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Proto-South Dravidian : *guruḷ-
Meaning : bubble; shell
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : guruḷe, guḷḷi, guḷḷe
Kannada meaning : bubble, blister, pustule, small round shell
Tulu : guḷḷè, gullè
Tulu meaning : bubble, blister, pustule
Tulu derivates : gulla a kind of small mollusk
Miscellaneous : ? Tamil kuruḷai tortoise
Number in DED : 1795
Proto-South Dravidian : *guruv-
Meaning : small bird, sparrow
Tamil : kuruvi, kurīi
Tamil meaning : small bird
Malayalam : kuruvi, kurikil, kūri
Malayalam meaning : sparrow
Kannada : gubbi, gubbil, gubbacci
Kannada meaning : a small bird, esp. a sparrow
Tulu : gurubi, gurbi, gubbi
Tulu meaning : sparrow
Miscellaneous : KURU (LSB) kibbi sparrow
Number in DED : 1793
Proto-South Dravidian : *gUr_-a-
Meaning : henna, Barleria sp.
Tamil : kur_añci, kur_iñci, kuraṇṭam, kuraṇṭakam, kōraṇṭam
Tamil meaning : henna, Lawsonia alba; common yellow nail dye, thorny nail dye, Barleria prionitis
Malayalam : kur_iññi
Malayalam meaning : various Barleria and Justicia species
Kannada : goraṭe, gōraṭe, gōraṇṭa, gōraṇṭi, gōraṇṭe, kuruṇṭa(ka), kuraṇṭaka
Kannada meaning : Barleria prionitis
Tulu : gōraṇṭè, gōraṭè
Tulu meaning : Barleria prionitis
Number in DED : 1849
Proto-South Dravidian : *gUr_anṭ-
Meaning : kernel, mango stone
Malayalam : kur_aṭṭa, kuraṭṭa
Malayalam meaning : kernel
Malayalam derivates : kuraṇṭi stone of palmfruit
Kannada : gor_aṭe
Kannada meaning : stone or kernel of fruit, esp. of mangoes
Kodagu : koraṇḍi
Kodagu meaning : mango stone
Tulu : koraṇṭu
Tulu meaning : kernel or stone of fruit, cashew-nut
Notes : The forms with k- are contaminated with *koṭ- 'seed'.
Number in DED : 2069
Proto-South Dravidian : *gur_-/*kur_-
Meaning : to draw; to aim
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kur_i (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to design, intend, think, draw, sketch outline in painting, aim at, narrate briefly, tell, foretell, predict; n. mark, sign, symbol, aim, mark to shoot at, goal, motive, omen, generative organ
Tamil derivates : kur_ippi (-pp-, -tt-) to call to mind by sign or hint; kur_ippu intention, gesture, summary, mark, sign
Malayalam : kur_i
Malayalam meaning : a mark, sign, aim
Malayalam derivates : kur_ikka to mark, note, write, point at, refer to; kur_ippu memorandum, abstract; kur_icci pudendum muliebre
Kannada : kur_i
Kannada meaning : to mark, take note of, regard
Kannada derivates : kur_i, kur_ipu, gur_i a mark, sign, aim, object of aim; kur_upu, kur_uvu, kur_uhu a mark, sign, token, characteristic; gur_ikār_a marksman; gur_utu, gur_atu, gur_uta, gurta, gurtu, guttu, gottu a mark, sign; knowledge, acquaintance; gontu (Hav.) knowledge; ? kūn, kūnu, kūna a mark, sign; acquaintance
Kodagu : kuri- (kurip-, kuric-)
Kodagu meaning : to paint, decorate; announce (marriage) to house-gods and witnesses
Kodagu derivates : kuri drawing, spot on forehead or sectarian mark, embroidery, act of making formal contract of engagement of marriage; guri an aim; gurtɨ a mark; gottɨ māḍ- to know; gott(ɨ) uṇḍɨ/ille it is/is not known (dat., to a person); gott(ɨ) āg- to become known (dat., to a person)
Tulu : guri
Tulu meaning : an aim, mark, butt, responsibility
Tulu derivates : gurta a mark, sign, token, recognition; gottu, gontu knowledge, understanding, acquaintance
Proto-Nilgiri : *gur_ǐ
Miscellaneous : KOR (O) gottu knowledge
Number in DED : 1847
Proto-South Dravidian : *gur_-u-
Meaning : to roar; to snore
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kur_ukur_uppu, kur_ukur_uppai
Tamil meaning : snoring, stertorous breathing
Tamil derivates : kur_aṭṭai snoring, snorting; kor_ukkai snoring
Malayalam : kur_ukur_ukka
Malayalam meaning : to breathe with difficulty, the sound in the throat of a dying person
Malayalam derivates : kur_ukkuka, kur_uŋŋuka to purr, coo as a dove; kur_uṭṭuka to grunt; kuruṭṭuka to purr, coo, rattle in the throat; kur_ummuka to coo; kurkku a snore
Kannada : gur_u, gur_u gur_u
Kannada meaning : a sound in imitation of snoring or purring
Kannada derivates : gur_uguṭṭu to snore, purr; gur_ake, gur_uku, kur_uke, gor_aku, gor_ike, gor_uku, gorke snoring; gur_a gur_a sound emitted by an angry bandicoot; gur_r_u an imitative sound; gur_r_uguṭṭu to growl, snarl (as dogs, bears, tigers); gur_r_u gur_r_u sound of growling, snarling, etc.; (Gowda) gūru to snore
