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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *nur-
Meaning : young rice plants
Tamil : nuru
Tamil meaning : tender shoots in paddy stubble
Tamil derivates : noru aftershoot from the roots of rice, millet, etc.
Malayalam : nuri
Malayalam meaning : a bunch of rice plants and the space required to plant them, what three fingers can hold
Malayalam derivates : nurikka to put some grains, take and put with three fingers; nurippikka to transplant
Kodagu : (?) nuli
Kodagu meaning : cluster of paddy plants growing in one hole
Kodagu derivates : (?) nɨ̄rɨ bundle of several paddy seedlings
Number in DED : 3708
Proto-South Dravidian : *nUr-ai
Meaning : foam, froth
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nurai
Tamil meaning : froth, foam, scum, spume, lather, bubble
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to froth, foam, effervesce
Malayalam : nura
Malayalam meaning : foam, froth
Malayalam derivates : nurayuka to froth; nurekka to foam, emit scum, ferment as toddy; nuri small bubbles of water; nurikka to rise in small bubbles
Kannada : nore
Kannada meaning : foam, froth, scum
Kodagu : nere
Kodagu meaning : froth
Tulu : nurè
Tulu meaning : foam, froth, scum
Proto-Nilgiri : *nor
Notes : Irregular -e- in Kodagu. Contamination?
Number in DED : 3710
Proto-South Dravidian : *nurumb-
Meaning : rot, wood-dust
Malayalam : nurumpu
Malayalam meaning : rot, wood-dust, iron rust, etc.
Malayalam derivates : nurumpuka to rot, decay
Tulu : nurumbu
Tulu meaning : wood-dust, iron rust
Number in DED : 3709
Proto-South Dravidian : *nur_-ug-
Meaning : to decay
Kannada : nur_uku
Kannada meaning : to wane away, become devoid of growth or increase
Tulu : nurguni
Tulu meaning : to decay
Number in DED : 3718
Proto-South Dravidian : *nus-i
Meaning : a k. of insect
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : nusi
Kannada meaning : a minute insect that destroys wool, any cloth, and paper; one that destroys grain; eye-fly, gnat
Miscellaneous : ? Cf. Ta. ucu woodworm
Number in DED : 3699
Proto-South Dravidian : *nus-/*noj-
Meaning : small, minute
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : no
Tamil meaning : small, tiny, minute, thin, slender
Tamil derivates : novvu (novvi-) to become thin, slender; n. thinness; noci (-v-, -nt-) to be thin, slender, minute; nocivu slenderness, fineness; noy grits, groats, smallness, minuteness, softness, lightness; noytal minuteness; noytu that which is thin, poor, light; noyppam delicateness, tenderness, skill, ability; noymmai, noyvu lightness, softness, minuteness; noyya small, minute, soft, weak, poor; noyy-en_al expr. signifying lightness, thinness, insignificance; nucuppu waist of a woman
Malayalam : noccu
Malayalam meaning : minute, light
Malayalam derivates : nuśu small, minute, young; noy(i) grits, groats, anything minute
Kannada : nusi
Kannada meaning : state of being crushed, strengthless, etc., powder, dust
Tulu : noccu, noccè
Tulu meaning : minute, light, paltry
Tulu derivates : nuggu small, little; nuggelụ smallness
Proto-Nilgiri : *noS-
Notes : At least two roots here, as Tamil no and noy can hardly be traced to each other. The Tulu forms are strange: *nosè, not noccè, should be expected, and nuggu, nuggelụ hardly belong here at all.
