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Proto-South Dravidian : *ōḍ-
Meaning : shell; tile
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ōṭu (obl. ōṭṭ-)
Tamil meaning : shell (of egg, tortoise, crab), tile, potsherd, earthen vessel, skull
Malayalam : ōṭu
Malayalam meaning : shell, potsherd, tile
Malayalam derivates : ōṭṭikka shell
Kannada : ōḍu
Kannada meaning : potsherd, earthen pan, skull, shell of tortoise
Kannada derivates : ōḍe, vāḍe a burnt earthen hoop used in constructing a tube-well, a storage vessel constructed of baked earthen hoops
Kodagu : ōḍɨ
Kodagu meaning : tortoise shell, skull, wide circular dish
Tulu : ōḍu, ōḍilụ
Tulu meaning : potsherd, tile
Tulu derivates : ōḍari potter
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōḍ
Number in DED : 1042
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōd-
Meaning : to read
Tamil : ōtu (ōti-)
Tamil meaning : to read, recite, utter mantras, repeat prayers, speak, declare
Tamil derivates : ōtuvi (-pp-, -tt-) to teach the Vedas, instruct; ōtal reciting (as the Veda); ōti learning, learned person; ōttu reciting, uttering (as a mantra), the Veda
Malayalam : ōtuka
Malayalam meaning : to recite, read, say
Malayalam derivates : ōtikka to teach; ōttu reading (chiefly of scriptures), using formulas
Kannada : ōdu
Kannada meaning : to utter, read, recite, study, say; n. reading, etc.
Kannada derivates : ōdisu to cause to read, instruct in the śāstras; ōdike, ōduvike reading; ōtu, ōta reading, that has been read or studied, the Veda
Kodagu : ōd- (ōdi-)
Kodagu meaning : to read
Tulu : ōduni
Tulu meaning : to read
Tulu derivates : ōdāvuni to cause to read, teach how to read; ōdige, ōdu reading
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōd-
Number in DED : 1052
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōḍ-ai
Meaning : a k. of reed
Tamil : ōṭai
Tamil meaning : longer internoded stout reed bamboo, Ochlandra travancorica
Malayalam : ōṭa
Malayalam meaning : a large reed
Malayalam derivates : oṭṭal a kind of small bamboo, Ochlandra rheedii
Kannada : ōṭe
Kannada meaning : a large jungle reed
Kodagu : ōṭe
Kodagu meaning : reed
Tulu : ōṇṭe
Tulu meaning : a kind of large thin reed, a pipe made of reed
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōḍä
Notes : Unclear nasal cluster in Tulu.
Number in DED : 1043
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōḍ-am
Meaning : boat
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ōṭam
Tamil meaning : boat, raft, float, vessel
Tamil derivates : ōṭāvi shipwright, boatbuilder
Malayalam : ōṭam
Malayalam meaning : boat
Malayalam derivates : ōṭāyi shipbuilders; ōṭi a large seaboat (long and narrow, chiefly from the Laccadives)
Kannada : ōḍa
Kannada meaning : boat
Tulu : ōḍa
Tulu meaning : boat
Number in DED : 1039
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōj-
Meaning : porcupine
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tulu : ōyikkaṇe
Tulu meaning : quill of a porcupine (cf. DED 1166)
Notes : Cf. *ej- 'porcupine'.
Number in DED : 2852
Proto-South Dravidian : *ō[ḷ]-
Meaning : to copulate
Tamil : ō (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to copulate
Tamil derivates : (Annamalai, p. 875) ōẓ id.; (Tinn.) ōḷ- id.; tāyōḷi mother-lover (cf. DEDR 364)
Malayalam : ōkkuka
Malayalam meaning : to copulate
Kannada : ōḷ
Kannada meaning : to have sexual intercourse
Kodagu : ōḷ- (ōp-, ōt-)
Kodagu meaning : to have sexual intercourse with
Number in DED : 1071
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōl-ai
Meaning : palm leaf
Tamil : ōlai
Tamil meaning : palm leaf, writing on a palmyra leaf, rolled palm leaf used as an ear ornament, jewelled ear ornament
Malayalam : ōla
Malayalam meaning : leaf of palms or grasses, writing leaf
Kannada : ōle
Kannada meaning : leaf of a palmyra palm, leaf used to write on, coil of palmyra leaf worn in lobe of female's ear, ear-ring of gold, etc.