Tulu : guranè
Tulu meaning : the snarling of a dog
Tulu derivates : guraguṭṭuni, gurkuṭṭuni to grunt; gurukuṭṭuni to snore, purr, coo, phlegm to rattle in the throat, to roar; guruguṭṭu snoring; guruguru id., rattling of phlegm in the throat; gurru-korepuni to bark, growl, snore; gurkāyisuni, gurkāysuni to grunt, growl, snore; gurku, gurkugurku roar of a tiger, grunting of a pig
Miscellaneous : KOR (O) gūru to cry (owl)
Number in DED : 1852
Proto-South Dravidian : *guT-
Meaning : tightness; to tie
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kutai
Tamil meaning : loop, running knot, button or clasp of a bracelet
Malayalam : kuta
Malayalam meaning : loop (as of bowstring)
Malayalam derivates : kutam tightness, elasticity
Kannada : kude
Kannada meaning : a fetter
Kannada derivates : gutta closeness, tightness; gudi to tie the feet or legs; gudi, gudige, guduge, gudupu rope for the feet used in climbing palm trees; guddi a clog tied to the neck of cattle
Number in DED : 1713
Proto-South Dravidian : *guṭ-
Meaning : secret
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kuṭṭu
Tamil meaning : secret
Kannada : guṭṭu
Kannada meaning : a secret, one's private affairs
Kodagu : guṭṭɨ
Kodagu meaning : secret
Tulu : guṭṭu
Tulu meaning : a secret, one's private affairs; secret
Proto-Nilgiri : *kuṭ
Number in DED : 1673
Proto-South Dravidian : *guǯǯ-/*gūč-
Meaning : small pole or post
Tamil : kūccam
Tamil meaning : small-sized post used in building
Kannada : kūcu, kūca
Kannada meaning : post or pillar in a wall for the support of beams
Kannada derivates : gujju queen-post, strut
Tulu : gujji, gujju
Tulu meaning : pole or post fixed in water
Number in DED : 1878
Proto-South Dravidian : *gū-
Meaning : owl [expr.]
Tamil : kūkai
Tamil meaning : rock horned owl, Bubo bengalensis
Tamil derivates : kūn_ owl
Malayalam : kūman
Malayalam meaning : owl
Kannada : gūge, gūgi, gūbe
Kannada meaning : owl
Kannada derivates : (Gowda) gumma owl
Kodagu : gūmɨ
Kodagu meaning : owl
Tulu : gūgè, gummè
Tulu meaning : owl
Tulu derivates : gūŋgu the cry of an owl
Proto-Nilgiri : *gūk-
Number in DED : 1871
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūḍ-
Meaning : nest
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kūṭu
Tamil meaning : nest, birdcage, coop, hive, pen, sty, kennel, receptacle for grain, dome, cupola, quiver, sheath, envelope
Tamil derivates : kuṭampai nest; (Koll.) kūṇṭ nest
Malayalam : kūṭu
Malayalam meaning : receptacle, nest, cage
Kannada : gūḍu
Kannada meaning : nest, dove-cot, fowl-house, lodging, trap for catching wild animals, cage, pit of the stomach, hollow in bones
Kodagu : gūḍɨ
Kodagu meaning : nest, pig-pen, fowl-house
Tulu : gūḍu
Tulu meaning : nest, cocoon, bird-cage, hollow
Proto-Nilgiri : *gūḍ
Number in DED : 1883
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūḍ-ai
Meaning : a k. of basket
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kūṭai
Tamil meaning : basket made of rattan, ola, or bamboo, palm-leaf rain-covering
Tamil derivates : kūṭu basket for catching fish
Malayalam : kūṭa
Malayalam meaning : basket for catching fish
Kannada : gūḍe, gūḍa
Kannada meaning : basket, basket used as a bucket
Kannada derivates : kūḷe, kūḷi basket for fishing
Kodagu : kūṭe
Kodagu meaning : basket
Tulu : gūḍè
Tulu meaning : a kind of basket
Proto-Nilgiri : *kūḍ
Number in DED : 1884
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūḷ-
Meaning : to crowd together
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kūḷ (kūḷv-, kūṇṭ-)
Tamil meaning : to crowd together, assemble, muster
Tamil derivates : kūḷi company, multitude, family
Kannada : gūḷe, gūḷevu, gūḷya, guḷe, guḷya
Kannada meaning : people leaving a place en masse from invasion or famine
Tulu : gūḷè
Tulu meaning : people leaving a place en masse from invasion or famine
Number in DED : 1915
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūḷ-i
Meaning : ox, bull
Tamil : kūḷi
Tamil meaning : ox, covering bull
Kannada : gūḷi
Kannada meaning : bull, esp. a bull allowed to roam at liberty and dedicated to a deity
Kodagu : gūḷi
Kodagu meaning : a bull
Proto-Nilgiri : *gūḷĭ (?)