Number in DED : 3779
Proto-South Dravidian : *nUtsal-
Meaning : forehead
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nutal
Tamil meaning : forehead, eyebrow, head, skull, top, upper part
Malayalam : nutal
Malayalam meaning : forehead
Kannada : nosal(u)
Kannada meaning : forehead
Tulu : nesalụ, nasuḍi
Tulu meaning : forehead
Number in DED : 3705
Proto-South Dravidian : *nuvaṇ-
Meaning : Italian millet
Tamil : nuvaṇai
Tamil meaning : black Italian millet
Kannada : navaṇe, navaṇi
Kannada meaning : a small grain, the Italian millet or panic seed, Panicum italicum
Number in DED : 3712
Proto-South Dravidian : *nūk-
Meaning : blackwood
Tamil : nūkkam, nūkku
Tamil meaning : sissoo wood, Dalbergia sissoo
Kannada : nūke
Kannada meaning : (DCV) blackwood
Number in DED : 3721
Proto-South Dravidian : *nūk-
Meaning : to push
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nūkku (nūkki-)
Tamil meaning : to shove, push, thrust aside, impel, incite, discharge (weapon)
Kannada : nūku, nūgu, nūŋku
Kannada meaning : to shove, push, thrust aside, impel, urge on
Kodagu : nūk- (nūki-)
Kodagu meaning : to push
Tulu : nūkuni
Tulu meaning : to thrust, push, reject
Tulu derivates : (?) nurkuni to press on, elbow, push, make way
Number in DED : 3722
Proto-South Dravidian : *nūl-
Meaning : thread
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nūl
Tamil meaning : yarn, cotton thread, string, systematic treatise, science
Tamil derivates : (nūr_p-, nūr_r_-) to spin, compose (as a poem), make a plot; nūlār, nūlōr learned persons; (Tinn.) nūpu spinning
Malayalam : nūl
Malayalam meaning : thread, yarn, measuring line
Malayalam derivates : nūlkka to spin
Kannada : nūl
Kannada meaning : yarn, thread (of cotton)
Kannada derivates : (nūlt-) to make thread, spin; nūlige spinning; nūlisu to cause to spin; nuli to twist (as a rope, etc.), wring, curl (whiskers), roll (as cotton) between the hands, turn round (as the back), twist off (as a twig); (the intestines) to gripe; n. (also nulike, nulige) state of being twisted, a twist, cord, thread, twine; griping pain in the intestines; (Hal.) nugulu thread
Kodagu : nūlɨ
Kodagu meaning : thread
Tulu : nūlu
Tulu meaning : thread, yarn
Tulu derivates : nūloḍu spindle; nūpuni to spin, twist, string; nuppuni to twist
Proto-Nilgiri : *nūl_
Miscellaneous : KOR (M) nuglu thread
Notes : Forms like Halakki Kannada nugulu and Koraga nuglu might be anomalies, but considering Kolami nuv, a reconstruction like *nuvul- > nūl-, nugul- is not excluded.
Number in DED : 3726
Proto-South Dravidian : *nūr_-
Meaning : to force one's way through
Kannada : nūr_u
Kannada meaning : (K2) to force one's way through
Number in DED : 3711
Proto-South Dravidian : *nūr_-
Meaning : to grind
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nūr_u (nūr_i-)
Tamil meaning : to crush, pulverize, reduce to powder, demolish, destroy; n. powder, dust, flour
Tamil derivates : nuvar_u (nuvar_i-) to file; nur_ukku (nur_ukki-) to crush, pulverize, reduce to powder; nur_uŋku (nur_uŋki-) to be powdered, crushed, squeezed; n. grit; nor_ukku (nor_ukki-) to break, crush, smash to pieces; n. crushing; nor_uŋku (nor_uŋki-) to be broken, crushed, smashed; n. broken grains, grits, powder; nor_unor_u (-pp-, -tt-) to be brittle, fragile; nukku (nukki-) to break in pieces, grind, powder, crush
Malayalam : nūr_u
Malayalam meaning : powder, esp. powdered lime, starch
Malayalam derivates : nūr_uka to be pulverized; nur_uŋŋuka to be broken into small pieces, shattered, pulverized; nur_uŋŋu bit, chip, atom; nur_ukkuka to crush, break in pieces, pound; nur_ukku bit, fragment, broken rice; nuccu broken rice
Kannada : nūr_u
Kannada meaning : state of being crushed
Kannada derivates : nūku, nūgu fragments, grit; nur_i to be reduced to small bits or powder, be crushed; n. state of being crushed; nur_uku, nur_ugu, nurgu, nuggu to crush; be crushed; nurgu, nuggu, nurcu state of being crushed; nurcu, nuccu fragments, bits, grits; nurcu, nur_isu to crush to fragments
Kodagu : nuri
Kodagu meaning : very small bits of broken rice
Kodagu derivates : nucci broken grains of rice
Tulu : nuriyuni
Tulu meaning : to break, go to pieces, decay