Kannada derivates : (Hav.) oli leaf of palmyra palm
Kodagu : ōle
Kodagu meaning : screw-pine leaf, writing on screw-pine leaf, woman's ear-ring
Tulu : ōle
Tulu meaning : letter inscribed on a palmyra leaf, palmyra leaf rolled up and put into the hole of a female's ear, metallic ear-ring
Tulu derivates : oli a cadjan leaf used to write upon
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōl-ä
Number in DED : 1070
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōm-
Meaning : bishop's weed, sison
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ōmam
Tamil meaning : bishop's weed, Carum copticum
Malayalam : ōmam
Malayalam meaning : sison
Kannada : ōma, ōmu, ōvu, vāma, vōma, hōma
Kannada meaning : bishop's weed, Ligusticum (or Prychotis) ajwaen
Tulu : ōma
Tulu meaning : the seed of bishop's weed, S. ammi, P. ajowan
Number in DED : 1054
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōm-
Meaning : to protect
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ōmpu (ōmpi-)
Tamil meaning : to protect, cherish, bring up
Malayalam : ōmpuka
Malayalam meaning : to cherish, take care of; stroke (as in embracing, blessing)
Malayalam derivates : ōmana fondness, tenderness with children, darling; nicety, beauty; ōmanikka to fondle, caress; ōmal fondness, darling; neatness
Kannada : ōvu
Kannada meaning : to take care of, guard, protect, cherish
Tulu : ōmana
Tulu meaning : darling, dear; fondness, tenderness
Number in DED : 1056
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōṇ-i
Meaning : path, alley
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Malayalam : ōṇi
Malayalam meaning : a footpath
Kannada : ōṇi
Kannada meaning : lane, alley, street
Kodagu : ōṇi
Kodagu meaning : lane leading to house
Tulu : ōṇi
Tulu meaning : lane, alley
Number in DED : 1046
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōnt-i
Meaning : chameleon, salamander
Tamil : ōtti
Tamil meaning : chameleon, Chamaeleo vulgaris; blooduscker lizard, Calotes versicolor
Tamil derivates : ōti, ōnti, ōṇān_, ōmān_ bloodsucker lizard; ōntān_ bloodsucker; (Devanesan; Coimbatore dial.) ōṭakkān_ bloodsucker
Malayalam : ōntu
Malayalam meaning : chameleon; bloodsucker, Lacerta cristata
Kannada : ōti, (K2) onti
Kannada meaning : a kind of lizard or chameleon, bloodsucker, Lacerta cristata
Kodagu : ōndi, ōtikētë
Kodagu meaning : chameleon
Tulu : ōnti
Tulu meaning : bloodsucker, salamander
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōt-ĭ
Number in DED : 1053
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōŋ-
Meaning : to grow, rise, lift up
Tamil : ōŋku (ōŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to grow, rise high (as a tree), ascend (as a flame), be lofty, spread, be exalted, dignified, increase in wealth or renown; lift up, raise (as arm, weapon, pestle)
Tamil derivates : ōŋkal height, rising, mountain, mound; ōkku (ōkki-) to raise, lift up, cause to rise; ōkkam height, increase, bigness; ōccam eminence; ōccal height, elevation; ōccu (ōcci-) to raise in order to strike; ōppu (ōppi-) to raise
Malayalam : ōŋŋuka
Malayalam meaning : to lift up (as hand), prepare to strike, aim at
Malayalam derivates : ōŋŋal threat; ōccuka to raise; ōppuka to raise, lift
Kannada : ōga
Kannada meaning : pride
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōk-
Number in DED : 1033
Proto-South Dravidian : *ō(ŋ)kaL-
Meaning : retching, vomiting
Tamil : ōkkāḷam, ōkkāḷippu, ōŋkal
Tamil meaning : retching
Tamil derivates : ōkkāḷi (-pp-, -tt-), ōŋku (ōŋki-), ōŋkāri (-pp-, -tt-), ōŋkāḷi (-pp-, -tt-) to retch, vomit
Malayalam : ōkkānam
Malayalam meaning : retching, nausea
Malayalam derivates : ōkkānikka to retch, vomit
Kannada : ōkari, ōkarike, ōkarisuha, ōkāḷa, ōgaḍike
Kannada meaning : vomiting
Kannada derivates : ōkarisu, okkarisu, ōgaḍisu to retch, vomit, spit out, emit; vākarisu, vākaḷisu to vomit; vākarike, vākaḷike vomiting
Tulu : ōŋkadè
Tulu meaning : retching, heaving of the belly
Tulu derivates : (B-K.) oŋkate, ōŋkate vomiting sensation
Number in DED : 1029
Proto-South Dravidian : *ō̆r-
Meaning : one
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : oru (before consonant), ōr (before vowel)
Tamil meaning : one
