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Proto-South Dravidian : *kUr_aḍ-
Meaning : piece of wood; log
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kur_aṭu
Tamil meaning : small block or clump of wood, plank
Malayalam : kur_aṭu, kuraṭu
Malayalam meaning : piece of wood
Malayalam derivates : kuraṇa log, stump, gnarled wood; kuraṇṭi board used as seat, stump; kuraṇṭu log
Kannada : kor_aḍu
Kannada meaning : trunk of a lopped tree, stump, piece of wood
Kannada derivates : kodaṇṭi (Hav.) log of wood
Kodagu : kuṭṭɨ
Kodagu meaning : small piece of wood
Tulu : koraḍụ
Tulu meaning : log, stump
Tulu derivates : kodaḍụ chopping-block; (B-K) kudaṇṭi, kodaṇṭi a small log of wood
Proto-Nilgiri : *kuḍḍ
Number in DED : 1842
Proto-South Dravidian : *kUr_-ai-
Meaning : to cut
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kur_ai (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to cut, reap; n. piece, section
Tamil derivates : kur_u (kur_uv-, kur_r_-) to pluck
Malayalam : kur_ekka
Malayalam meaning : to cut off
Kannada : kor_e, kor_i
Kannada meaning : to cut (as wood with a saw, the throat with a sword, stalks of millet), break (as a hole in a wall), bore, excavate (as running water the soil), pierce (as cold; or with DEDR 2168)
Kannada derivates : kor_i a large branch cut off from a thorn-bush; kor_e cutting, a cut-off piece (as of suagr-cane); kor_eyuvike cutting, etc.; kor_eta, kor_ata act of cutting, etc., the piercing of cold; korcu, koccu to cut away, up, or to pieces (as thorn-bushes); koccu act of or an instrument for cutting to pieces, state of being cut into pieces; koccike act of cutting or cutting up
Tulu : kudupuni
Tulu meaning : to cut, reap
Tulu derivates : kudè piece of wood; kujimbu, kujumbu a chip, fragment; kojapuni, kojepuni, kojaluni, kojiluni, kojeluni, kojelpuni to break, cut in pieces; (B-K) koccu to cut in pieces
Proto-Nilgiri : *kor_-äp-
Miscellaneous : KOR (T) kudi to saw
Number in DED : 1859
Proto-South Dravidian : *kUr_al-
Meaning : a k. of millet
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kural
Tamil meaning : Italian millet
Kannada : kor_ale, korle
Kannada meaning : a kind of millet, Panicum italicum Lin.
Proto-Nilgiri : *kol-ĭ (*-ḷ-)
Number in DED : 2163
Proto-South Dravidian : *kUr_-aŋ-
Meaning : thigh
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kur_aŋku
Tamil meaning : thigh
Malayalam : kur_aku, kur_avu
Malayalam meaning : quarter of animals, ham, thigh, loins
Proto-Nilgiri : *korg (*-r_-)
Number in DED : 1840
Proto-South Dravidian : *kUr_-aŋ-
Meaning : a cut, branch, channel
Tamil : kur_aŋku
Tamil meaning : a branch channel
Kannada : kor_akalu
Kannada meaning : a cut, excavation made by running water, bed of a stream
Proto-Nilgiri : *Kor_-
Number in DED : 1841
Proto-South Dravidian : *kus-
Meaning : potter
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kuyam (kucam- first member of cpds.)