Tulu derivates : nuripuni, nurpuni to break, powder, granulate, pulverize; nuritelụ bruising, chips; nurkallụ kind of pebbles found in rice; nukkuni to bruise; nujji, nujju contusion, bruise
Proto-Nilgiri : *nuc
Number in DED : 3728
Proto-South Dravidian : *nūr_-
Meaning : hundred
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nūr_u (obl. and in cpds. nūr_r_u-)
Tamil meaning : 100
Tamil derivates : nūr_r_uvar 100 persons
Malayalam : nūr_u (nūr_r_u-)
Malayalam meaning : 100
Malayalam derivates : nūr_r_-āṇṭu 100 years; nūr_r_uvar, nūr_r_avar 100 persons
Kannada : nūr_u
Kannada meaning : 100
Kannada derivates : nūr_ar, nūrvar, (Shanmugam) nūr_var 100 persons
Kodagu : nūrɨ (obl. nūiṭ-)
Kodagu meaning : 100
Tulu : nūdu (obl. nūta-)
Tulu meaning : 100
Proto-Nilgiri : *nūr_
Number in DED : 3729
Proto-South Dravidian : *nū(v)-
Meaning : sesamum
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nū, nūvu
Tamil meaning : sesamum
Tamil derivates : nōlai a sesame ball, a preparation of sesame seed
Number in DED : 3720
Proto-South Dravidian : *nūẓ-
Meaning : to creep inside, penetrate
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nuẓai (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to creep through a narrow passage, penetrate, be impressed into one's mind, get into, take up as an office, be interpolated
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to put, insert, interpolate; n. narrow way, window, opening, aperture, cave; nuẓuntu (nuẓunti-), nuẓutu (nuẓuti-) to insert, stick in, tuck in, tie (as a coil of hair), keep in a place not easily found, carry away by stealth; skulk, slink or sneak away, slip out of sight as one among many, crawl, creep as reptiles; nuẓunti one who shirks responsibility; nuẓuvu (nuẓuvi-) to creep along (as reptiles); nuẓaval anything slippery; nūẓai postern, chink, hole, bore, a kind of lattice window, cave; noẓuntu (noẓunti-) to insert, thrust
Malayalam : nuẓayuka
Malayalam meaning : to creep in, squeeze through
Malayalam derivates : nuẓa-vātil a small door; nūẓuka, nūḷuka to creep in, squeeze through, enter slily or with difficulty; ? nūṭṭa gap in a fence; ? nokkuka to pass through, pierce, bore through
Kannada : noẓe
Kannada meaning : to creep in, etc.
Kannada derivates : nurgu, nuggu to pass by pressing, squeeze through, force oneself into, enter without permission (as a door, a house), creep into (as a hole); nuggisu to cause to creep or squeeze through; nugicu to get out of (the hand, etc.) by wriggling (as a bird), slip (from the hand, as a rope); nuguḷ to enter a door or a small narrow passage or opening, go in with difficulty, squeeze through, creep in, enter; nuṇ(u)cu, nuṇacu to slip, slide as out of the hand, slip away, glide or move off, escape; (???) nusi to enter a door, etc.; nusuḷ to enter a door or narrow opening, retreat, hide oneself, slink, go; n. entering a door or small, narrow opening; an artful play in not directly naming an object; evasion, subterfuge, falsehood; nusuḷisu to cause to enter a door; nūḷ falsehood, lie
Kodagu : nugg- (nuggi-)
Kodagu meaning : to enter by force or without permission, go through (into cave)
Tulu : nurumpè
Tulu meaning : hole
Tulu derivates : nuripāvuni to press into a hole; nurguni to pass over; nūruni to creep in, enter with difficulty
Notes : Kannada forms with -s- hardly belong here.
Number in DED : 3714
Proto-South Dravidian : *nVnd-
Meaning : to extinguish
Tamil : natu (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to extinguish, quench, eclipse (as rays), destroy
Tamil derivates : nantu (nanti-) to be extinguished, put out (as a lamp), set, disappear, perish, die, become spoiled, decay, waste; nutu (-pp-, -tt-) to put out, quench, extinguish, destroy, remove; nutuppu quenching, suppressing; nūtal being extinguished; notu (-pp-, -tt-) to put out, quench, extinguish; nontu (nonti-) to perish; (inscr.) nuntu (nunti-) to be extinguished
Kannada : nandu
Kannada meaning : to lose one's splendour, be extinguished, be quenched, go out, be ruined, destroyed, perish, disappear, vanish, destroy
Kannada derivates : caus. nadipu, nandisu; nundu to be extinguished, go out (as fire); nundisu to extinguish; nondu to be extinguished, go out, be quenched; extinguish; nondisu to extinguish, quench; (Hal.) nendu to go out (as light)
Notes : The vowel is impossible to determine.
