eḷḷu (eḷḷi-) to equal
Malayalam : iṇa
Malayalam meaning : pair, couple, mate, companion, union
Malayalam derivates : iṇayuka to agree well, suit; iṇekka to unite, couple, be equal; iṇakkam concord, union, submission; iṇakku agreement; iṇaŋŋuka to agree, make peace, grow tame; iṇakkuka to pacify, tame; iṇaŋŋu relationship, those of the same caste; iṇaŋŋan kinsman; fem. iṇaŋŋatti
Kannada : eṇe, eṇa
Kannada meaning : a couple, pair, connexion, adjustment, equality, similarity, a match
Kodagu : ëṇe
Kodagu meaning : double (ëṇe makka twins; ëṇe bāḷe double plantain)
Kodagu derivates : ëṇe āḍ- (snakes) mate
Tulu : inè, iṇè
Tulu meaning : a couple, pair, companion, mate
Number in DED : 0457
Proto-South Dravidian : *In-ai-
Meaning : to lament, grieve
Tamil : in_ai (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to lament, cry, grieve
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to torment; in_aivu crying in distress, pain of mind
Malayalam : enayuka
Malayalam meaning : to moan, groan, lament, cry, sob
Malayalam derivates : enaccal crying, weeping
Number in DED : 0532
Proto-South Dravidian : *inr_-
Meaning : today
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : in_r_u, in_r_aikku, ir_r_ai
Tamil meaning : today
Malayalam : innu
Malayalam meaning : today
Kannada : indu
Kannada meaning : today
Kodagu : indɨ
Kodagu meaning : today
Tulu : ini, inne
Tulu meaning : today
Proto-Nilgiri : *ind_ĭ
Irula : inr_u
Irula meaning : today
Notes : Ir. 114.
Number in DED : 0410
Proto-South Dravidian : *inǯi
Meaning : ginger
Tamil : iñci
Tamil meaning : ginger
Malayalam : iñci
Malayalam meaning : ginger
Kodagu : iñji
Kodagu meaning : ginger
Proto-Nilgiri : *inǯ
Irula : inji
Irula meaning : ginger
Notes : Irula 113. Possibly an Aryan borrowing.
Number in DED : 0429
Proto-South Dravidian : *iŋ-
Meaning : to stay
Tamil : iŋku (iŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to abide, stay
Number in DED : 0420
Proto-South Dravidian : *ir-
Meaning : two
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : iraṇṭu, (coll.) reṇṭu
Tamil meaning : two
Tamil derivates : iraṇṭām, iraṇṭāvatu second; iraṇai couple, pair; iraṭṭai pair, married couple, twins, even numbers; iraṭṭaiyar twins; iraṭṭi (-pp-, -tt-) to double (tr.), repeat; be doubled, return, disagree; n. double quantity; iraṭṭippu double quantity; iraṭṭu (iraṭṭi-) to double (intr.), sound alternately; wave alternately (tr.); n. doubleness; iru (before consonant), īr (before vowel) adj. two; iru-patu, iru-vatu twenty; iru-nūr_u 200; irumai twofold state; iruvar two persons; ivv-iraṇṭu two by two
Malayalam : raṇṭu
Malayalam meaning : two
Malayalam derivates : raṇṭ-āka to be divided, be doubled; raṇṭām second; raṇṭikka to be divided, disagree; double, multiply; iraṭṭa double, even; iraṭṭi double, twice as much; iraṭṭikka to double, multiply; iru (before consonant), īr (before vowel) adj. two; iruvar two persons; iru-patu twenty; iru-nūr_u 200; ī-raṇṭu by twos
Kannada : eraḍu, erḍu, eraẓ
Kannada meaning : two
Kannada derivates : adj. iru, ir, ik, ic, etc., īr; irpattu, ippattu twenty; innūr_u 200; irbar, ibbar, irvar two persons; irme, imme twice
Kodagu : daṇḍɨ
Kodagu meaning : two things
Kodagu derivates : daṇḍane second; pann-eraṇḍɨ twelve; iru-vadɨ twenty; in-nūrɨ 200; īr āṇḍɨ two years; īrak ëttɨ two pairs of bullocks; īraba, īraṇḍɨ two by two (persons, things); īraḍi the usual two helpings at a meal; ibba two persons; imma twice; irme separation, difference
