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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *čuk-ai (?)
Meaning : star
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cukkai
Tamil meaning : star (< Te?)
Kannada : cukke
Kannada meaning : small mark, dot
Kannada derivates : cikki, cikke spot, speck, dot (as of cat, leopard), star
Number in DED : 2646
Proto-South Dravidian : *čuḷ-
Meaning : light
Tamil : cuḷuvu
Tamil meaning : ease, facility, lightness, cheapness
Kannada : suḷuvu
Kannada meaning : facility, lightness
Kannada derivates : culaka, culuku lightness of temper or conduct, want of seriousness, levity
Tulu : culaka
Tulu meaning : light (not heavy)
Proto-Nilgiri : *Suḷ-
Notes : If it is true that the *Cuḷuv- forms are from Skt. sulabha-, the original affricate is *ć-.
Number in DED : 2703
Proto-South Dravidian : *čuḷ-i
Meaning : a thorny plant
Tamil : cuḷḷi
Tamil meaning : (Koll.) a thorny plant
Malayalam : cuḷḷi
Malayalam meaning : a thorny plant; Randia dumetorum, Tribulus lanuginosus or Barleria, Ruellia obovata
Number in DED : 2707
Proto-South Dravidian : *čuḷik- (?)
Meaning : a k. of stick
Tamil : cuḷikku
Tamil meaning : pikestaff, sharp-pointed stick carried by travellers
Kannada : cuḷike
Kannada meaning : a stout stick to beat cotton with
Number in DED : 2701
Proto-South Dravidian : *čunḍ-
Meaning : beak
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cuṇṭu, coṇṭu
Tamil meaning : bill, beak, lower lip
Malayalam : cuṇṭu
Malayalam meaning : a short beak or bill, lips, snout
Malayalam derivates : cuṇṭan pointed, pick-axe, blubber-lipped; toṇṇa, toḷḷa mouth
Kannada : cuṇḍu
Kannada meaning : a bird's beak
Miscellaneous : (?) KOR (M) juḷḷi beak
Number in DED : 2664
Proto-South Dravidian : *čuŋuḍ-
Meaning : pettiness, a trifle sum
Tamil : cuŋkuṭu
Tamil meaning : trivial balance, trifling amount in arrears (?<Te)
Kannada : cuŋgaḍi
Kannada meaning : pettiness, small money, change, a trifling or petty sum above the large one, odd (as in one hundred and odd)
Tulu : cuŋguḍi
Tulu meaning : a trifling sum, odds, small coins, change, anything of little value
Notes : Cf. Ta. cukku small bit, fragment, piece, particle, worthless thing; cukkal small piece, bit
Number in DED : 2649
Proto-South Dravidian : *čur-
Meaning : to pierce; to insert
Tamil : coruvu
Tamil meaning : a sheath
Kannada : cuccu, curcu
Kannada meaning : to cause to enter into, put upon as upon a roasting spit, insert
Tulu : cuccuni
Tulu meaning : to pierce, bore
Number in DED : 2778
Proto-South Dravidian : *čur_-čur_-
Meaning : stinging, etc. (expr.)
Tamil : curu-cur-en_al
Tamil meaning : expr. signifying twitching with pain, feeling hot in the body
Tamil derivates : cur_u-cur_-en_al onom. expr. signifying stinging (as thorn)
Kannada : curu
Kannada meaning : a sound in imitation of the burning caused by the bite of an ant, the sting of a scorpion, the touch of fire, etc.
Kannada derivates : curu curu with violent smarting
Proto-Nilgiri : *Sur
Number in DED : 2688
Proto-South Dravidian : *čur_uk- (?)
