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Proto-South Dravidian : *er_-
Meaning : to pity, love
Tamil : er_i (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to take pity, have compassion
Tamil derivates : er_r_u (er_r_i-) to feel compassion
Kannada : er_aka, er_uka
Kannada meaning : love, good will
Proto-Nilgiri : *et_-
Number in DED : 0862
Proto-South Dravidian : *er_-
Meaning : wing
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cir_ai, cir_aku, cir_akar
Tamil meaning : wing
Tamil derivates : ir_ai, ir_aku, ir_akar, ir_akkai wing, feather
Malayalam : ir_aku, cir_aku
Malayalam meaning : wing
Kannada : er_ake, er_aŋke, r_akke, r_ekke
Kannada meaning : wing
Kannada derivates : r_aṭṭe, r_eṭṭe wing, upper arm
Kodagu : rekke
Kodagu meaning : wing
Kodagu derivates : raṭṭe upper arm
Tulu : ediŋke, reŋkè
Tulu meaning : wing
Proto-Nilgiri : *rek
Number in DED : 2591
Proto-South Dravidian : *er_-i-
Meaning : to throw, shoot
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : er_i (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to throw, discharge, hack, chop, smash, destroy, beat, pounce, kick; n. throw, fling, kick
Tamil derivates : er_iva missiles; er_r_u (er_r_i-) to strike, kick, butt, cut, cleave, pierce, kill; n. kicking, hitting, pushing, attacking; ēr_u throw, beating (as of a drum), stroke (as of a sword), pouncing upon, destroying, scar
Malayalam : er_i
Malayalam meaning : a throw
Malayalam derivates : er_iyuka to throw, fling, hit; er_ikka to remove the bark from timber, rough hew for sawing; er_r_u a blow (chiefly beating clothes); er_r_uka to throw (as with sling), fillip, propel, spirt, beat hard; ēr_u a throw
Kannada : ēr_u
Kannada meaning : that with which one pierces or which one throws; a cut, wound
Kannada derivates : ēṭu a blow, throw, shoot; eṭṭu a blow; ettu cutting, stabbing; r_eppu to strike
Tulu : eṭṭuni
Tulu meaning : to be hit; box the ear
Tulu derivates : eṭṭakuṭṭa quarrelling and fighting
Proto-Nilgiri : *er_ĭ-
Number in DED : 0859
Proto-South Dravidian : *er_umb-/*ir_umb-
Meaning : ant
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : er_umpu, er_umpi, ir_umpi, ur_avi
Tamil meaning : ant
Malayalam : er_umpu, ir_umpu, ur_umpu
Malayalam meaning : ant
Kannada : ir_umpu, ir_umpe, ir_upe, ir_ive, ir_ave, ir_uvu, ir_uve, irvu, irve, (Hav.) erugu
Kannada meaning : ant
Kodagu : urupɨ
Kodagu meaning : ant
Proto-Nilgiri : *ir_b
Number in DED : 0864
Proto-South Dravidian : *er_-uẓ
Meaning : a hill tree with red flowers
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : er_uẓ
Tamil meaning : a hill tree with red flowers
Tamil derivates : er_uẓam a hill tree
Number in DED : 0865
Proto-South Dravidian : *es-
Meaning : to shine
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : ese
Kannada meaning : to shine, be brilliant, be beautiful, appear
Kannada derivates : esaka shine, splendour, beauty, appearance, state of being, fate, delight
Number in DED : 0778
Proto-South Dravidian : *es-
Meaning : to shoot (arrow)
Tamil : ey (-v-, -t-)
Tamil meaning : to discharge arrows; n. arrow
