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Proto-South Dravidian : *nēr-
Meaning : straight, proper
Tamil : nēr
Tamil meaning : straightness, directness, rightness, justice, impartiality, morality, virtue, honesty, length, extension, row, series, regularity, verticality
Tamil derivates : nērtti, nēr_r_i excellence, elegance, that which is correct, equitable or just; nērmai straightness, directness, fidelity, honesty, impartiality, justice, propriety, morality, virtue
Malayalam : nēr
Malayalam meaning : straightness, direction, truth, justice
Malayalam derivates : nērē adv. straight; nēr_r_i straightness, what is right, common way, custom
Kannada : nēr
Kannada meaning : straightness, rightness, propriety, fitness, order
Kannada derivates : nēra straightness, propriety, etc.; nēritu, nērittu that which is straight, fit, proper or right; nēridu propriety, rectitude, religious loyalty; nērida a brahman; fem. nēridaḷ; nērpu straightness, propriety, rectitude
Kodagu : nē̈rɨ
Kodagu meaning : truth, fact
Kodagu derivates : nēre direct, straight
Tulu : nērè
Tulu meaning : straightness; justice, truth; straight, just, true
Tulu derivates : nerta straight, true; nertama straight ploughing
Proto-Nilgiri : *nēr-
Number in DED : 3772
Proto-South Dravidian : *nēr-
Meaning : to cut off
Tamil : nēr (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to cut off, sever
Kannada : nēr
Kannada meaning : to cut, cut off
Kannada derivates : (?) nire to kill
Number in DED : 3773
Proto-South Dravidian : *nēr-
Meaning : time; sun
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nēram
Tamil meaning : time, season, opportunity
Malayalam : nēram
Malayalam meaning : sun, day, light, time, season, hour, turn
Malayalam derivates : nērattu early, seasonably
Kodagu : nēra
Kodagu meaning : sun, time
Kodagu derivates : nērate early in the morning
Tulu : nērḍè
Tulu meaning : early in the morning
Number in DED : 3774
Proto-South Dravidian : *nēr-am
Meaning : guilt
Tamil : nēram
Tamil meaning : guilt, fault; fine
Number in DED : 3775
Proto-South Dravidian : *nērvāḷ-am
Meaning : croton-oil plant
Tamil : nērvāḷam, nēpāḷam
Tamil meaning : croton-oil plant, Croton tiglium
Malayalam : nērvāḷam, nīrvāḷam
Malayalam meaning : croton-oil plant, Croton tiglium
Kannada : nēpāḷa, nēpāla
Kannada meaning : purgative nut plant
Notes : The forms with -p- possibly borrowed from Telugu.
Number in DED : 3776
Proto-South Dravidian : *nēr_-
Meaning : yesterday
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nerunal, nerunar_r_u, nerunai, nen_n_al
Tamil meaning : yesterday
Tamil derivates : nēr_r_u id.; lately, recently
Malayalam : innalē
Malayalam meaning : yesterday
Kannada : ninne
Kannada meaning : yesterday, time lately passed
Kodagu : ninnāndɨ
Kodagu meaning : yesterday
Proto-Nilgiri : *nēr_
Miscellaneous : IRU nagat_t_u, nǟt_t_u yesterday; KOR (O, M, T) eru yesterday
Number in DED : 3758
Proto-South Dravidian : *nēr_- (*ń-)
Meaning : a k. of tree
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Malayalam : ñār_al, ñēr_al
Malayalam meaning : Calyptranthes caryophyllifolia
Kannada : nēr_al, nēr_aḷu, nēr_ale, nēr_aḷe, nēr_il, nēr_ile, nīr_alu, nīrlu
Kannada meaning : Eugenia jambolana Lam. or C. caryophyllata Swartz.