Meaning : haste, quickness
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cur_ukku
Tamil meaning : quickness, rapidity, diligence, briskness, haste, hastiness, irritableness, severity, sharpness, keenness, pungency, poignancy, high price, demand as in market
Tamil derivates : cur_ukkan_ active, diligent person; hasty, irritable person; cur_ucur_u (-pp-, -tt-) to be in a hurry, be very active; cur_ucur_uppu diligence, bustling, hurrying; cur_uti swiftness, alacrity
Malayalam : cur_ukku
Malayalam meaning : sharpness, quickness, zeal
Malayalam derivates : cur_ukkan a keen fellow; cur_ucur_uppu alacrity and dispatch
Kannada : cur_uku, cur_aku, curku
Kannada meaning : excessive heat of fire, great bodily heat, quickness, speed, pain, sharpness of a knife, etc., keenness, smartness, dearness in price
Kodagu : curɨkɨ
Kodagu meaning : speed
Tulu : curuku
Tulu meaning : quickness, haste, speed, sharpness, zeal, activity; quick, vigorous, zealous, vivid
Proto-Nilgiri : *Surk- (*-r_-)
Number in DED : 2713
Proto-South Dravidian : *čuṭ-i
Meaning : mark, spot, ornament
Tamil : cuṭṭi
Tamil meaning : small ornament worn by women and children on the forehead, white curl on the forehead of bull or cow, white spot on the head of beast or serpent, plate of gold worn on the forehead as a mark of distinction
Malayalam : cuṭṭi
Malayalam meaning : mark or jewel on the forehead
Malayalam derivates : cuṭṭu natural mark on the skin, e. g. of cows, children
Kannada : cuṭṭi
Kannada meaning : a kind of frontlet
Tulu : ciṭṭi
Tulu meaning : a small spot or speck, spotted, speckled
Number in DED : 2657
Proto-South Dravidian : *čuẓ- (*-ū-?)
Meaning : to whirl, twist
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cuẓaŋku (cuẓaŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to whirl, be tossed about
Tamil derivates : cuẓal (cuẓalv-, cuẓan_r_-) to whirl, spin, rotate, roll, turn on axis (as wheel), revolve in an orbit, roam, wander, be tossed about, driven to and fro, be agitated, troubled, distressed in mind, droop, faint, languish, be dizzy, swim as the eyes; n. whirling, revolving, curl, eddy, etc.; cuẓar_ci whirling, spinning, rotating, wandering to and fro, trouble, agitation; cuẓar_r_al giddiness; cuẓar_r_i handle as of spinning-wheel, fan; cuẓar_r_u (cuẓar_r_i-) to whirl (tr.), spin, swing round, turn, roll, brandish, flourish, wave, cause dizziness, make giddy; n. whirling, wheeling, spinning; cuẓi (-v-, -nt-) to become curved, curled, involved, form eddies as on the surface of water, screw up one's face in disgust, be cunning, guileful, be distracted, agitated; (-pp-, -tt-) to whirl as a whirlwind, form whirlpools or eddies, form curls; curl (tr.), curve, cause to roam, screw up one's face in disgust; n. whirling, vortex, eddy, curl, curved marks on head or body indicating one's luck; cuẓippu agitation; cuẓiyal curling as of hair; cuẓiyan_ deceitful person; cuẓivu circumvention, anxiety; cūẓ (-v-, -nt-) to encompass, surround, envelop, go round, hover about, flow round; (-pp-, -tt-) to wind, wrap round, surround, hover about; n. surrounding; cūẓttu (cūẓtti-) to cause to surround, involve; cūẓvu surrounding, encompassing; cūẓvōr bystanders, spectators, neighbours; cūẓal surrounding, neighbourhood
Malayalam : cuẓaluka
Malayalam meaning : to whirl, revolve, be giddy, surround
Malayalam derivates : cuẓali whirling; cuẓal revolving, vortex; cuẓalca rotation, giddiness; cuẓar_r_uka to whirl round, brandish, swing, fling; feel giddy; cuẓar_r_i a fan, a twisting machine, a fishing net; cuẓar_r_u a swinging, turn, time; cuẓar_r_ikka to cause to swing; cuẓi whirl, whirlpool, circle, curl, hinge or pivot of a door; cuẓiyuka to curl, whirl, crouch as before a conqueror, revolve in mind; cuẓivu whirlpool; cuẓikka to whirl; cuẓippu whirl, wriggling, untruth; cūẓuka to encompass, surround; cūẓa, cūẓavē round about; cūẓi surrounder, ocean
Kannada : toẓal (toẓald-)
Kannada meaning : to move round, go or turn round, revolve, roam or wander about, get perplexed or bewildered, roam over, cross in wandering about, roll
Kannada derivates : toẓakal act of turning, wandering, etc.; toẓali moving around; toẓalike wandering about, etc.; toẓalicu to cause to roam about, send about; toẓalisu id., surround; toẓaluvike roaming or wandering about; toẓasu to nauseate; tuẓi to turn round; suẓi to be turned round, go round, revolve, curl, wander, roam, walk, go, be unsteady, flicker, waver, fluctuate; n. turning round, waving, whirling, curling, moving about, motion, whirl, whirlpool, eddy, the tender still-folded leaf of a plantain, coco- or areca-nut, a vagrant, an idle or lazy man, deception, deceit, fraud; suẓivu turning or moving about, motion, going, waving, a flickering shine, glimpse; suẓisu to cause to move or go, turn round (tr.); suẓuvu, suẓuhu turning round, etc.