Tamil meaning : potter caste
Tamil derivates : kuyavan_, kucavan_ potter; fem. kuyatti, kucatti; potter
Malayalam : kuyavan, kuśavan
Malayalam meaning : potter; fem. kuyatti, kuyavi, kuśavi
Kannada : kōva, kuvara
Kannada meaning : potter
Tulu : kusave
Tulu meaning : potter
Proto-Nilgiri : *kō-
Number in DED : 1762
Proto-South Dravidian : *kut-
Meaning : neck, throat
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : kuttige
Kannada meaning : throat, neck, throat and neck
Number in DED : 1718
Proto-South Dravidian : *kut-
Meaning : to bore, pierce; to thrust
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kuttu (kutti-)
Tamil meaning : to puncture, pierce, bore, perforate, stab, sew, gore, insert punctuation marks, dig; pain, ache (as the head); n. thrust, stab, puncture, prick, incision, goading, dot, punctuation mark, acute pain, ache
Tamil derivates : kuttal internal pain, aching, wounding; kutti iron probe to test the contents of a sack, coulter of a plough; kutar (-v-, -nt-) to peck at
Malayalam : kuttuka
Malayalam meaning : to pierce, stab, sting, embroider, dig, prick in an ola, write, vb. intr. of piercing pain
Malayalam derivates : kuttikka to get made by a tailor; kuttu a stab, prick, dot, pain; kutaruka to stab, pierce
Kodagu : kutt- (kutti-)
Kodagu meaning : to thrust (with end of stick), gore
Tulu : kuttuni
Tulu meaning : to bore, pierce
Tulu derivates : kuttu a prick, puncture, very small hole; kuttaruni to feel a biting or itching sensation, ache; kuttaṭa, kuttāṭa pain
Proto-Nilgiri : *kut-
Number in DED : 1719
Proto-South Dravidian : *kut-
Meaning : to strike
Tamil : kuttu (kutti-)
Tamil meaning : to strike with the fist, cuff, pound (as in a mortar), peck, afflict, injure; n. blow with the fist, cuff, pounding (as in a mortar)
Tamil derivates : kuttal hitting
Malayalam : kuttuka
Malayalam meaning : to cuff, beat in a mortar
Malayalam derivates : kuttu a blow
Kannada : kuttu
Kannada meaning : to beat, strike, bruise; n. beating, etc., a stroke
Kannada derivates : kuttuge act of striking or state of being struck; kuttuŋguḷi (also read: kuttaŋguḷi) person engaged in beating
Kodagu : kutt- (kutti-)
Kodagu meaning : to thrust with fist
Tulu : kūntuni
Tulu meaning : to peck, strike with the beak
Proto-Nilgiri : *kut
Number in DED : 1850
Proto-South Dravidian : *kuṭ-
Meaning : to pound, cuff
Tamil : kuṭṭu (kuṭṭi-)
Tamil meaning : to cuff, strike with the knuckles on the head or temples; n. a blow with the knuckles or the fist on the head, cuff
Malayalam : kuṭṭuka
Malayalam meaning : to pound, cuff
Kannada : kuṭṭu
Kannada meaning : to beat, strike, pound, bruise; n. a blow, a pulverized substance
Kannada derivates : kuṭṭuvike, kuṭṭuha beating, etc.
Kodagu : kuṭṭ- (kuṭṭi-)
Kodagu meaning : to pound
Tulu : kuṭṭuni
Tulu meaning : to thump, give a blow, strike with the fist, pound, bruise
Tulu derivates : kuṭṭu a blow given with the fist
Proto-Nilgiri : *kuṭ-
Number in DED : 1671
Proto-South Dravidian : *kuṭ-
Meaning : to prick
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : kuṭṭu
Kannada meaning : to prick, ache; n. a pricking or piercing pain in the bowels arising from constipation, etc.
