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Khinalug etymology :

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Khinalug root: aba
North Caucasian etymology: 889
Meaning: grandfather
Khinalug form: aba
Khinalug root: al=k-
North Caucasian etymology: 1841
Meaning: to fall
Khinalug form: al=ki
Khinalug root: ank:
North Caucasian etymology: 758
Meaning: foot, leg
Khinalug form: ank:
Khinalug root: ant
North Caucasian etymology: 2191
Meaning: earth, ground
Khinalug form: ant
Comments: The root serves as a base for ant:ɨr-q̇i 'to lie' (= 'to be on the ground').
Khinalug root: aš-
North Caucasian etymology: 1894
Meaning: to throw
Khinalug form: aš-q̇ʷi
Khinalug root: at-
North Caucasian etymology: 762
Meaning: be there, be available
Khinalug form: at-
Comments: Term. at-q̇i, dur. at-kʷi.
Khinalug root: -at- / -ät-/ -et-, -t:-, -t-, -tar-
North Caucasian etymology: 2246
Meaning: present
Khinalug form: -at- / -ät-/ -et-, -t:-, -t-, -tar-
Khinalug root:
North Caucasian etymology: 2196
Meaning: 2d (female) class suffix
Khinalug form:
Khinalug root: äč:u-
North Caucasian etymology: 74
Meaning: sleep
Khinalug form: äč:uvi
Khinalug root: äχ-il-
North Caucasian etymology: 221
Meaning: to hang (on a nail), to hook
Khinalug form: äχ-il-q̇ʷi
Comments: Cf. also äχ- in äχ-ši 'to put (e.g. the thimble on a finger)'.
Khinalug root: äχ-wi
North Caucasian etymology: 1611
Meaning: to carry, lead
Khinalug form: äχ-wi
Comments: Used also with preverbs (l-äχ-wi et al.).
Khinalug root: bač:ɨ
North Caucasian etymology: 977
Meaning: vagina
Khinalug form: bač:ɨ
Khinalug root: bac̣ɨz
North Caucasian etymology: 1122
Meaning: kid
Khinalug form: bac̣ɨz
Khinalug root: bāž
North Caucasian etymology: 974
Meaning: flower
Khinalug form: bāž
Khinalug root: bemb
North Caucasian etymology: 919
Meaning: fly, gadfly
Khinalug form: bemb
Khinalug root: -be-r
North Caucasian etymology: 2200
Meaning: plural
Khinalug form: -be-r
Khinalug root: beš
North Caucasian etymology: 1809
Meaning: deaf
Khinalug form: beš
Khinalug root: bič̣i
North Caucasian etymology: 1785
Meaning: thick
Khinalug form: bič̣i
Khinalug root: c:al
North Caucasian etymology: 1550
Meaning: sheaf
Khinalug form: c:al
Khinalug root: c:ɨ, rɨcɨ
North Caucasian etymology: 1760
Meaning: 1 brother 2 sister
Khinalug form: c:ɨ 1, rɨcɨ 2
Total of 349 records 18 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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