Kodagu : nēru paṇṇu
Kodagu meaning : (Cole) nevel fruit
Tulu : nērolụ, nēroḷụ
Tulu meaning : the newel fruit, Syzygium jambolanum
Proto-Nilgiri : *nērl
Number in DED : 2917
Proto-South Dravidian : *ńēsir_
Meaning : sun
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ñāyir_u, nāyir_u
Tamil meaning : sun
Malayalam : ñāyir_u, ñāyar_u
Malayalam meaning : sun
Malayalam derivates : ñār_u sun (in cpds.; e. g. paṭi ñār_u setting sun)
Kannada : nēsar_(u)
Kannada meaning : sun
Tulu : nesụrụ
Tulu meaning : morning
Proto-Nilgiri : *nēr_
Number in DED : 2910
Proto-South Dravidian : *nēṬ-
Meaning : to seek; to obtain; acquisition
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nēṭu (nēṭi-)
Tamil meaning : to seek, look out for, desire, consider, aim at, earn
Tamil derivates : nēṭṭam acquired property
Malayalam : nēṭuka
Malayalam meaning : to obtain, get
Malayalam derivates : nēṭṭam acquisition, gain
Kannada : (?) niṭṭisu
Kannada meaning : to look at, look at much, inquisitively or sternly, stare
Kodagu : nē̈ḍ- (nē̈ḍi-)
Kodagu meaning : to earn
Kodagu derivates : (Shanmugam) nē̈ṭa earning
Number in DED : 3766
Proto-South Dravidian : *nēvaḷ-
Meaning : girdle, necklace
Kannada : nēvaṇa, nēvaḷa, lāvā̆ḷa
Kannada meaning : a necklace of silver or gold, a silver or gold girdle or zone
Kannada derivates : (Hal.) ñāvala a girdle
Tulu : nē̆vaḷa, nevala
Tulu meaning : a silver or gold girdle worn round the loins
Number in DED : 3778
Proto-South Dravidian : *nibber_- (?)
Meaning : great surprise
Kannada : nibber_agu
Kannada meaning : (K2) forgetting oneself as a result of long or continuous amazement
Number in DED : 3678
Proto-South Dravidian : *nig-
Meaning : to shine, glow
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nikar (-pp-, -tt-; nikari-)
Tamil meaning : to shine, be visible; n. lustre, brightness, splendour
Tamil derivates : nikaẓ (-pp-, -tt-) to shine; niku-nikuv-en_al expr. signifying the glittering of an object
Kannada : niga, nigi
Kannada meaning : glow
Kannada derivates : niga niga, nigi nigi very glowingly or brightly; negaẓ to become manifest, notorious, well-known, famous, shine, appear; negaẓcu to make well-known, praise, make oneself renowned, cause oneself to appear, shine; negaẓte fame, notoriety, accomplishment; nege to be purified, become clear, shine
Tulu : nigāsụ
Tulu meaning : glitter, shining
Notes : Expressive (Kan. niga is irregular in all cases).
Number in DED : 3659
Proto-South Dravidian : *nIgaḍ-
Meaning : catarrh
Kannada : negaḍi, nigaḍi, nagaḍi
Kannada meaning : a cold, catarrh
Tulu : negaḍi, negaḍè
Tulu meaning : a cold, catarrh
Number in DED : 3731
Proto-South Dravidian : *nIgar-
Meaning : to resemble; similar, equal
Tamil : nikar (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to resemble
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-; nikari-) to be similar, alike, rival; n. comparison, likeness, simile, equal, parallel, match, battle, fight; nikarttal battle, fight; nikara a term of comparison; nikarār enemies
Malayalam : nikar
Malayalam meaning : equality
Number in DED : 3660
Proto-South Dravidian : *nIgaẓ-
Meaning : to happen; to perform
Tamil : nikaẓ (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to happen, occur, be current, passing (as time; nikaṛ kālam present time, tense), enter, pass, abide, continue, be performed, transacted, carried out
Tamil derivates : nikaẓcci occurrence, incident, event, situation, business, present moment; nikaẓpu occurrence, event; nikaẓvu id., present time; nikaẓttu (nikaẓtti-) to effect, perform, transact, set on foot, bring to pass; speak, say, mention, narrate, declare
Kannada : negaẓ
Kannada meaning : to undertake, engage in, prepare, perform, do, make, cause to act, come, be used, be finished
Kannada derivates : negaẓcu to cause to undertake or do, cause oneself to undertake, begin, perform, compose, produce, cause; negaẓte action, work, practice, rites, conduct
Number in DED : 3661
Proto-South Dravidian : *nIgaẓ-
Meaning : alligator
Kannada : negaẓ, negaẓe
Kannada meaning : alligator
Tulu : negaḷụ
Tulu meaning : alligator
Tulu derivates : negarụ a sea-animal, the vehicle of Varuṇa
Number in DED : 3732
Proto-South Dravidian : *nigg-
Meaning : shameful, disgusting
Kannada : niggeḍi
Kannada meaning : a shameless (or foolish) person
Tulu : niggụ, niggira
Tulu meaning : inelegance, filthiness, nastiness, disgust
Tulu derivates : niggīsụ an unclean man
Number in DED : 3664
Proto-South Dravidian : *nikuv-
Meaning : truth
Kannada : nikkuva
Kannada meaning : truth, certainty; truly, certainly
Number in DED : 3663
Proto-South Dravidian : *nikVḷ- (?)