Number in DED : 3590
Proto-South Dravidian : *oḍ-
Meaning : together with; to agree
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : uṭan_
Tamil meaning : together with, altogether, immediately after, at once
Tamil derivates : uṭan_-paṭu to agree, yield; uṭan_-paṭikkai, uṭam-paṭikkai contract, agreement, promise; uṭam-paṭu to harmonize; uṭan_-pāṭu consent, concord; uṭantai union, alliance, relationship; -oṭu, -ōṭu with
Malayalam : uṭan
Malayalam meaning : together with, at once
Malayalam derivates : uṭam-peṭuka to agree; uṭam-paṭi agreement, contract; uṭappam, uṭanma, uṭama friendship, relation; -oṭu, -ōṭu with
Kannada : oḍan, oḍam, oḍa
Kannada meaning : union, together, as soon as; with
Kannada derivates : oḍam-baḍu, oḍa-baḍu to agree, consent; oḍa-baḍike agreement, treaty
Tulu : oḍa
Tulu meaning : with
Tulu derivates : oḍam-baḍipuni to consent, agree, be pleased; oḍam-baḍikè, oḍam-baḍigè agreement, consent, treaty; dambaḍipuni, dambaḍiyuni, dambaḍisuni to please, reconcile, appease, persuade; dambaḍigè delight, pleasure, love, acquiescence, persuasion
Proto-Nilgiri : *-ōḍ
Number in DED : 0945
Proto-South Dravidian : *oḍ-
Meaning : to break
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : oṭi (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to break, break off, snap, cease, discontinue, be ruined
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to break, snap as stick or bone, destroy; oṭipu breaking off in the middle, leaving unfinished; oṭiyal, oṭivu breaking, fracturing; uṭai (-v-, -nt-) to break as a pot burst into fragments, crack, be split, be ruined; (-pp-, -tt-) to break into pieces, fracture, split, ruin; uṭaical broken pieces; uṭaippu breach, bursting (of a tank); uṭaivu cracking, fracturing; ōṭṭai hole, crack in a vessel, flaw, leak; noṭi (-pp-, -tt-) to break
Malayalam : oṭiyuka
Malayalam meaning : to break (intr.)
Malayalam derivates : oṭikka id. (tr.); oṭappu breach or bursting of a ridge in a rice-field or bund; oṭiccil breaking or fracture; oṭṭuka to break; uṭayuka to break as pottery, nuts, etc.; uṭekka to break (tr.) in pieces; ōṭṭa crack, leak, hole
Kannada : oḍi, uḍi
Kannada meaning : to be broken, crack, burst, be broken in pieces, be weakened; break in pieces (tr.)
Kannada derivates : uḍi fragment, splinter; uḍisu, oḍisu to cause to be shattered in pieces; oḍaka, oḍaku state of being cracked, crack, fracture; oḍe to be broken, etc. (= oḍi); n. fragment; oṭṭe, ōṭe a crack, fracture
Kodagu : oḍe- (oḍev-, oḍand-)
Kodagu meaning : to break, be broken (pot)
Kodagu derivates : oḍa- (oḍap-, oḍat-) to break (pot); oḍe piece of something hollow or of round fruit; oḍeve a break
Tulu : oḍiyuni, oḍeyuni
Tulu meaning : to break (intr.)
Tulu derivates : oḍipuni, oḍepuni to break, break open (tr.); uḍepuni, uḍevuni to break (intr., tr.), split as pot, etc.; oḍakụ bruise, fracture, leak; oḍka bruised, broken; oḍpuni to pluck; oḍpu plucking; oḍatelụ breaking, broken; uḍettelụ bruise; oṭṭe fissure, hole, potsherd; broken, cracked
Proto-Nilgiri : *oḍ-ǝv-
Miscellaneous : KOR (T) uḍe, (O) oḍi to break; (M) oḍi, (O) oḍpu to pluck
Number in DED : 0946
Proto-South Dravidian : *oḍ-
Meaning : sore, bubo
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : oṭu
Tamil meaning : festering sore
Tamil derivates : oṭu-kkaṭṭi boil in the armpit
Malayalam : oṭuvu
Malayalam meaning : bubo
Malayalam derivates : oṭi-kkuru bubo, rupture
Kannada : oḍise, oḍucu
Kannada meaning : bubo
Kannada derivates : uḍacu, uḍucu venereal boil in the iliac region; uḍi a kind of disease
Tulu : oḍi
Tulu meaning : bubo
Number in DED : 0950
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