Tamil derivates : eyin_ hunting tribe of the desert tract; eyin_an_ hunter; ē shooting, arrow; ēvu (ēvi-) to hurl, discharge (as an arrow), throw (as a dart); n. arrow; evvu (evvi-) to discharge (as a missile or arrow); ēcu (ēci-) to hurl, dart
Malayalam : eyyuka
Malayalam meaning : to shoot an arrow
Malayalam derivates : eyttu shooting; eyyikka to cause to shoot; ēvuka to hurl, dart, shoot; ēvu shooting
Kannada : esu, ese, isu (ecc-), ēy
Kannada meaning : to shoot (as an arrow), throw
Kannada derivates : ece id., to expel (as water out of a syringe); esu, ese, esige, esage, esuge shooting, throwing; ēsu to throw; n. a throw, a shot
Tulu : eyyuni, īpuni
Tulu meaning : to shoot an arrow
Tulu derivates : esaguni to discharge
Proto-Nilgiri : *ej-
Number in DED : 0805
Proto-South Dravidian : *et-
Meaning : to lift, raise
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : ettu
Kannada meaning : to lift, raise, take up, hold up, collect, exhibit, mention (as the name of another), raise up (as one's own name)
Kannada derivates : etta, ettu lifting up, raising, undertaking; ettike, ettuvike lifting, raising, etc.; ettisu to cause to raise, take up, lift up, erect, etc.; (Hav.) ettu to carry a child; ettarsu to raise
Tulu : ettuni
Tulu meaning : to raise a subscription or tax
Tulu derivates : ettaruni to ascend, climb; ettara high; height; ettige a collection
Proto-Nilgiri : *et-
Number in DED : 0796
Proto-South Dravidian : *et_-/*Ir_-ai-
Meaning : to throw out, pour
Tamil : er_r_u (er_r_i-)
Tamil meaning : to throw out (as water from a vessel)
Tamil derivates : ir_ai (-v-, -nt-) to scatter (intr.), disperse; (-pp-, -tt-) to splash (tr.), spatter, scatter, strew, draw and pour out water, irrigate, bale out, squander; ir_aivai receptacle for drawing water for irrigation; ir_aṭṭu (ir_aṭṭi-) to sprinkle, splash
Malayalam : ir_ekka
Malayalam meaning : to bale out
Malayalam derivates : ir_ayuka id., scatter, disperse; ir_ava basket for drawing water; er_iccil rainwater blown in by the wind
Kannada : er_e
Kannada meaning : to pour any liquids, cast (as metal); n. pouring
Kannada derivates : er_acu, ercu to scoop, sprinkle, scatter, strew, sow; er_aka, eraka any metal infusion; molten state, fusion
Tulu : eraka
Tulu meaning : molten, cast (as metal)
Tulu derivates : eraguni to melt
Proto-Nilgiri : *er_-
Number in DED : 0866
Proto-South Dravidian : *eṭ-
Meaning : to reach
Tamil : eṭṭu (eṭṭi-)
Tamil meaning : to reach up to, come within reach, approach, be attained, be within mental grasp, be so shallow as not to submerge one, be sufficient so as to reach, go out of reach
Tamil derivates : eṭṭam length
Kannada : eṭṭu
Kannada meaning : to reach a thing which is on high, be within reach
Kannada derivates : eṭṭike reaching, reach; eṭaku, eṭuku to be or come within reach, be sufficient; eṭakisu to stand on tiptoe to reach anything
Tulu : eṭṭụ
Tulu meaning : (B-K.) to reach
Tulu derivates : eṭṭāvu to cause to reach by bending
Proto-Nilgiri : *eṭ-
Number in DED : 0783
Proto-South Dravidian : *ev- (?)
Meaning : pain, distress
Tamil : evvu (evvi-)
Tamil meaning : to cause pain
Tamil derivates : evvai care, anxiety; evvam affliction, distress, pestilence, dislike; ēval poverty, want
Notes : B&E join this with *ne(g)g- 'to suffer'.