Number in DED : 1672
Proto-South Dravidian : *kuvaḷ-/*gōḷ-
Meaning : socket
Tamil : kuvaḷai
Tamil meaning : socket
Malayalam : kuvaḷa
Malayalam meaning : (DCV) socket
Kannada : gōḷe
Kannada meaning : (DCV) socket
Tulu : gōḷè
Tulu meaning : hollowness; hollow; (DCV) socket
Tulu derivates : kōlè, kōḷè hollow, sunken
Number in DED : 2143
Proto-South Dravidian : *kUẓ-
Meaning : ear-ring
Tamil : kuẓai
Tamil meaning : ear-ring, ear
Malayalam : kuẓa
Malayalam meaning : ear-ring, ear
Kannada : kɔḍige
Kannada meaning : (Bark.) ear-ring, normally used by non-brahmins
Tulu : koḍaŋgè
Tulu meaning : ear-ring
Tulu derivates : (B-K) kuḍka, kuḍki female's ear ornament
Number in DED : 1823
Proto-South Dravidian : *kUẓ-ai-
Meaning : soft, rot; to soften
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kuẓai (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to become soft, mashy, pulpy (as well-cooked), be overboiled (as rice), melt, become tender (as the mind), fade, languish
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to macerate, mash, reduce to pulp, make soft by mixing with water, mix (as powder with a liquid), cause to melt; n. soft mud, mire; kuẓaiyal that which is mashed or softened, as overboiled rice; kuẓaivu mashy condition, tenderness of mind, fading, languishing; kūẓai mud
Malayalam : kuẓakuẓa
Malayalam meaning : slimy, soft
Malayalam derivates : kuẓayuka to be macerated, kneaded, mixed as pap; kuẓekka to mix, macerate, knead; ? kuṭumpuka to rot, putrefy; ? kuyumpu, kuyimpu, kuśumpu, kuśumpal mustiness, damp smell, decay; kūẓ what is rotten; kūẓa rottenness
Kannada : koẓe
Kannada meaning : to decay (as a corpse), rot (as fruit, fibres, wood), become putrid, grow pap-like, wear out (as cloth), pine away on account of grief; n. anything worn out, rotten, putrid, corrupt, excretion of the body, dirt, mud
Kannada derivates : koẓ state of being rotten or pap-like; koẓaku state of being worn out, decayed, rotten, putrid, stinking, state of being languished, pined away; that is putrid, etc.; koẓakutana putrescence; koẓaci, koẓace state of being putrid, impure, pap-like, soft, or muddy; soft mud; kocce mud, mire, bath-drainage
Tulu : kureyuni, kurevuni, kuripuni, kuriyuni
Tulu meaning : to decay, rot, putrefy
Tulu derivates : (B-K) kuḷi = kuri to decay; kurè filth, dirt; swamp, pool; kurtè, kurtelụ dirt, filthiness; dirty; kurtele a filthy man; korambè, kolambè swamp, marshy ground; koḷambè decayed, putrid, stinking; koḷakụ filthy, dirty
Proto-Nilgiri : *koṛ-ǝv-
Number in DED : 1822
Proto-South Dravidian : *kū-
Meaning : to coo; to call
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil :
Tamil meaning : cooing, as of a dove
Tamil derivates : kū-kū clamour, outcry; kū-kūv-en_al, kū-kāv-en_al bawling, screeching, complaining, lamenting; kūccal outcry, clamour, hue and cry; kūval crying aloud, bawling, crowing; kūvu (kūvi-) to crow, scream (as a peacock), cry (as a cuckoo or birds in general), call out, whoop, trumpet, cry out for help, call, summon; kūvuvān_ cock; kukku (kukki-) to whoop; kukkal whooping cough
Malayalam : kūkuka, kūvuka
Malayalam meaning : to cry aloud, crow, call
Malayalam derivates : kūkkuka to cry, bawl, esp. of men; kūkki a bawler, (Tiyya) a whistle; kūkkiri a bawler, coward; kūkal, kūval, kūvu, kūppu a cry
Kannada :
Kannada meaning : a cry, call, clamour
Kannada derivates : kūgu to cry aloud, cry out; kūgu, kūku a cry, clamour, shout; kūkalu crying, shouting; kūguvike crying aloud; kuvi to cry out; kububu, kubibi a kind of outcry
Kodagu : kū- (kūv-, kūnd-)
Kodagu meaning : to crow
Kodagu derivates : kūtɨ a shout, noise; (Shanmugam) kūpaḍe a roar
Tulu : kūguni
Tulu meaning : to cry out
Tulu derivates : kūgu a cry, exclamation, outcry
Proto-Nilgiri : *kū(g)-