Number in DED : 1917
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūnc- (?)
Meaning : pulp of fruit, stalk
Tamil : kūcci
Tamil meaning : pulp of wood-apple
Malayalam : kūññu, kūññi, kūññal
Malayalam meaning : centre of a fruit, stalk in the midst of a jackfruit
Kannada : kusuri, kusuru
Kannada meaning : the pulp of some vegetables and fruits
Kannada derivates : (Hav.) gūñji stalk inside a jackfruit or pineapple
Tulu : kūñji, gūñji
Tulu meaning : the stalk in the midst of a jackfruit, the germ-matter of a boil
Tulu derivates : kusri pulp of a fruit
Number in DED : 1880
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūr_-
Meaning : to speak, cry, hoot
Tamil : kūr_u (kūr_i-)
Tamil meaning : to speak, assert, cry out the price, cry aloud, proclaim
Tamil derivates : kūr_r_am word; kūr_r_u utterance, proclamation, word
Malayalam : kūr_uka
Malayalam meaning : to speak, proclaim
Malayalam derivates : kūr_r_u call, cry of men, noise; kūr_r_am cry (as for help)
Kannada : gūrṇisu, gūrmisu
Kannada meaning : to murmur or roar (as water of a river or the sea), sound (as a trumpet), roar or bellow, cry aloud
Tulu : gūruni
Tulu meaning : to hoot
Number in DED : 1921
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūs-
Meaning : to fall down, pour
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tulu : gūcuni, gūsuni, gussuni
Tulu meaning : to pour, shed, spill
Tulu derivates : gūjuni to ooze
Proto-Nilgiri : *gūs-
Number in DED : 1877
Proto-South Dravidian : *gūṭ-/*gUḍ-a-
Meaning : to sweep
Tamil : kūṭṭu (kūṭṭi-)
Tamil meaning : to gather up with a broom
Kannada : guḍasu, guḍisu, guḍsu, guḍiyisu, gūḍisu
Kannada meaning : to sweep
Kannada derivates : guḍisalu sweeping
Tulu : guḍsu
Tulu meaning : a kind of broom
Number in DED : 1887
Proto-South Dravidian : *i
Meaning : this
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : i
Tamil meaning : demonstr. base expr. the nearer or proximate person or thing; pref. to nouns, expr. nearness [i before consonant, ivv before vowel]
Tamil derivates : ivan_, ivaḷ, ivar/ivarkaḷ, itu (before consonant)/ ik_tu (before vowel), iv/ivai this man, this woman, these persons/this person (hon.), this thing, these things; adj. inta, in_ai; ī̆ŋkaṇ, iŋkiṭṭu, iŋku, iŋkuttai, iŋkē, itōḷ, itōḷi here; impar here; this world; ivaṇ, īn_ this place, this world; īṇṭu, īṇṭai here, in this world; iŋŋan_, iŋŋan_am, īŋku here; in this manner; itā, itō, intā, intō, itā behold!; intaṇṭai on this side; ippaṭi, ivvatu, in_n_aṇam, īŋkan_am in this way; i-ppāl on this side; hereafter; i-ppur_am this place, this side; i-ppoẓutu, i-ppōtu now; ippavum even now, just now; ittan_ai so much, a few; ittuṇai thus much; ittāl by this means; immai the present birth; in_n_a such; such things; in_n_atu such as this, this thing; in_n_an_, in_n_ān_ such a person; in_i now, immediately; in_n_-in_i now, even now, without a moment's delay; in_n_ē now, here, thus; (Asher-Radhakrishnan, p. 150) intāruŋkaḷ here you are!