Tamil derivates : ori (-pp-, -tt-) to be united in harmony; orukkam oneness, sameness; orukka for each; orukku (orukki-) to bring together; oruŋku altogether, simultaneously; (oruŋki-) to have a singleness of aim or purpose, join together; oruttan_, oruvan_ a male person; fem. orutti; oruttu concentration of mind; orumi (-pp-, -tt-) to be in unison, unite; orumikka together; orumippu union, harmony, undivided attention; orumai oneness, union, singleness, loneliness, uniqueness, concentration of mind; oruvar one person (hon.); oruvu (oruvi-) to resemble, equal; orē only, one; oru-talai onesidedness; ōrmai unity; ōr-on_r_u, ovv-on_r_u each one, one at a time
Malayalam : oru, ōr
Malayalam meaning : one, the same
Malayalam derivates : oruvan, oruttan one man; fem. oruvaḷ, orutti; orukkuka to bring together; oruma union, harmony; orumikka to join, be reconciled; ōrō, ōrōrō, ōrō̆nnu each one
Kannada : or (before consonant), ōr (before vowel)
Kannada meaning : one
Kannada derivates : orage oneness, entireness; ore likeness, similarity; orme, omme one time, once, together, at the same time; orba, obba, (PBh.) orvaN one man or person; obbanu one man; obbaḷu one woman; obbar(u) some persons, one person (hon.); oggu, oẓgu to become one, unite with, meet together, agree with one's constitution (as water, climate, etc.); join (tr.); oggu, orgu, oẓgu assemblage, heap; union, harmony, intimacy; ōrage, ōrige equality, similarity, a match; ōraṇa a line, row
Kodagu : orɨ
Kodagu meaning : one (adj.)
Kodagu derivates : obbë one man; obba one woman; orme unity, harmony; ōr āṇḍɨ one year; ōraḍi only one helping at a meal (instead of the usual two); ōrak ëttɨ one pair of bullocks; ōrandɨ, ōrabë one by one (thing, person respectively); omma once
Tulu : or
Tulu meaning : one (adj.)
Tulu derivates : oru one, single, solitary; ori one man; single, solitary; orti one woman; ommè once; ommuta harmony, unanimity; ommēvuni to be united, be associated; oggaḍa oneness, concord; oggāpini to become one, be united; orguni to agree (any food) with one's stomach; obbaṇṭige, obbaṇṭe a single man; adv. alone; ora once, at once; oriye, orye a single or solitary man; orportu, orpoḷtu half a day
Proto-Nilgiri : *ō̆r-
Number in DED : 0990
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōr-
Meaning : to consider, think
Tamil : ōr (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to consider attentively, examine, know
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to consider, select, choose, think, regard, listen attentively; ōrcci investigation, wisdom, knowledge, consciousness; ōrppu investigation, clear understanding; ōrpu, ōrvu consideration, research
Malayalam : ōrkka
Malayalam meaning : to think, remember, expect
Malayalam derivates : ōrmma thought, recollection, memory; ōrkkal, ōrcca, ōrppu remembering, recollection; ōrpikkuka to cause to remember, remind; ōrmikkuka to remember; ōruvu memory
Kannada : ōru
Kannada meaning : to think, ponder, consider, inquire
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōriḍ-
Number in DED : 1059
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōr-
Meaning : edge, side
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ōram
Tamil meaning : edge, border, brim, brink
Malayalam : ōram
Malayalam meaning : margin, brim, side
Kannada : ōra
Kannada meaning : side, edge, margin, brim
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōr-ĭ
Number in DED : 1060
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōr-
Meaning : patient
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ōrppu
Tamil meaning : patience, forbearance
Tamil derivates : ōrmam fortitude, courage, bravery; ōrmi (-pp-, -tt-) to be courageous; ōrmai fortitude, bravery
Number in DED : 1063
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōr-ai
Meaning : slant, bending
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : ōra, ōre
Kannada meaning : state of being aslant, oblique, sloping, bending, declivity, crookedness; sideways
Kannada derivates : ōraḍi sloping, declivity
Kodagu : ōre
Kodagu meaning : slanting
Tulu : ōre
Tulu meaning : crooked, bent
Tulu derivates : ōrekōre oblique, irregular
Proto-Nilgiri : *ōr-ĭ
Number in DED : 1062
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōr-i
Meaning : male jackal; howler
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ōri
Tamil meaning : old jackal, male jackal; male lemur
Malayalam : ōri
Malayalam meaning : howler, jackal; howl, yell
Tulu : ōrige
Tulu meaning : howl
Number in DED : 1061
Proto-South Dravidian : *ōr_-
Meaning : to paint
Kannada : ōr_e
Kannada meaning : painting
Kannada derivates : ōr_egār_a a painter
Number in DED : 1074
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