Number in DED : 3733
Proto-South Dravidian : *eẓil
Meaning : beauty
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : eẓil
Tamil meaning : beauty, gracefulness
Tamil derivates : eẓiliya beautiful
Malayalam : eẓil
Malayalam meaning : beauty, brightness, splendour
Kannada : eḍḍa
Kannada meaning : beauty, charm, goodness
Tulu : eḍḍe
Tulu meaning : goodness; good, superior, fair; adv. well
Proto-Nilgiri : *eḷ-ĭ
Number in DED : 0848
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēg-
Meaning : to walk
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ēku (ēki-)
Tamil meaning : to go, pass, walk
Number in DED : 0871
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēl-
Meaning : cardamom
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ēlam
Tamil meaning : cardamom plant, Elettaria cardamomum; cardamom
Tamil derivates : ēlav-arici cardamom seed
Malayalam : ēlam
Malayalam meaning : cardamoms
Malayalam derivates : ēlatt-ari cardamom seed
Kannada : ēl-akki, yālakki, yālaki
Kannada meaning : large cardamoms
Kodagu : ēlakki
Kodagu meaning : cardamom seeds
Kodagu derivates : ēla male, ēlatɨ male cardamom plantation
Tulu : ēl-akki
Tulu meaning : cardamoms
Number in DED : 0907
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēḷ-e
Meaning : name of a metre
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : ēḷe
Kannada meaning : name of a metre
Number in DED : 0913
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēl_-
Meaning : to happen; to accept
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ēl (ēr_p-, ēr_r_-; ēlv-, ēn_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to happen, occur, be suitable, convenient, just; to receive, welcome, admit, consent, beg, undertake, engage in
Tamil derivates : ēl suitability, appropriateness, fitness; ēr_pu id., acceptance, reception; ēr_pōn_ beggar; ēr_r_atu that which is fit, proper; (Asher-Radhakrishnan) ēr_r_am acceptance; ēr_paṭu to come into existence, be produced, be engaged in, agree, consent; ēr_paṭuttu to create, establish, persuade, prepare, arrange, appoint; ēr_pāṭu arrangement, rule, appointment to an office
Malayalam : ēl
Malayalam meaning : possibility, reach; preparation, responsibility
Malayalam derivates : ēluka to suit, fit; ēlkka to receive, take in charge, admit, confess; ēlpeṭuka to engage in, be responsible for; vb. n. ēlpāṭu; ēlpeṭukka, ēlpeṭuttuka, ēlpikka to entrust with; ēr_r_a admitted, agreed, undertaken
Kannada : ēr_
Kannada meaning : to become, be fit, be suitable, be possible, be able; n. state of being fit, etc.
Kannada derivates : ērpaḍu to be arranged, be ready to act; ērpaḍisu to arrange, set in order; ērpāḍu, ērpāṭu decision, arrangement
Tulu : ēpuni
Tulu meaning : to catch (as a ball), take, lift, or toss up a child in the arms
Proto-Nilgiri : *ēl-
Number in DED : 0905
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēl_-
Meaning : to meet in battle
Tamil : ēl (ēr_p-, ēr_r_-; ēlv-, ēn_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to oppose in battle, encounter (as a foe)
Tamil derivates : ēr_r_al disputation, polemics; ēr_r_ār foes, enemies
Malayalam : ēlkka (ēr_r_-)
Malayalam meaning : to hit, meet in battle
Malayalam derivates : ēlpikka to wound, make (a dog) to attack or seize
Kannada : ēr_
Kannada meaning : to meet in battle, oppose; n. state of meeting and opposing, a wound
Tulu : ērsāvuni
Tulu meaning : to beat, strike
Number in DED : 0906
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēmar_-
Meaning : perplexed, confused
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ēmam
Tamil meaning : bewilderment, perplexity
Tamil derivates : ēmal confusion of mind; ēmār (-pp-, -tt-) to be confused, bewildered; ēmār_u (ēmār_i-) to be beguiled, inveigled; ēmār_r_u (ēmār_r_i-) to hoodwink, deceive; ēmār_r_am state of being defrauded, deceit, confusion of mind; ēmāḷi simpleton, fool; ēmur_u (ēmur_uv-, ēmur_r_-) to be perplexed, bewildered
Malayalam : ēmal
Malayalam meaning : confusion of mind, bewilderment
Malayalam derivates : ēmār_i a cheat; ēmār_r_am deceit, fraud; ēmār_r_uka to hoodwink, deceive; ēmāḷi beggar, silly man
Kannada : vēmār_u
Kannada meaning : (?) to be careless, fall a prey to deceit
Proto-Nilgiri : *ēm-
Number in DED : 0898
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēṇ-
Meaning : boundary
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ēṇ, ēṇi
Tamil meaning : boundary, limit
Malayalam : ēṇu
Malayalam meaning : edge, chiefly the three edges of the coconut
Kannada : ēṇ, ēṇu
Kannada meaning : edge, border, point
Proto-Nilgiri : *ēṇ-
Number in DED : 0886
Proto-South Dravidian : *ēŋ-
Meaning : to languish; grief
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ēŋku (ēŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to pine, languish, long for, yearn after
Tamil derivates : ēkkam despondency, craving; ēkkar_u (ēkkar_i-) to languish, long for; ēcar_u (ēcar_uv-, ēcar_r_-) to long for, desire; be troubled, feel sorry; ēcar_avu desire, longing; regret, penitence
Malayalam : ēkkam
Malayalam meaning : grief, anxiety
Tulu : ēvuro
Tulu meaning : (B-K.) greediness
Tulu derivates : yēvura excessive desire
Proto-Nilgiri : *ēŋ-
Number in DED : 0878
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