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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *čaḷ-
Meaning : tired, weary; afraid
Tamil : caḷai (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to grow tired, become weary
Malayalam : caḷikka, caḷuŋŋuka
Malayalam meaning : to shake, be frightened
Kannada : caḷi
Kannada meaning : to fear, succumb, be deprived of one's power or high spirit, become tired
Tulu : calipuni
Tulu meaning : to shake
Number in DED : 2407
Proto-South Dravidian : *čaḷ-
Meaning : cold, chilly
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : caḷi
Tamil meaning : cold, chilliness
Tamil derivates : aḷi, taḷi coolness
Kannada : caḷi, cali, saḷi
Kannada meaning : coldness, cold, coolness, chill, frost, snow, etc.
Tulu : caḷi, cali, sali
Tulu meaning : cold, chilliness, shivering as in ague; cold, chilly
Tulu derivates : cavuḷi, cavuli cold
Miscellaneous : KOR (O) talli cold
Notes : Forms with s- in Kan. and Tulu are probably Tamil borrowings.
Number in DED : 2408
Proto-South Dravidian : *čaḷ-
Meaning : mud; bog
Tamil : caḷḷal
Tamil meaning : mud, slush
Tamil derivates : caḷacaḷa (-pp-, -tt-) to be wet, muddy, sloppy; aḷḷal, aḷakkar, aḷar_u mud, mire
Malayalam : caḷḷa
Malayalam meaning : bog, sludge
Malayalam derivates : caḷi, ceḷi, ceḷḷa mud, mire; caḷumpu bog, slush
Kannada : caḷiya
Kannada meaning : state of growing muddy
Kannada derivates : aḷḷa-nela bog, morass
Number in DED : 2412
Proto-South Dravidian : *čal- (?)
Meaning : breeches
Tamil : callaṭam
Tamil meaning : short drawers
Malayalam : callaṭam
Malayalam meaning : short drawers
Kannada : caḍḍi, caṇaka, caṇṇa, ceṇṇa
Kannada meaning : breeches which reach only to the middle of the thighs
Kannada derivates : callaṇa, cal(a)ṇa, collana, coḷṇa drawers or breeches of different length
Tulu : callaṇa, callā̆na
Tulu meaning : short breeches reaching only to the middle of the thighs
Proto-Nilgiri : *Saḷ-
Number in DED : 2379
Proto-South Dravidian : *čălam-
Meaning : orifice, spring
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : calame, calime, calume, calme, cilume
Kannada meaning : an orifice, a bore, small pit, hole dug in the dry bed of a river or a dried-up tank, spring of water or a fountain head
Tulu : cilimbi, cilimè, cilmè
Tulu meaning : a small tank
Number in DED : 2367
Proto-South Dravidian : *čal-čal-
Meaning : onom. jingle, purling
Tamil : calacala
Tamil meaning : onom. expr. of purling as of water
Tamil derivates : cala-cal-en_al onom. expr. of rustling as of dried leaves, sounding as of drizzling rain; calacala (-pp-, -tt-) to rustle, be talking incessantly
Malayalam : calacalā
Malayalam meaning : the jingle of bells
Tulu : calacala
Tulu meaning : a noise in wading through water, as children make while playing
Number in DED : 2366
Proto-South Dravidian : *čaḷ-čaḷ-
Meaning : noise of splashing (expr.)
Tamil : caḷa-caḷ-en_al
Tamil meaning : onom. expr. of (a) babbling, (b) splashing, pattering, as of rain
Tamil derivates : caḷappu (caḷappi-) to babble, prate; caḷacaḷa (-pp-, -tt-) id.; patter (as rain)
Kannada : caḷamaḷa, caḷapaḷa
Kannada meaning : noise of bubbling water
Tulu : caḷacaḷa
Tulu meaning : a bubbling noise
Number in DED : 2405
Proto-South Dravidian : *čal-i
Meaning : reed, grass
Malayalam : calli
Malayalam meaning : a kind of grass or reed
Tulu : calli
Tulu meaning : a reed, a kind of grass
Number in DED : 2382
Proto-South Dravidian : *čaḷ-i-
Meaning : stale, mouldy
Tamil : caḷi (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to become stale and sour, grow mouldy as food, as liquors in incipient fermentation, rot
Malayalam : caḷikka
Malayalam meaning : to grow mouldy, rotten
Kannada : caḷiya
Kannada meaning : state of growing putrid
Number in DED : 2406
Proto-South Dravidian : *čan-
Meaning : beauty
Kannada : cannu, cennu
Kannada meaning : straightness, beauty, grace, niceness, properness, elegance
Kannada derivates : canna, cenna a man of beauty, a handsome man; fem. canni, canne, cenne; cannage handsomely, nicely, properly; canniga a handsome, fine man
Tulu : canna
Tulu meaning : handsome, well
Number in DED : 2423
Proto-South Dravidian : *čanc-
Meaning : a tribeman
Kannada : cañca, cañcu
Kannada meaning : a man of wild tribe that resides in forests, a Śabara
Kannada derivates : fem. cañciti
Number in DED : 2291
Proto-South Dravidian : *čancal-i
Meaning : a k. of small tree
Kannada : cañcali, caricali
Kannada meaning : a small tree commonly cultivated, Flacourtia cataphracta Roxb.