Number in DED : 1868
Proto-South Dravidian : *kū-
Meaning : arrow-root
Tamil : kūkai, kūvai
Tamil meaning : East Indian arrow-root, Curcuma angustifolia
Malayalam : kūva
Malayalam meaning : East Indian arrow-root
Kannada : kūve, kuvve
Kannada meaning : East Indian arrow-root
Tulu : kūvè, kuvè
Tulu meaning : East Indian arrow-root
Number in DED : 1872
Proto-South Dravidian : *kūḍ-
Meaning : to assemble, join
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kūṭu (kūṭi-)
Tamil meaning : to come together, join, meet, assemble, combine, become conciliated, be stored up, happen, associate, cohabit, arrive at, be possible, be fit, proper, be achieved
Tamil derivates : kūṭa together with, in addition to; kūṭal joining, sexual union; kūṭutal, kūṭutalai success; kūṭṭu (kūṭṭi-) to unite (tr.), join, combine, mingle, add, convoke (an assembly); n. fellowship, assistance, relationship, throng, illicit intercourse, mixture; kūṭṭam union, meeting, crowd, group, association, kindred, companions, battle, sexual intercourse; kūṭṭar companions, members of same clan or tribe; kūṭṭal uniting, seeking the alliance of powerful kings; kūṭṭāḷān_, kūṭṭāḷi associate, partner in trade
Malayalam : kūṭuka
Malayalam meaning : to come together, meet, join, befall, be added, be possible
Malayalam derivates : kūṭa, kūṭi along with; kūṭṭuka to bring together, join, heap up, add, acknowledge as belonging to the caste or family, make to pass; kūṭṭu joining, fellowship, mixture, agreement; kūṭṭam assembly, flock, heap, caste, assembly, court, quarrel; kūṭṭar companions, of the same class; kūṭṭāḷan, kūṭṭāḷi associate, one of a crowd
Kannada : kūḍu
Kannada meaning : to join (intr.), unite, come together, be endowed with, be possible, be fit, take place, have sexual intercourse, add; n. joining, association, company
Kannada derivates : kūḍa along with; kūḍal state of being joined with or endowed with, junction; kūḍike, kūḍuvike joining, meeting, junction; kūḍuha meeting, union; kūḍudale success, prosperity; kūḍisu, kūḍasu to join (tr.), mix, amass; kūṭa joining, connexion, assembly, crowd, heap, fellowship, sexual intercourse; kūrisu to join (tr., as two pieces of wood); kūru a tenon
Kodagu : kūḍ- (kūḍi-)
Kodagu meaning : to join with others, gather, be inserted
Kodagu derivates : kūṭ- (kūṭi-) to join (others) with oneself, insert; kūṭa quarrel, dispute, panchayat; kūṭɨ gathering, assembly
Tulu : kūḍuni
Tulu meaning : to join (tr.), unite, copulate, embrace, adopt; meet (intr.), assemble, gather, be mingled, be possible
Tulu derivates : kūḍisuni to add; kūḍāvuni, kūḍisāvuni to join, connect, collect, amass, mix; kūṭuni, kūṇṭuni to mix, mingle (tr.); kūḍa along with; kūḍigè joining, union, collection, assemblage, storing, mixing; kūṭa assembly, meeting, mixture
Proto-Nilgiri : *kūḍ-
Number in DED : 1882
Proto-South Dravidian : *kūd-i
Meaning : pudendum muliebre
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kūti
Tamil meaning : pudendum muliebre
Malayalam : kūti
Malayalam meaning : posteriors, membrum muliebre
Tulu : kūdi
Tulu meaning : anus, posteriors, membrum muliebre
Proto-Nilgiri : *kūd-ĭ
Number in DED : 1888
Proto-South Dravidian : *kūl-
Meaning : to fall down
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kannada : kūlu
Kannada meaning : to fall down, be overturned, be destroyed, ruined
Kannada derivates : kūlisu to cause to fall, destroy
Number in DED : 1907
Proto-South Dravidian : *kū̆ḷ-
Meaning : devil, ghost
Tamil : kūḷi
Tamil meaning : devil, demon
Malayalam : kūḷi
Malayalam meaning : demon, ghost
Kannada : kole
Kannada meaning : (Hav.) ghost
Tulu : kulè
Tulu meaning : ghost, apparition
Miscellaneous : KOR (T) koḷnarɨ devil
Notes : See DEDR 4438.
Number in DED : 1918
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