Malayalam : i, ī
Malayalam meaning : this
Malayalam derivates : ivan, ivaḷ, ivar, itu, iva this man, this woman, these persons, this thing, these things; iŋŋu in this direction, here; iŋŋanē, iŋŋinē thus; iŋŋiṭē, iŋŋiṭa here, hither; iŋŋōṭṭu hither, this way; itā behold here!; ittaram this kind, thus; ittiri so much; inna this, such; ippaṭi thus; i-ppur_am this side; īppōḷ now
Kannada : i-
Kannada meaning : proximate demonstrative base
Kannada derivates : iva/īta, ivaḷ/īke, ivar/ivargaḷ, idu/itu/ittu, ivu this man, this woman, these persons, this thing, these things; adj. ī; ikō̆, ikkō, igō, idā̆, ide, idō look here!; īce this side, to this side, on this side; iṭa, ī̆ṭu, iṣṭu, isa, initu, inittu, inisu, intuṭu, īsu so much or many as this; initum all this or these, a little; inibar so many persons as these; itta, ittal on this side, in this direction, to this side, hereafter; intā̆, inthā̆, intaha of this kind; innaṃ such a man as this; intu in this manner, thus; ine, inne, īga, īgaḍu, īgal, īgaḷ, īgye at this time, now; inu, innu the current time; illi, ili in this place, here; ihage, ihaŋge, ihige, hīge, hīŋge in this manner, thus
Kodagu : ivëN, iva, ivu/ieŋga, idɨ
Kodagu meaning : this man, this woman, these persons, this thing/these things
Kodagu derivates : adj. ī; illi here; illiñji from here; ittɨ, ittaṭṭi, ippara to this side; ittiñji from this side; īle by this way; ikka now; ikkatiñji from now on; ikkākaṇe, [Dict. also] ikkākane up to now; ikkalē, ikkannē just now; iccë, iccakɨ, [Dict. also] iccëkɨ this many; innatë, intë, [Dict. also] intadɨ of this kind; innane, ītaratɨ in this manner; innatāŋgɨ for this purpose; īnaŋguṇḍɨ on account of this; ippara this side; [Dict.] ikkatë now-a-days; ikkare this side; iñña (N.C.), iññi (S.C.) hereafter, henceforth; iñña piñña from now; iññi miñña afterwards; iññu still; iññorɨ next; illikattaṇe upto this place; ītara in this kind
Tulu : imbe, mōḷu/imbā̆ḷ/imboḷu, mērụ/mōkuḷu/imberụ, indụ
Tulu meaning : this man, this woman, these persons, this thing, [these things]
Tulu derivates : adj. ī; ītụ so much, so many; mūḷu, muḷḷu, muḷpa, muḷḷa here; muḷta of this place; iḍa, iḍe, iḍegụ, iñci hither; īpe, īmbe adv. this side; iñca thus, in this manner; iñcane, iñcene just so; indā behold!; iñcogu lately, recently; ittarụ, ittaru, itarụ, ittara enough; ittè now; ittene just now, immediately
Proto-Nilgiri : *i-
Irula : ivä
Irula meaning : he (proximate)
Irula derivates : iva she (proximate); ivaru they; ippu now; idi, īnge, īngu here; inime, innu hereafter; innumu till now; īgaḍe, īngaḍe this side
Kasaba : ī
Kasaba meaning : this (adj.)
Kasaba derivates : ivān he; ivā she; ivārɨ he (hon.), they (hum.); ippepāṭṭi this much; ippō, ippu this time, now; it_t_ā this way; ittāli this much/amount; id_i this, here; īne this way/direction; hence; īneme thus; īnemē like this; īnā for this; īnkɨ here
Notes : Irula 113-114; Kasaba 175-176; Kodagu 82-84.
Number in DED : 0410
Proto-South Dravidian : *ic-
Meaning : small, little
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ittini
Tamil meaning : (Ramnad dial., Annamalai) very little
Malayalam : icciri, ittiri
Malayalam meaning : very little
Malayalam derivates : iśśi a little
Proto-Nilgiri : *ic
Number in DED : 0410
Total of 4692 records 235 pages

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