Tulu : raḍḍụ
Tulu meaning : two things
Tulu derivates : raḍḍanè second; middling; irụ, ir- adj. two, double, both; ir-nūdu 200; ir-portu a whole day; irva twenty; irbaḍi double; irverụ two persons; irvoḷu twice
Proto-Nilgiri : *ir, *e-jḍ
Miscellaneous : IRU raṇḍu, reṇḍu two; KOR (M) eyḍɨ two
Number in DED : 0474
Proto-South Dravidian : *ir-
Meaning : to exist, be; to sit
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : iru (-pp-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to exist, remain, sit down, live, belong to (dative of person); auxiliary
Tamil derivates : iruttu (irutti-) to cause to sit, detain, fix permanently; iruvu (iruvi-) to cause to be or abide; irukkai sitting, seat, residence; iruppu seat, residence, condition in life, balance on hand, surplus, stores, merchandise, wares
Malayalam : irikkuka
Malayalam meaning : to sit, remain, be in a place; auxiliary
Malayalam derivates : irikka being; irippu sitting, residence, position; iruttuka to seat, place, detain, settle; iruttikka to cause to seat; irutti a seat; iruttam, iruttu sitting, staying
Kannada : ir, iru (irdu, iddu)
Kannada meaning : to be, exist, remain, stay, delay, belong to (dative of person)
Kannada derivates : irisu to cause to be or stay, place, put, deposit; iravu, irapu being, staying, resting, state, condition; iruvike, iruha being, existing, etc.; irke, ikke being, abode, seat, place
Kodagu : ir- (-ipp-, iñj-)
Kodagu meaning : to be in a place
Tulu : ippuni (itt-)
Tulu meaning : to be, exist, live in; have, possess (dative of person)
Proto-Nilgiri : *ir-
Irula : iru
Irula meaning : be
Notes : Ir. 114.
Number in DED : 0480
Proto-South Dravidian : *ir-
Meaning : great, vast
Tamil : iru
Tamil meaning : great, spacious, vast
Tamil derivates : irumai greatness, largeness, hugeness, eminence
Number in DED : 0481
Proto-South Dravidian : *ir-
Meaning : night
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : iravu, ira, irā, rā
Tamil meaning : night
Tamil derivates : iru black; iruṭci, iruṭṭu, iruṇmai, irumai darkness; iruḷ darkness, dark colour, ignorance; (iruḷv-, iruṇṭ-) to become dark, dim, obscure, be black in colour, be darkened (as the mind); iruḷan_ Irula (member of a tribe in the Nilgiris); iruntai, iruntu, iruntil charcoal
Malayalam : iravu, irā, rā
Malayalam meaning : night
Malayalam derivates : iru to be dark; iruṭṭu, iriṭṭu, iruḷ darkness; iruḷka to grow dark; iruḷar a caste of jungle dwellers; irunnal charcoal; ikkari soot, grime
Kannada : iruḷ, iraḷu, iraṭu, irḷu
Kannada meaning : night
Kannada derivates : iddal, ijjalu charcoal; (eastern dialects) iglu, (western dialects) ijlu coal (LSB)
Kodagu : irɨ
Kodagu meaning : night
Kodagu derivates : irɨlɨ night-time; irɨṭɨ darkness
Tulu : irkụ
Tulu meaning : night
Tulu derivates : irlụ, irḷụ dusk, darkness, night
Proto-Nilgiri : *irǝl
Miscellaneous : IRU rāvu, rāpodu, rāvepodu night
Number in DED : 2552
Proto-South Dravidian : *ir- (?)
Meaning : a k. of tree (blackwood)
Tamil : īṭṭi
Tamil meaning : blackwood, Dalbergia latifolia
Malayalam : iruviḷ, irūḷ
Malayalam meaning : Dalbergia sisu
Malayalam derivates : vīṭṭi Bombay blackwood, Dalbergia latifolia
Kannada : iruguṇḍi
Kannada meaning : D. sissoo
Kannada derivates : ibaḍi, ibbaḍi, bīṭe D. latifolia Roxb.
