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Proto-Austric: *ʔaʔli
Meaning: two, half
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Proto-Austroasiatic: *ʔa:r
Austroasiatic meaning: two
Munda parallels: Kar ubar
Miao-Yao parallels: *ʔV two
Proto-Austronesian: *pali
Austronesian meaning: side, half
Proto-Thai: KS *ra two
Proto-Austric: *ʔab
Meaning: dark
Proto-Austroasiatic: *ʔap
Austroasiatic meaning: dark
Miao-Yao parallels: Yao op.1 be overcast or cloudy (as the sky)
Proto-Austronesian: *huab
Austronesian meaning: vapor
Proto-Austric: *ʔam (?)
Meaning: molar
Proto-Austroasiatic: *ʔa:m
Austroasiatic meaning: molar
Proto-Austronesian: Mal. gerham 'molar'
Proto-Thai: kra:m.A molar
References: Shorto 1976b, Peiros 1998, 162.
Proto-Austric: *ʔaŋ
Meaning: light, bright
Proto-Austroasiatic: *ʔa:ŋ
Austroasiatic meaning: light, bright
Proto-Thai: ʔaŋ.A to put near fire; [ʔo:ŋ.A light, clear]
Proto-Austric: *ʔaŋ
Meaning: to roast, cook
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Proto-Austroasiatic: *ʔɔŋ / *ʔaŋ
Austroasiatic meaning: roast, cook
Proto-Thai: ʔaŋ.A to roast CK
Proto-Austric: *(ʔ)ba
Meaning: father
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔa / *ba
Austroasiatic meaning: father
Proto-Austronesian: *aba
Austronesian meaning: father
Proto-Thai: bo.B
Proto-Austric: *ʔbaʔ
Meaning: seed, rice
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔa
Austroasiatic meaning: rice
Munda parallels: Kar baʔ; Mun baba
Proto-Austronesian: *buaq
Austronesian meaning: fruit, seed, nut
Proto-Austric: *ʔbaj
Meaning: bean
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔa:j / *bʔaj
Austroasiatic meaning: bean
Proto-Austronesian: *buay
Austronesian meaning: legumes
Proto-Thai: SPB tho.35 pɨ.41 ?
Proto-Austric: *(ʔ)baŋ
Meaning: hole, cavity
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔɔŋ / *poŋ
Austroasiatic meaning: hole
Proto-Austronesian: *baŋbaŋ
Austronesian meaning: cavity, pit, den, excavate
Proto-Austric: *ʔbu-X
Meaning: ashes
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔɔh
Austroasiatic meaning: ashes, salt
Proto-Austronesian: *abus, *qabu
Austronesian meaning: ashes
References: Schmidt 1906, N 107, Peiros 1998, 162.
Proto-Austric: *ʔbuX
Meaning: sugarcane
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔaw
Austroasiatic meaning: sugarcane
Proto-Austronesian: *tǝbuS (not in B)
Austronesian meaning: sugarcane
References: Schmidt 1906, N 106; Pou & Jenner 1974a, N 19; Peiros 1998, 161.
Proto-Austric: *ʔbVʔr
Meaning: lip
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔǝr / *bʔuar
Austroasiatic meaning: mouth, lip
Proto-Austronesian: *biRbiR
Austronesian meaning: lip; cf. *su(m)bir rim, edge, border, lip, brim 21:37, *sa(m)bar 'seize in the mouth'
Austronesian code: 4:45
References: Peiros 1998, 166.
Proto-Austric: *ʔbVŋ
Meaning: sprouts
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔaŋ +MU
Austroasiatic meaning: bamboo shoots
Proto-Austronesian: *ḷǝbuŋ
Austronesian meaning: sprouts
Austronesian code: not in B
References: Peiros 1998, 165.
Proto-Austric: *(ʔ)bVŋ
Meaning: big, broad
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔɔ:ŋ / *pɔ:ŋ
Austroasiatic meaning: big
Proto-Austronesian: *baŋbaŋ, *-baŋ
Austronesian meaning: broad, spacious
Proto-Thai: pe:ŋ.C big; pɔ:ŋ.C big
Proto-Austric: *ʔbVt
Meaning: soft
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔa:t / *bʔɔ:t
Austroasiatic meaning: soft
Proto-Austronesian: *lǝmbut (not in B)
Austronesian meaning: soft
Proto-Thai: PL *put
References: Ben; Peiros 1998, 102, 166.
Proto-Austric: *ʔbVw
Meaning: suck, soup
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔow (also *pow / *puʔ)
Austroasiatic meaning: suckle, suck
Proto-Austronesian: *sa(m)baw
Austronesian meaning: soup, broth
Proto-Austric: *ʔbVw(X)
Meaning: top
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Proto-Austroasiatic: *bʔVh
Austroasiatic meaning: mountain
Proto-Austronesian: *babaw / *bawbaw
Austronesian meaning: top, above
Proto-Thai: (bhu:.A hill (rather < Chin) )
Proto-Austric: *ʔcaɣu-X
Meaning: comb
Proto-Austroasiatic: *ca:jh
Austroasiatic meaning: comb
Miao-Yao parallels: Yao ca?.1 comb *caɔ̄;cei.4 to comb the hair
Proto-Austronesian: *saRu
Austronesian meaning: comb
Proto-Austric: *ʔcawa
Meaning: owner
Proto-Austroasiatic: *caw
Austroasiatic meaning: owner, lord
Proto-Austronesian: *qasawa
Austronesian meaning: spouse: husband, wife
Proto-Thai: ʔcao.C owner CK
Proto-Austric: *ʔcU
Meaning: dog
Borean etymology: Borean etymology
Proto-Austroasiatic: *(ʔǝ)cɔ
Austroasiatic meaning: dog
Proto-Austronesian: *asu
Austronesian meaning: dog
Proto-Thai: ʔcɔ:.A year of dog
Notes: AfAs (SAS)
References: Pou & Jenner 1974a, Peiros 1998, 161, 163.
Total of 903 records 46 pages

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