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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : kānagu
Kannada meaning : Dalbergia arborea Heyne (D. lanceolaria Linn. [i.e. rosewood])
Tulu : korŋgi-mara, korŋgu-mara
Tulu meaning : Indian beech tree
Number in DED : 1507
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kān_al
Tamil meaning : seashore, salt marsh, salt-pan, saline soil, gravelly soil
Malayalam : kānal
Malayalam meaning : sandy barren land
Number in DED : 1508
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : kikkar_isu
Kannada meaning : to be closely united or crowded, be thickset, be excessive (as the water of a tank); make small, reduce to a less compass, draw together (as one's body)
Kannada derivates : kikkir_i to be close together, be dense, be crowded, abundant, thickset; n. a crowd; kikkinda, kiṣkinda closeness, narrowness, pressure, a crowd
Number in DED : 1509
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : kisi (kisid-/kist-)
Kannada meaning : to expand, open, withdraw the lips from the teeth so as to show them, grin, put astride
Kannada derivates : vb. n. kisa, kisi, kisu; kisikisi nagu to grin in laughter, grin; kicikil to neigh
Tulu : kisụ, kisụka, kisi
Tulu meaning : grinning
Tulu derivates : kiśikiśi a titter, laugh
Proto-Nilgiri : *kiS-
Number in DED : 1510
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : ceyir (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to be angry with, show signs of anger, afflict, cause pain; n. anger, rage, battle, fight
Tamil derivates : ceyirppu anger
Kannada : kisur
Kannada meaning : to be intolerable or very disagreeable
Kannada derivates : kisur, kisur_, kesaru an intolerable or very disagreeable state; strife, quarrel; the evil eye, evil, harm; kittaḍa disagreeableness, disgustfulness
Tulu : kedaruni
Tulu meaning : to be excited, irritated
Number in DED : 1511
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kiccukkiccu mūṭṭu/ppaṇṇu
Tamil meaning : to tickle (tr.)
Proto-Nilgiri : *kickoṛ-
Number in DED : 1516
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : gijaṭi, giji giji
Kannada meaning : a jelly-like, viscous, pulpous, sticky state
Tulu : giji giji
Tulu meaning : soft, pulpous
Number in DED : 1519
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : giji, gija
Kannada meaning : a sound denoting confusion, etc.
Kannada derivates : giji giji, gija gija state of being very crowded
Tulu : gijilụ
Tulu meaning : confusion
Number in DED : 1520
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : giñju
Kannada meaning : state of being full of seeds and of a disagreeable taste, said of the heads of some vegetables
Number in DED : 1523
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : giḍi
Kannada meaning : to enter by mouthfuls, or devour mouthful after mouthful, or to cause mouthfuls to enter; to force into the mouth (of others, as food, cloth)
Tulu : giḍkụ, giḍaka
Tulu meaning : mouthful, draught
Tulu derivates : (B-K.) giḍi to stuff in, thrust in
Number in DED : 1529
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kiṭukiṭu (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to tremble, shake, shiver, totter (as a loose wall), chatter (as the teeth with cold); n. quaking, trembling
Tamil derivates : kiṭukiṭ-en_al expr. signifying tremor; kiṭukiṭāy (-pp-, -tt-) to be amazed, tremble with fear
Malayalam : kiṭukiṭa
Malayalam meaning : shivering
Malayalam derivates : kiṭukiṭukka, kiṭukkuka, kiṭuŋŋuka to shiver, tremble; kiṭilam tremor
Number in DED : 1530
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kiṭukiṭu (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to sound (as the rolling of a carriage), rumble (as a thundercloud); n. a small drum
Tamil derivates : kiṭukiṭ-en_al onom. expr. signifying rumbling sound; kiṭukkaṭṭi sound of something shaking in a hollow vessel; small drum as an accompaniment; kiṭukku small drum as an accompaniment; kiṭukku-kiṭukk-en_al onom. expr. signifying hollow sound
Malayalam : kiṭukkuka, kiṭuŋŋuka
Malayalam meaning : to sound (as vessels knocking against each other)
Malayalam derivates : kiṭukkam rattling sound; kiṭukki, kiṭukku sounding devices
Number in DED : 1531
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kiṭuku
Tamil meaning : braided coconut leaf for thatching, cadjan
Malayalam : kiṭil, kiṭuku
Malayalam meaning : coconut leaves matted for screens, fans, thatches
Tulu : giḍiki, giḍikè, giḍkè
Tulu meaning : a blind or screen made of palm leaves
Number in DED : 1532
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kiṭai
Tamil meaning : sola pith; pith
Tamil derivates : kiṭēccu, kiṭēccai, kiṭaicci, kiṭaiccu, kiṭaiccai pith; caṭai, caṭaicci sola pith, Aeschynomene aspera
Malayalam : kiṭacci, kaṭacci, kiṭēśu
Malayalam meaning : sola, pithy-stemmed swamp plant
Number in DED : 1535
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : giṭṭe
Kannada meaning : (Hav.) lump of earth
Tulu : giṭṭe
Tulu meaning : a clod or lump, usually of earth
Number in DED : 1539
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kiṇṭan_
Tamil meaning : a kind of coarse cotton cloth, striped or checkered gingham
Malayalam : kiṇṭan
Malayalam meaning : stout cloth, double-threaded stuff
Kannada : giṇṭa
Kannada meaning : gingham, stout cloth, double-threaded stuff
Number in DED : 1540
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kiṇṇi
Tamil meaning : cover of the hilt of a sword
Malayalam : kiṇṭi
Malayalam meaning : swordblade
Number in DED : 1544
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : citar (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to separate, split, cut, hack; n. rag, cloth
Tamil derivates : citarvai cloth worn out or reduced to a rag; citalai small piece of cloth, rag; citaval cutting off, cropping; strip of cloth, rag, torn piece of cloth; citār cloth, rag, thin bark of certain trees used as clothing; citai (-v-, -nt-) to be sundered; (-pp-, -tt-) to shear; n. sail; cintu (cinti-) to cut off
Malayalam : cinnikka
Malayalam meaning : to cleave, split
Malayalam derivates : cīntuka to tear (as paper, leaves), strip (a plantain leaf); cīntu a shred, strip, streak
Number in DED : 1547
Proto-South Dravidian :
Tamil : kittu (kitti-)
Tamil meaning : to hop, leap about on one leg
Tamil derivates : kintu (kinti-) id., to limp, hobble, stand or walk on toes of one foot or both, go on tiptoe; kuntu (kunti-) to stand on tiptoe, hop on one leg; n. hopping; kuntuppu a boy's game of hopping on one leg; kontu (konti-) to hop, as in a game; n. a hopping game
Malayalam : kittuka
Malayalam meaning : to hop about on one leg, stand or walk on the tiptoes
Malayalam derivates : kuntuka, kuntikka to walk on tiptoe, be lifted up
Number in DED : 1552
Proto-South Dravidian :
Kannada : gidda, girda, gira
Kannada meaning : a fourth part
Kannada derivates : giddana, gidna the fourth part of a solige
Number in DED : 1553
Total of 4692 records 235 pages

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