Tulu : bīṭi
Tulu meaning : blackwood
Tulu derivates : kari-bīṭi ebony, D. latifolia
Number in DED : 0483
Proto-South Dravidian : *Ir-a-
Meaning : to beg
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ira (-pp-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to beg alms, beseech, entreat
Tamil derivates : irappu begging; iraval begging, anything borrowed to be returned after use (except money); iravu beggary; iravalan_, iravōn_ beggar
Malayalam : irakkuka
Malayalam meaning : to beg, ask alms
Malayalam derivates : irappu begging; irappan beggar; iravu thing lent
Kannada : ere (erad-)
Kannada meaning : to beg, ask, solicit
Kannada derivates : era, eravu, erapu, eraval that which is asked for, that which one desires to borrow, a thing borrowed for temporary use, state of borrowing from one another
Kodagu : era- (erap-, erand-)
Kodagu meaning : to beg
Kodagu derivates : (Shanmugam) erapë beggar; erapaci a female beggar
Tulu : eravu
Tulu meaning : act of lending or borrowing for temporary use
Tulu derivates : randuni to beseech, entreat; randelụ begging, entreating
Number in DED : 0472
Proto-South Dravidian : *Ir-ai-
Meaning : to roar; to snore
Tamil : irai (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to sound, roar (as the sea), rumble (as a crowd), wamble (as the bowels), whiz (as birds when flying)
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to cry out (as in anger), hiss (as a snake), pant, breathe hard, wheeze, n. sound, roar, splash (as of a running river); iraiccal sound, noise, clamour; iraippu buzzing, din, wheezing, asthma; iraŋku (iraŋki-) to weep, cry, roar, sound (as yāẓ); iraṭṭu (iraṭṭi-) to sound; make to sound, beat (as drum); iriyal weeping; irumu (irumi-) to cough; n. cough; irumal cough
Malayalam : irekka
Malayalam meaning : to pant, snore, bluster, roar as sea
Malayalam derivates : iraccal, ireppu noise (as of sea, bowels), hum, buzz; irampuka to bluster, be loud; irampal roar of the sea, difficulty of breathing; irumal a cough; eraccil din, bustle; erappu buzzing, din, wheezing; erampam din, bustle, great noise
Kannada : rampa
Kannada meaning : clamour, vociferation
Kannada derivates : rambu clamour, noise; rambha sounding, roaring, bellowing, lowing, making a noise
Kodagu : rampa
Kodagu meaning : hubbub
Tulu : ramb(h)ārūṭi, rambāroṭi, rambhāṭa
Tulu meaning : clamour, outcry
Number in DED : 0489
Proto-South Dravidian : *Ir-ai
Meaning : food
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : irai
Tamil meaning : food of birds, beasts, and other inferior animals, prey
Tamil derivates : (Koll.) erav prey
Malayalam : ira
Malayalam meaning : food of birds, snakes, infants
Kannada : ere
Kannada meaning : food for animals, as for snakes, birds, etc.
Proto-Nilgiri : *er
Number in DED : 0490
Proto-South Dravidian : *Ir-ai
Meaning : worm
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : irai
Tamil meaning : intestinal worm
Malayalam : ira
Malayalam meaning : bait, worms
Kannada : ere
Kannada meaning : a worm that lives in orts, a worm in general, bait
Kodagu : ere, ere puḷu
Kodagu meaning : worm (earthworm, tapeworm)
Tulu : eru
Tulu meaning : moth, worm
Number in DED : 0822
Proto-South Dravidian : *iraical-
Meaning : flaw; cracked wood
Tamil : iraical
Tamil meaning : flaw (as of a precious stone), roughness (as of a brick)
Malayalam : iraccal
Malayalam meaning : the appearance of cracked, uneven wood
Number in DED : 0491
Proto-South Dravidian : *iral-
Meaning : cassia
Tamil : iraḷi, ir_ali
Tamil meaning : cassia
Kannada : rēla
Kannada meaning : cassia
Notes : Ir. 114.
Number in DED : 0477
Proto-South Dravidian : *IraL-ai
Meaning : deer
Tamil : iralai
Tamil meaning : stag; kind of deer
Kannada : eraḷe, erale
Kannada meaning : antelope, deer, incl., for example, the black and spotted antelope
Tulu : eraḷe
Tulu meaning : antelope, deer
Number in DED : 0476
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