Tulu : sulipini, sulipuni
Tulu meaning : to whirl, go round
Tulu derivates : tulipuni, tuliyuni to churn, make butter; tuḷipuni, suḷipuni to shake, agitate, turn in a lathe; suḷi an eddy, whirlpool, ominous curve on a person, hinge; suḷiyuni to shake, be agitated as water
Proto-Nilgiri : *cuṛ-
Number in DED : 2698
Proto-South Dravidian : *čū-
Meaning : dog-sound (expr.)
Tamil :
Tamil meaning : sound uttered in setting on dogs
Kannada :
Kannada meaning : sound uttered in setting on dogs
Tulu : cu, cū
Tulu meaning : sound uttered in setting on dogs
Number in DED : 2718
Proto-South Dravidian : *čūḷ-
Meaning : scales, skin
Malayalam : cūḷi
Malayalam meaning : scales of fish, skin of a jackfruit kernel
Malayalam derivates : tūḷi id., husk
Tulu : cuguḷi
Tulu meaning : rind of a fruit or vegetable
Tulu derivates : cōli, sūli, (B-K also) cūli skin, bark, rind
Notes : In Tulu we may have contamination with PSDR *cegiḷ-.
Number in DED : 2740
Proto-South Dravidian : *čūral-
Meaning : rattan, cane
Tamil : cūral
Tamil meaning : common rattan, Calamus rotang
Malayalam : cūral
Malayalam meaning : rattan
Kodagu : tūra
Kodagu meaning : a cane
Tulu : sūrolụ, tūrolụ
Tulu meaning : a kind of rattan, Calamus rotang
Number in DED : 2727
Proto-South Dravidian : *ḍabb-
Meaning : onom. hollow sound
Tamil : ṭapār-en_al
Tamil meaning : onom. expr. signifying cracking sound
Tamil derivates : ṭapīr-en_al onom. expr. signifying the sound produced in firing a gun; ṭapa-ṭapav-en_al onom. expr. signifying the sound of a drum
Kannada : ḍabbu
Kannada meaning : sound emitted by a hollow box, a sort of tabor, etc., when struck
Proto-Nilgiri : *ḍab-
Number in DED : 2947
Proto-South Dravidian : *dabb-
Meaning : slip, slit, crack, break
Tamil : tappai
Tamil meaning : bamboo splints for a broken bone, bamboo splits for roofing
Kannada : dabbe, debbe, ḍabbe, ḍebbe
Kannada meaning : a slip, slit, split, strip, esp. of a bamboo, the half of a split bamboo
Kannada derivates : (Hav.) dambe slice of bamboo, arecanut, etc., used to lead water
Tulu : dabbu
Tulu meaning : a crack, break
Tulu derivates : dabbè, debbè a splinter, slip of bamboo, etc.; cracked, split; dabbelu a split, cleft, chink; cracked, split; dambè the hollow slip of a palm or bamboo used as a drain
Number in DED : 3076
Proto-South Dravidian : *daḍ-
Meaning : road, way
Tamil : taṭam
Tamil meaning : road, way, path, route, gate, footstep
Proto-Nilgiri : *daḍ-
Miscellaneous : IRU (Bhattacharya 1958) daḍḍa road
Number in DED : 3024
Proto-South Dravidian : *daḍḍ-ai
Meaning : a sow
Tulu : daḍḍe
Tulu meaning : a sow
Number in DED : 3044
Proto-South Dravidian : *daḍḍal-
Meaning : a k. of tree
Kannada : daddāla
Kannada meaning : Careya arborea
Tulu : daḍḍalụ
Tulu meaning : Careya arborea
Tulu derivates : (B-K) daḍḍālụ a kind of tree
Number in DED : 3043
Proto-South Dravidian : *daḍ-i-
Meaning : swelling, rash
Tamil : taṭi (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to swell in patches (as the skin by slight poison)
Tamil derivates : taṭippu disease causing eruptions in the body, urticaria
Tulu : daḍikè, daḍalè
Tulu meaning : a kind of rash, blotch
Proto-Nilgiri : *taḍ-ĭ-
Number in DED : 3028
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