Number in DED : 2292
Proto-South Dravidian : *čaŋ-
Meaning : to jump
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : caŋgu, ceŋgu
Kannada meaning : to jump, skip, frisk about, caper; n. a jump, etc.
Kannada derivates : caŋgane in bounds, friskily, with agility; cigi, jigi (??) to jump
Tulu : caŋga, caŋganè, caŋgamaŋga, caŋgaimaŋgai
Tulu meaning : a frolic, gambol; hoax, humbug, deceit
Number in DED : 2285
Proto-South Dravidian : *čap-
Meaning : bamboo
Tamil : capam, cavam
Tamil meaning : bamboo, Bambusa arundinacea (< Ka.?)
Kannada : capa
Kannada meaning : bamboo cane
Proto-Nilgiri : *cep (*t-) (?)
Number in DED : 2330
Proto-South Dravidian : *čap-
Meaning : to slap, clap
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cappāṇi
Tamil meaning : clapping hands
Kannada : capparisu, cappaḷisu
Kannada meaning : to slap, pat
Kannada derivates : cappaṭe, cappaḷi, cappaḷe clapping the hands; tappaḷisu to clap the hands
Tulu : cappaḷi
Tulu meaning : clapping the hands
Tulu derivates : cappaḷipuni to clap the hands
Proto-Nilgiri : *Sapaṭ
Notes : Expressive.
Number in DED : 2335
Proto-South Dravidian : *čapaṭ-
Meaning : flat
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cappaṭṭai
Tamil meaning : flatness, anything flat
Tamil derivates : cappaṭi anything flat; cappaḷi (-v-, -nt-) to flatten, be crushed, pressed out of form; cappu (cappi-) to be bent, pressed in; cappai that which is flattened
Malayalam : cappaṭa
Malayalam meaning : flat
Malayalam derivates : (?) cippu what is smoothed, flat
Kannada : cappaṭe, capaṭe, appaṭe
Kannada meaning : flatness, flat
Kannada derivates : cappaḍi a large flat stone; cappe that which is flattened or pressed down
Number in DED : 2331
Proto-South Dravidian : *čar-
Meaning : rough; gravel
Tamil : caracara (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to be rough of surface
Tamil derivates : caracarappu roughness of surface or edge; caruccarai roughness, ruggedness; caral, caraḷ, caraḷai gravel, laterite; curacura (-pp-, -tt-) to be rough, have a rough surface; curacurappu roughness as of woollen cloth
Malayalam : caral, carakkallu
Malayalam meaning : gravel
Kannada : caralu
Kannada meaning : (Hav.) small rounded pebbles
Tulu : caraṭè
Tulu meaning : what is coarse, leavings or stalks
Tulu derivates : jari grit, granule, sand (?)
Number in DED : 2354
Proto-South Dravidian : *čar-
Meaning : a k. of fish
Malayalam : cariku, caru
Malayalam meaning : a little fish
Tulu : caru, caruva
Tulu meaning : a small fish
Tulu derivates : taru a small kind of fish
Number in DED : 2361
Proto-South Dravidian : *čaṭ-
Meaning : speed; sudden
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : caṭakku
Tamil meaning : speed, rapidity
Tamil derivates : caṭakk-en_al onom. expr. signifying haste, rush; caṭṭa speedily; caṭṭ-en_al onom. expr. signifying quickness, suddenness
Kannada : caṭakkane
Kannada meaning : all at once, suddenly, used of rising or sneezing
Kannada derivates : caṭṭane suddenly, all at once, quickly, also of sneezing
Tulu : caṭṭane
Tulu meaning : suddenly
Number in DED : 2295
Proto-South Dravidian : *čaṭ-
Meaning : expr. sound of wood
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : caṭa-caṭ-en_al
Tamil meaning : onom. expr. signifying the sound of falling trees, report of a gun, rattling of stones thrown
Tamil derivates : caṭa-caṭav-en_al onom. expr. signifying crash, peal of repeated sound; caṭa-puṭ-en_al, caṭār-en_al onom. expr. of crackling noise
Malayalam : caṭa-caṭa
Malayalam meaning : crash, peal, descriptive of battle noises
Kannada : caṭ
Kannada meaning : sound of wood when suddenly broken or that of an earthen pot when cracking on the fire, a term in imitation of the smacking noise of a whip or of the noise of a smart blow with a cane
Kannada derivates : caṭa-caṭa, caṭa-paṭa the snapping sound of corn in being parched; caṭal, caṭil imitation of the loud crack of a whip; caṭīrane, caṭuku, caṭaku with the noise of a smart blow with a cane or whip
Kodagu : caṭ
Kodagu meaning : noise of cracking fruit or nut
Tulu : caṭakka
Tulu meaning : a slapping or cracking sound
Tulu derivates : caṭacaṭa, caṭapaṭa noise produced as in slapping or cracking a whip; caṭīla a cracking sound; caṭụka a snapping sound
Proto-Nilgiri : *Saṭ-
Number in DED : 2296
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