Meaning : to rise up; to stretch
Malayalam : nikaḷam, nigaḷam
Malayalam meaning : haughtiness
Malayalam derivates : nikaḷikka, nigaḷikka to swell, strut
Kannada : nikkuḷisu
Kannada meaning : to bend oneself from coquetry or in coquettish manner
Kannada derivates : niḷku to stretch oneself upwards, rise up to one's full height, stretch oneself; nil(u)ku to stretch oneself, stretch one's limbs from fatigue, etc., stand on tiptoe, rise up to; (Gowda) nilkɨ to peep
Tulu : nilkuni, (B-K also) niŋkụ
Tulu meaning : to peep; to reach
Tulu derivates : nīkaliyuni to peep
Miscellaneous : KOR (M) nīkɨ to peep
Notes : Expressive root - Malayalam -g- is an irregularity, and the metatheses in Kannada are also representative of the root's unstable character.
Number in DED : 3662
Proto-South Dravidian : *nil-
Meaning : to stand
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nil (nirp-, nin_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to stand, stop, halt, be steadfast, stay, continue, cease, be stopped, remain, wait, delay
Tamil derivates : nilavu (nilavi-) to be permanent, fixed, stay, exist, be in use, be extant; nilāvu (nilāvi-) to be permanent, fixed; niluvai standing, staying, balance, arrears; nilai standing, staying, firmness, stability, permanence, condition, state, place, stopping place, residence, depth of water allowing one to stand in, usage, custom; (prob. -v-, -nt-) to remain permanent, stay; (-pp-, -tt-) to obtain a footing, be settled, lasting, delay, be just deep enough to allow a man to stand (as a river); nilaippu permanence, continuance, durability, perseverance, persistence; nilaimai condition, state (as of affairs), standing posture, firmness, truth, probity; nir_patu the immovables, as the vegetable kingdom; nin_r_u always, permanently; nir_r_al standing, staying; nir_uttu (nir_utti-), nir_uvu (nir_uvi-) to set up, raise, erect, fix on a firm basis, determine, stop (as a person), defer, put an end to; nir_ai bringing to a stand, stopping, fixed position, strength of mind, self-control; nir_u (-pp-, -tt-) to put, set, place, create, construct, weigh, balance, decide; nir_uppān_ a balance
Malayalam : nilkka
Malayalam meaning : to stand, remain, last, stop, cease
Malayalam derivates : nilpu standing, arrears, balance; nilpikka to make to stand, appoint; nila standing, place, position, a stop, station in life, custom; nilama quality, state; nilekka to come to a stand, cease, get a footing, remain; nilavu balance, arrears; nir_uttuka to make to stand, stop; nir_uttu pause, stop; nir_uttikka to arrest; nir_ukka to weigh
Kannada : nil (nilt-/nind-), nilu, nillu
Kannada meaning : to stand still, stand, stand up, stop, stay, wait, remain, be left, last, remain fixed, cease, rest, endure
Kannada derivates : nila, nilu standing, that stands upright, remainder, balance, arrears; nilavu, niluvu standing, position, condition, height, that stands upright, cessation, leisure, resting place, place of abode; nilisu, nillisu to cause to stand, stop, cease, stay, etc.; niluvike, nilluvike standing, height; nillisuvike placing, etc.; nele standing, standing place, abode, place, basis, firmness, certainty, certain knowledge; nelasu to become established, stay, stand, obtain; nir_isu to put down, place, (PhB.) establish
Kodagu : nill- (nipp-, nind-)
Kodagu meaning : to stand
Kodagu derivates : nele halting place
Tulu : nilpuni, nilipuni
Tulu meaning : to stay, cease, become quiet
Tulu derivates : nilagaḍè, nilgaḍè settlement, conclusion, cessation; nilavu, nilāvu, nilevu balance, arrears, standing, residence; nilè, nelè firm, fast, abiding, quiet, still, calm; nileppu state, posture, station; nilevuni to be steadfast; nilpu pause, stop, interruption, stay, duration; nilpuḍuni to put a stop, cause to stop, make stand
Proto-Nilgiri : *nil-
Notes : The forms with alveolar -r_- are either old derivates or do not belong here.
Number in DED : 3675
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